My newest purchase.......and I'm in love

I bought this because as Grayson grows he is becoming ubearable to carry in his carseat. I mean he is almost 20 pounds plus the carseat easily being 15 on it's own well that makes 35 pounds. To lug that around a grocery store well thats cray cray. Which is why I NEVER took him to the store with me.
So I bought this Cart Cover.  I tested it out today and it was a sucess. He loves riding in the cart which I knew he would. Plus it really is a breeze to put on I did it one handed. It holds his toy and he just sat there happy as a clam smiling at everyone who would look his way. The price is so worth it at 24.99 plus if your part of amazon mom free 2 day shipping!! It is that great material that is easy to wipe down with a baby wipe (sidenote: I think I clean everything with baby wipes now!! They are the best kept secret for cleaning your floors I think). Grayson will now be making trips to all stores that have carts from now on!!!

5 on Friday

My first link up!!! I love this one and read multiple ones every Friday so I decided to join in

One- Travel Coffee Cup  
It keeps my coffee warm on my drive to work and fits in my cup holder. Plus it does not have a handle. Don't ask me why but I cringe at travel mugs with handles. This is the bomb.com.

Product Details

Two- Amazon mom. I mean come on people you get free two day shipping, a deal on diapers and wipes and baby accessories. Plus right now there are 3 months free AND $25.00 off your first purchase of diapers. I got the jumbo box of diapers normally $45.00 for $17.30 shipped. Done and done.

Product Details

Three- Bath and Body Works  Wild Berry hand soap. I mean really there are not many flavors scents I don't love but I just opened this one this morning and yummmmmm!!!

Product Details

Four- John Frieda Frizz Ease Secret Weapon. The humidity here has been beyond crazy so my hair has been frizzing and I don't even have curly hair. I picked this little gem up and I'm addicted. It's amaze balls. and smells scrumptious too!

 Product Details

Five- Saved the best for last. This picture melts my heart beyond words.

Enjoy the weekend!!!!

This, that and other things

So busy week, semi-busy weekend.

Friday- Michael's mother is dropping by to visit G.
Saturday - picking up my adorable niece Libby and spending the day with her and Grayson. Baking brownies, car cleaning(weather permitting) and nail painting (baby permitting) are on the itinerary. Then at night we have my uncles art show. He is an amazing artist and we always support
Sunday- NOTHING is planned so far and I'm hoping to keep it this way and just relax and soak up some time with my boys.
Monday- I'm home with G but not Michael he has to work total bummer. Hopefully it is a light day for him and he can get home to us and we can spend sometime together.

My to-do list for this weekend would be as follows and this is a lose idea because sometimes this girl gets lazy and just wants to snuggle her baby and cup of coffee

Finish organizing my closet
Organize the laundry room
Vacuum floors
Mop floors
Clean out car
Wash car
Clean off front porch ( I know this was on a list from a few weeks ago still have not gotten to it)
Meal plan for the week

OK just looking at that list makes me tired, a full pot of coffee twice a day should help power through atleast some of the above.

In other news...
G is still sleeping through the night AND putting himself to sleep at night. This is HA-UGE in our house. I forgot what it was like to have an affair with my bed. It was starting to miss me and there were threats of it kicking me out all together, but have no fear we are back on good terms.

I should clarify that the CD that G listens to has several track and we put the same one on repeat and it is the heartbeat sound so it's really like white noise. Music itself does not calm my baby down. It turns him into a yelling, leg kicking, arm flailing maniac. We love it when he looses his sh*t when a guitar solo comes on. Future rock star in the making???

I have successfully gotten Grayson into all his summer outfits at least once. And good thing too because his chunky things no longer fit into 9 month short once piece outfits. I mean he must be sleep walking rolling and getting into the ice cream at night. mmmmmmmmmm ice cream.

Our anniversary was wonderful. We don't do gifts we just make each other cards which in my opinion is perfect. I love it. Plus we do dinner and that it all I can ask for is having time with my hubby.

Speaking of dinner I got pizza from my favorite Italian place and I mean I was in heaven!!! It is soooo good and I always order the bigger size so that there are left overs!!

Now I'm going to finish up my work day and enjoy the 3 day weekend.


4 years and counting

Today is the day that 4 years ago I became Mrs. Smith.
It was the perfect day. Rained in the morning (good luck) Beautiful and sunny by wedding time.
I loved everything about my wedding day. I had the most peaceful feeling walking down the isle to marry Michael. It could have been the shot of southern comfort I had just done, but I like to say it was knowing that this was my soul mate. OK maybe it was a little of both.
We had a short and sweet ceremony that had so much love in it.
Then we partied down until the wee hours of the morning. We left the Monday after for our honeymoon which we spent discussing our 5 year plan and we are pretty much right where we said we would be and I could not be happier.
I'm one of the lucky ones. I married an amazing man, someone who takes care of my heart. When we were going through our marriage classes before the wedding the pastor looked at us and said I have been praying about your marriage and the answer that I got was that you were written in heaven to be together. That moment has been the foundation for our wonderful marriage.
We have ups and downs, peaks and valley's but we always persevere. We focus on the good, we find the laughter, and we love hard and forever.
There is no one else I would want to walk through this life with and no one else that would take care of my heart like Michael does. He is an amazing husband, father, and best friend.
Here is to 50 more years together.


Update on sleep training

So we have been sleep training for about a week and fingers crossed we have finally found our groove.

We struggled for the first couple days have had some good nights and then a couple bad. I dug through Grayson's book shelf and found Sounds for Silence baby settling program.We decided to give this a try because the plain old cry it out stuff was not for us. This has a CD with it and after skimming the book decided it was for us.

On Thursday night we popped the CD in and put G in the crib awake but drowsy.This has to be the hardest thing for me because I love cuddling with him until he falls asleep but every book I have read says that is a no no. Anyway..... He cried for about 10 minutes went in patted his back and then he was out. Until about 11:30 then he was up and crying like a mad man. I went in patted him on the back and he would fall asleep and then 5 minuets later he was up again. He finally knocked out at 12:30 and I crawled back into bed. He slept until I had to wake him up for daycare. WAKE HIM UP FOR DAYCARE!!! He usually is up bright eyed at 5:15. So now we have a new routine that he eats his first bottle at daycare!! I love this because it is a lot less stressed in the mornings

He has progressively gotten better each night and is doing awesome with napping in his crib or pack n play as well. I still wake up a little panicked if I have not heard him in a few hours but I'm digging the sleep. The book suggests a security item at 6 months so we have already started to get him used to a few things. As my mom points out 6 months is almost here!!! I'm pretty sure I gave her the dirtiest look ever when she said that.

Sunday night he only woke up once at my mom's house but self soothed and slept until 5:00.
Monday night he woke up once at 11:30 but went back to sleep by 11:45 and slept until 6:45!!!
And last night oh last night he slept straight through from 7:30 until 5:20 this morning. And the only reason my darling boy woke up was because he had peed through his diaper and was in wet jimmy jams!!!! But he was still happy I changed him into his clothes for the day and then he fell right back asleep until I carried him into daycare at 6:30!!!

So if any other Mommy's out there are having sleep issues. Sounds for Silence has helped us and worked in a matter of 4 days!!! And now I feel like a million bucks!!


Random, Random and more Random

Tonight is the first night of volleyball that I have to play without my hubby. He got tickets to sit in a suite at the ZZ Top concert and is going with my dad. I will miss him but he will have a blast and it's a once in a lifetime chance.

Tomorrow I have a dinner with my mom,sister, baby G and my mom's best friend from high school Aunt Lisa. I have not seen her in years and this is the first time she will meet baby G. I can't wait.

That will be two nights in a row that  Michael and I will be apart and I will miss him.

Thursday is our anniversary which will spent at home with a pizza.

Grayson has 7 yes you read that right 7 totes of "future" clothes. Meaning clothes that range from 18 months to size 5. I'm beyond grateful for this because that is less we have to spend on clothes. My cousin had a boy and she gave 5 huge garbage bins full of clothes. I went through them all and have them organized now by size.

Work today is difficult I would like to be home with my boys thank you very much.

I need to take more pictures with my real camera. I bought a good one a Cannon and I use it sometimes but it is easier to iphone it up.

I love when people see my baby and smile. I don't know why it warms my heart.

Riley and Grayson now interact. Well by interact I mean Grayson pulls his fur and Riley just lays there. Love them together.

Grayson rolls his way around. I mean this kid legit is getting to the phase where he does not like to be held. We put him on his play mat and in a matter of 2 seconds he is rolling all over the rug.

Because of the previous statement I want to get the foam interlocking mat. Michael says he does not need it because we have a rug. Add this debate to the puppy one! It's a dead lock people.

I know it's only Tuesday but I'm hoping for a relaxing weekend because our week is looking up to be a busy one. 

Long weekend re-cap

Saturday we crafted until we dropped. You can see all my finds here. Grayson was an absolute doll!
He gets a crowd wherever he goes because well my boy is good natured and smiles at anyone that says hi.
My mom, aunt, sister, and bestie met us at the craft show and we all got great deals. Saturday night we soaked up some G time and were planning on a walk and then the rain and thunder came. Total buzz kill so we hunkered down and relaxed to the max. I started my mountains of laundry and we watched the Bills game it was a bummer but we are die hard fans.

Sunday we hung out in the morning and started to get G packed up for his sleep over at Gigi and Papa's house. He was so good on Sunday and I was just loving on him all day because I knew how bad I was going to miss him. Michael got home around 1 and jumped in the shower and then took Grayson over to my parents. I stayed back and got ready. Michael came back and picked me up and we got our anniversary celebration started. We stopped by Valu and grabbed some bins and a bagster. Then we were off a quick stop at Guitar Center and then Tully's for dinner. I la love Tully's. It is a sports bar and they have the best chicken tenders eva!!! We partied down with some beer, loaded fries and tenders.

Next we hit up the Chistmas Tree Store, which much to my husbands dismay did not sell just Christmas trees. I got some cute fall decor and some under the bed storage bags. I mean these were a steal 3.50!!! They were 8 at other stores. Done and done. I grabbed some picture frames and a cute prop that I needed for G's christmas pictures. (I know it's not even fall yet but I like to be prepared!!!). Then we went to the store of all stores Target. Let me just say I forgot about the whole kids going back to college this week thing and that place was swamped with college kids!!!! It was a mad house thankfully we were mostly in the baby isle!
I scooped up this sweet vest for baby G Boys Vest. I mean you cannot beat the price and I can just picture him wearing it while we pick apples!! We picked up some other essentials and formula and waited forever in line to cash out. Then we headed home, and grabbed some ice cream at a little stand on our way. We got home unloaded the car and hit the sheets for a night of un interputed sleep.

Monday it was business time. We started working at 9:00 am. and by 11:30 we had the attic cleaned out, all of G's clothes organized and in bins, and we had all the decorations for holidays in bins and all the bins put back in the attic. We showered quick and then moved onto our room. Got both new dressers moved in and clothes put in them. Then onto G's room that I packed up his bassinet, swing, and all his 0-3 and 3-6 month clothing. I may have cried a looking at how little he used to be. Then when he came home I quickly snapped out of the ohmygoshmybabyisgrowingtofast phase because he was grabbing my face and smiling like it was his job. We gave him a quick bath and then put him to bed. Overall a great weekend with a lot accomplished. Now we just have to takle the laundry room, kitchen, dinning room, and our guest room. I love organizing.


My steals and deals from the craft show!!

Real quick update on the craft show this morning 

Sign for the dinning room I'm in love 

Cute milk jug that I can jazz up for each holiday 

This awesome piece that will be Grayson's toy box!!! 

This lamp which is just too cute for words not sure which room this will find a home in yet 
The drawers even open. That is the bomb.com

This cute embroidered saying for G's nursery 

And I had to buy some fall decor these cute pumpkins did the trick!!!

And just because a picture of the bambino 
Enjoy the weekend!!!!

The thing no one likes to talk about but its real weight

OK holy long blog post title but its the truth. I cringe at this, I struggle with this, I work on it.

I never struggled with my weight in high school. I was beyond active,volleyball, basketball, track, and dance. I could eat whatever I wanted and sometimes lose weight. Enter my 20's the game changed but I adjusted my eating habits and sprinkled in some working out and maintained.
Then a life change. Michael and I moved into our house together. We under went major construction which meant no kitchen for 3 months. So if you couldn't cook it in a microwave or eat it uncooked it didn't happen in our house. We ordered out constantly and from April until June I gained 25 pounds!!! I had a wedding dress to fit into so I started to walk daily and dropped 10 pounds in a little under 2 months but that still put me up 15 pounds. My wedding dress still fit so I was OK and had the most beautiful wedding day ever.

Then when we got back from the honeymoon I started a new job and put on 15 more pounds because of all the pot lucks that they held at work. So now I'm up 30 pounds. In June of 2010 I put my nose to the grindstone and started biking or walking everyday. I lost 20 pounds and was happy with my weight for the first time in over a year. In January of 2012 I decided to get my booty back and joined a gym and became obsessed with the high of a good workout. I got back to my 21 year old weight and was fitting in to clothes that at one time I could not get over my rump.

Then it happened I got knocked up by my hubby. I kept up light walking on the treadmill and prenatal yoga until week 11 when I started to bleed. I went to the doctor and they discovered a tear. My baby was fine but the tear was pretty serious I was put on restriction and until 20 weeks. At my 20 week the tear was almost healed but I was still not taken off restriction. This killed me and I got huge. Fast forward to March 19th and much to my suprise Baby Smith was 10 pounds 4 ounces!!!! I mean I was carrying around a giant. So here is the honest part I gained wait for it 98 pounds during my pregnancy. I know I know holy crap right???? When I went in on March 18th I was up 98 pounds from my pre pregnancy weight. A lot was water weight because the last month of my pregnancy had a problem with my kidneys and water retention but still. I was a whale.

Now 5 months post partum most of my swelling has gone down not quite all of it in my midsection (doc says could take 9 months) and I'm only 35 pounds from my pre pregnancy weight. Everyday my body is still changing. I have started really focusing on my eating habits. September 1st starts my gym obsession again and I'm really excited for it. I had to put a date to it or I could put it off forever. I'm starting the couch to 5k for sh*ts and gigs. But I will also start my affair with the stationary bike and elliptical. They get real jealous if I don't give them attention. I work out for about 45 min. 30 min cardio. 15 min weight rotating different body parts throughout the week. It worked before I hope it will work again because well my body is just not the same.

I embrace this body because it's what got my son here safely and it is the body that one day will hope full bring me baby number 2. So I try to really be careful about saying I hate my body because well it has done me well so far. I did it before I can do it again and I will be so proud and happy when I meet my goal.

So any other momma's out there wishing away your squishy remember it got your baby here and it is all worth it when you see a smile from that bundle of drool and chunk.

Coming to a weekend near you

So this weekend is going to be ah-mazazing!!!! I can't wait we have so much great stuff planned.

Saturday is the annual Witch & Crow craft show!! I live for this show. I always walk out with some great steals and cute decor for the homestead. La love it. Last year I got a cute bench that opened for storage which I had been eyeing a similar one at another store but it was $75.00 I got this one for $30!!! I mean done and done, plus it was cuter color and I got to carry my other goodies home in it. So this year we are heading there with baby G for the first time.

Sunday is the night that we are celebrating our anniversary because it is on a Thursday this year. So my wonderful mom and dad offered to take G overnight for us. I took monday off so we are going out to dinner and shopping on Sunday and then Monday is organizing city. We are getting the attic cleaned out and organized and also cleaning the house floor to ceiling. I can't wait!!!! Once it is done it is so much easier to keep it up.
You know your getting old when for your anniversary you shop for things to organize your house and are cleaning. I have already started my list of things to buy to help us organize. But I love it and would not want it any other way.

I will also be sloooooooooooowly getting out my fall decor. I don't want to wish summer away but I love my autum/halloween decor!!! I usually put it up on Labor day and leave it up until I decorate for Christmas.
I also need to get the mums and pumpkins for my front porch as well as corn stalks and hay bales.

Pictures will be taken, cider will be sipped on, and things will be bought, organized, and put away.
Happy weekend!!!!


Our walks and then some

We have been walking as a family lately. Almost every night for a little over 2 weeks. We walk anywhere from a mile to two miles, depending on G's feeding schedule.

I love this time. We talk to Grayson, we talk to each other. We just relax. Plus it is exercising. So that's good. I look forward to this time so much now. I'm a little sad that we started so late but the busyness that is our life took over. I know that we will keep this up until the snow flies or until it gets too cold to have G out in the stroller.

These walks have taught me to let things go. Laundry, cleaning, etc. It is fresh air, it is family time, it is good for my soul.

We solve things on these walks. I feel better accomplished. I can't wait until G is older and riding his bike while we walk. I love my little family. I have fond memories of being outside with my family, and playing hard.
That's one of the reasons why I wanted a pool. I have so many memories of my dad coming home in the summer and jumping in the pool with us and being together as a family. I want the same thing.

That's why I take so many pictures. I want G to be able to look back and say look at my memories. Because I have that. I love seeing that my parents did things with me even if I don't remember. It's like a time capsule. And while I suck at a baby book I have started a box. He can sift through this one day with his wife as they are about to have a baby and say "that's what I want to be like as a parent" at least I hope he will feel that way. I know I will make mistakes, I'm not perfect but I want him to above all always feel love. I want him to always feel love and feel safe and know that no matter what we are his home. Being a parent is tricky but somehow it can all be solved with a simple walk with my boys and all is right with the world. 


Random things

Sleep training is kind of working. He is still getting up for a block in the middle of the night. But he now sleeps in his crib all night and he naps in his crib!!! Huge steps ones that are good for mom and dad.

I'm a list person. I write lists for everything. However I lose them a lot or only get halfway through them. The only list that always get accomplished is the one that is on our fridge on a dry erase board. Maybe I need to get a bigger one or put one in every room hmmmmm?

I hate doing dishes enough said

I never do dishes because when we moved into our house we had enough money to get a dishwasher but my loving husband said it would be too much work to put one in because of the counter top size and that if we didn't get a dishwasher he would always do the dishes. So I hold him to that and in our 4 years of marriage I have maybe done dishes 10 times.

I don't mind laundry. It's a no brain-er kind of thing you can through it in and get other things done.

We have a plan in regards to our work schedules. Michael gets 19 days a year so in the summer months he will take of one weekend a month and that will give us family time. It is what works for us now because we could not afford daycare 5 days a week and him getting weekends off would force us to do that.

I want another dog. My husband says no. The debate continues.

This is my last 5 day work week for 2 weeks! Holla!!!

My husband does not get Labor day off which seems ironic to me.

Me and ice cream have been having nightly dates lately. I keep telling myself not to buy it. But something takes over me when I'm at the store and it always somehow falls into my cart and then later it falls into my mouth.

Grayson is growing like crazy. I mean he is 9 month clothes and 6 months still fit him weight wise but he has go-go gadget arms and legs to everything is off in the length.

I already bought G's Halloween costume. I got it for $16.00 on sale and I had to snatch it up.

On  another holiday note I have already started putting things on my amazon wish list for G for Christmas. I mean jump the gun much?

I'm obsessed with pina coladas. So while it is still sunny and warm I'm indulging and dreaming of being on a beach or pool bar.

I sometimes still wear my maternity shirts. Not because I need to but because I like how long they are. I even contemplated buying some the other day at Target and then realized my insanity and went back to my normal clothes section.

I have been stalking the sites for Thanksgiving outfits. I maybe a little obsessive but those things sell out like hot cakes.


Surgery and a Birthday

About 2 months ago my Dad hurt his knee. He does not remember what he did to hurt it he just remembers the day that it started being unbearable. It hurt to walk and he could hardly bend it because of the swelling. A trip to the doctors and they said it was cyst, and it would pass in about a week or so. Well 2 weeks later and it is still swollen and even more painful. A trip for an MRI and a tear is discovered. Surgery is scheduled and he was taken off of work until after surgery pending recovery.

The surgery date August 19th. My Dad's birthday August 20th. I mean can a guy catch a break!!! He was a good sport about it and he said he didn't mind.

Well yesterday was the surgery and he did swimmingly. (PS why do people say that? where did that even come from?) The doctor said his knee was like a 20 year old except for the tear and they expect him to make a full recovery. Praise the Lord.

Tonight his birthday we are heading down for dinner and cake because well we can't not have cake on his actual day. I mean come one people 61 is big. Yup my dad our Papa Tom is 61. But you would never know it he acts like a 25 year old and well we just love him to death.

My dad is amazing. He is the best father and papa to my baby. His patience and understanding are admirable and are a great example for me as I navigate through this craziness called motherhood.

So here is to you Papa Tom we love you happy birthday and we wish you a speedy recovery!

It is also tip it back tuesday and we have volleyball tonight. Yahooo so after dinner and cake we will be digging into the sand and playing like crazy.


5 Months

Again time stop going so fast......

Dear Grayson,

Baby boy I think I love you more everyday. You have the best smile and laugh!! You are laughing up a storm. You and I get into laughing fits together that leave me in tears. I love how you are our little shadow. You go everywhere with us. You are 5 months old but wearing 9 month clothing. You have the chunkiest thighs and arm rolls for days but those cheeks are what really melt my heart.

We had a couple doctors visits this month and have gotten your acid reflux under control. Fingers crossed you grow out of it. You started veggies this month and while you shudder at the first few bites you always open your mouth for more. You get cereal twice a day and 6 ounces 4 times a day with veggies and fruit( just started yesterday) around dinner time. You sleep on your tummy now and we have started sleep training. Your doing pretty good but are still up for an hour anywhere between 10 and 12. We are working through it. It's ok we get it your stubborn, but you come by that honestly.

You love to snuggle and Daddy and I never object. You tell the best stories and will talk forever. You recently started chewing at random times and we just think it's the cutest thing. You roll over all the time and chew on your feet. Sitting up and crawling are on the horizon and to be honest we can't wait. Your little personality forms more everyday and you are just a happy fun baby. Your smile melts my heart. You and Daddy still do everything together and you smile from ear to ear when he walks in the door. You hold his hand when he feeds you your bottle. You are loved baby boy, and you have the most amazing family who can't get enough of you. You went camping for the first time this month and you did great.

I'm so proud and happy to be your momma. I can't wait to see the little person you become.

Weekend re-cap picture style

Friday we went for a walk

Then we drank some beers and cooked dinner (we had breakfast for dinner)

See baby G photo bombing

Grayson taking a cat nap on daddy 

Then Saturday we did walk number dos 

Watched mommy do laundry 

And took naps in my crib!!!

Notice the puddle of drool oh teething

Sunday we went shopping with Gigi and got sooo much stuff at khols 

Baby G before shopping 

And after 

We also started moving our new dressers into our room and organizing our closets 

Overall a great weekend with my boys and family ❤❤❤❤


The night I got sleep

My mom is a teacher. That equals summers off. Well not for her she teaches summer school. But she is off of school now so of course she wants some baby G time.

She called me on wednesday after the whole fiasco and told me to pack baby Gray an overnight bag and she would pick him up from daycare and keep him overnight so we could get some sleep. I mean the angels were signing. Wednesday was the worst sleep night ever. I didn't get to sleep until 1 and then was up at 3 and then again at 5 for good so I was running on fumes. 

She grabbed him from daycare on Thursday with my niece Libby who was begging to see Grayson. So when I got out of work that night I picked up dinner went home and cuddles with my husband. We needed some good ol couch time together. We ate dinner and then I did a little organizing of G's clothes and then we went to bed at.......wait for it ...... 7:00!!!! I was asleep by 7:15 and slept straight through until my alarm at 5:15!!!!

I felt like million dollars the next day. My mom called me in my way to work abs told me that she let G cry it out and it only took 5 min.  Soooo I decided to put my nose to the grindstone and legit sleep train. Friday night he slept from 8:00 to 10:30 then we did the cry it out and I pat him on the back and told him its night night time every 10 min he finally fell asleep at 11:30 and slept until 4 then I went in and patted him on the back and gave him his binky and he slept until 7:45!!!! 7:45 I could not believe it! I got so much done in 45 min and he was happy when he woke up!! Praise The Lord sleep training!!! Hopefully we keep it up!  

What I would die without

Being a first time mom I have taken advise from lots of other mom's in my life. I like to think I'm a pretty laid back mommy (only on the outside!!!) But there are a few things that I would D-I-E without!!!

1. Fisherprice Jumperoo
Baby G loves this thing. It gives us at least half an hour to run around and get things done or eat dinner. It's is reasonably priced plus I got a steal on it at BJ's a few weeks ago!!!

2.Aden and Anis security blanket
I love that they are breathable because my baby has to sleep clutching something in his kingkondmegadeathgrip. It makes me feel better.

3.Enfamil A.R. formula

Having a reflux baby is not always easy between the spitting up and the crying when they are flat on their back, but this formula has been a life saver! And bonus not anymore expensive than the regular enfamil.

4.Kitchenaid coffee pot
Ok this one is to help be snap out of my zombie walk in the mornings!! Plus it matched my mixer and food processor. But not my kitchen....hmmmmm I think it's time to repaint!

5.Chicco Vinyl Polly High Chair

Baby Gray is l-o-v-i-n-g this! OK so are we. It is super easy to clean annnnnnnnnnd it has wheels!!! So we may or may not have pushed him around to calm him down during one of his fussy periods.... he loves sitting in it and hangs out in there while we cook dinner or shower. The outter gray tray comes off to clean it in a snap and it even converts into a chair!!!

This thing lives in his mouth enough said.

I'm not being paid by anyone to list these things I'm just listing  them so I don't forget when baby number 2 comes. Because well lets face it there really is such a thing as mom brain.


Yesterday my day from......

So yesterday was any normal day. Wednesday is my busy day at work and I was working like a mad women. I was of course exhausted because I'm pretty sure that G is cutting a tooth and the whole sleeping thing is non existent.
Around 11 my phone rang it was daycare. My first thought was this cannot be good he probably spiked a fever. The conversation went like this

Daycare: "Katlin?"
Me: "yes"
Daycare: " You need to come get Grayson we are pretty sure he has Hand, Foot, and Mouth."
Me:" Um, OK why do you think he has that?"
Daycare: "He has a red spot on his bottom lip and his mouth inside is covered in sores"
Me: " Let me call my doctor and I will call you back"

I got off the phone and being the sleep deprived momma that I am started crying instantly. I called my doctor they got me into the first available appointment at 3:15. I called Michael and he was 2 hours away on a delivery. All I kept thinking was G has hand, foot, and mouth. HAND, FOOT ,and MOUTH!!!! How did this happen??? I could not leave work I was in the middle of processing paychecks, and if I leave no one gets paid. So I called my dad who is amazing and he went and picked up G.

I rushed and finished my payroll and left at 2:00 to go and get Grayson and take him back up to the doctors. Michael met us there he got out at 3:00 just in time. The doctor came in and took one look at him and said he absolutely does NOT have hand, foot, and mouth. The spot on his lip is from sucking, the 3 little white dots in his mouth could be from anything but probably from something too hot going in his mouth. He told us G is perfectly healthy baby and is showing no signs of HFM. Thank GOD!!!

I was livid when I left the doctors. Here I had left work early, had to pay a hefty co-pay, and my dad had to get G out of daycare early. Plus on top of that the words kept ringing in my head. "something too hot going in his mouth"  WTF when did that happen. We NEVER give Grayson anything heated up. His bottles are made with room temperature water, and even his veggies we feed him are room temp. All I kept thinking was they must be putting his bottle in the bottle warmer at daycare.

I drove over there with my note from the doctor that Grayson could be at daycare because he did NOT have hand, foot, and mouth. I guess God had my back that day because the director had left early and if she had been there I'm sure I would have lost my sh*t on her because I was seeing red.

It comes down to this. G did not have HFM, but he did have heat blisters. My baby is sensitive, so while other babies can handle warm bottles he cannot. The situation was blown way out of proportion and cost us money with me having to leave work and the doctor's fee. I was so sick over him being sick that I was a mess the rest of the day.

I trust our daycare 100% I just think that it could have been handled a little bit differently. And I'm beyond happy that he is OK and that his fussiness is from teething. I hope that I do not have to go to the doctors again for a long time unless its for a well visit.



As we are coming up on our 4 year wedding anniversary I start to think about the night that we met and the whirlwind that followed and how we got here today, to this exact point.
I want Grayson to know our story so I'm going to tell it here now.

It was July 27th 2008 (die that seems like forever ago) My best friend bar tended at our local bar and called me that night and told me to come see her. She said it was dead and that she wanted to hang out with me. I was supposed to go with a group of friends to the fair but opted out and went down to the bar instead.

I was there for a few hours it was like 11:30 and I was outside hanging out with some friends. There was a guy walking up into the bar and for no reason I yelled out "have a nice night". He looked at me with a WTF face and said "oh I will" and away he went. I made my way back into the bar and was having a drink when I decided to play the jukebox. I turned around and there was the same guy trying to get his 5 dollar bill into the money slot. It just would not go in so he walked away. I ran over quick and tried to get mine in. Well karma was there and mine would not go in either. He turned around and said "hey I was playing the jukebox" to which my smart ass replied "move your feet lose your seat". I popped behind the bar and traded out my five(I knew the owners) but for some reason I grabbed him one too. He smiled and my heart skipped. His eyes were gorgeous and he smiled with them it was an instant spark in me. I felt it my missing piece was in front of me.

We agreed to go every other song and both put our money in. We talked and laughed. He asked me to dance which in this bar not a normal thing but I agreed. He would later say he wanted an excuse to hug me. It was one of those movie moments. What seemed to fly by was actually 3 hours and the bar was closing. He asked for my number, I gave it to him and we went our separate ways. He called the next day. I didn't call back. Something told me to wait. I didn't for 3 weeks. He text me one night and asked if I would be at the bar that we met at. I replied maybe and made other plans. But then when it was time to leave I found myself turning to go the bar instead of my original destination. I walked in and saw him instantly he smiled and I melted. That was it. We were together from that moment on. He had this force, I was just drawn to him. My whole universe shifted and I needed to be with this person.

Of course small problem I had a trip planned to Mexico the following Friday, oh and I was still traveling for work Monday -Friday we we only had 2 days a week together. He didn't blink an eye and said "any second I can get I will take it". He used to get up at 4:00 in the morning to drive me to the airport and he used to pick me up. We talked everyday on the phone for hours. We wrote love letters and text every second we could. I was so deep in and I knew he was too. We had only been officially dating for 2 weeks when he told me he loved me for the first time and I cried because I felt the same way.

We had our fair share of people trying to get in between our love. I was young people were childish but we fought through. Our love and devotion to eachother never wavered. In November we had both signed up to work overtime on Saturday. We pulled out of his driveway me first then him close behind. I looked into my review mirror to see him behind me and smiled. We drove down the road another mile and then I looked again  only to see his car flipping on it's side and heading for a tree. I screamed, tears came instantly and I tried to stop. But I couldn't the roads were covered with black ice. I finally stopped slammed into park and ran. I can so fast sobbing the whole way, scarred of what I would find and then there he was standing, with no injuries. I hugged him so tight. His car had flipped on the drivers side and slid to the opposite side of the road. Thankfully it just missed a tree and flipped back to right side up. I was a wreck. I have never felt terror like that. That day solidified my thoughts. This was my person, my soul mate, my partner. I needed him.

Once month later he proposed to me and I said yes. He even asked my parent permission and while they thought it was fast they could see our love and knew he would do everything he could to take care of me. We bought our first house a month later and moved in, in April. We put our heart and soul into that house and it is still a work in progress but it is ours, we came home from our honeymoon there and brought Grayson home there. We were married August 29,2009. It was the best day. It was a new chapter one that we would write together. We have grown a lot in 4 years. We have a baby who is just to die for and we have the best friendship.
I love you Michael Smith. Thank you for being my person, my love, my soul mate.

Grayson, be like your daddy. He loves hard, he loves with all he has, and he loves forever. You have such a good example of what a man, father, husband, best friend is. Be like him. You can't go wrong.



I woke up today thinking it was Thursday. Imagine my surprise when I realized it was only Tuesday!!

Our family unit is in need of some shaking up. Truth is our schedules just don't jive too well with having a child. I don't know what the changes will be, or how it will look when the changes are over but we just need something to shift.

I may or may not have a shopping problem. OK this is labeled confessions so I do! I do have a shopping problem. I want my baby to look like a little man I have a very specific idea of how he should dress.

I already ordered Grayson's Halloween shirt. Now don't get it twisted not his costume yet. I have a lot of ideas cooking in this head up here.

I'm a picky eater. I just am can't help it but my husband loves it when we "eat the same meal" it's really cute how excited he gets.

I made a commitment to start working out at the gym at least 3 times a week starting September 1st. At this point it seems impossible because I'm so exhausted. Please baby boy start sleeping through the night please!!!

I love cooking with fresh veggies. Something about it just feels good.

I really do love Tuesday's because well it's Volleyball night. I like playing even though I'm beyond competitive and it's just something to look forward to.

I'm beyond blessed with my family. They call alllll the time to just come get G to spend time with him. Someone made the comment that I'm "without" my child a lot. It may seem that way but he is allllways with family. They call and ask for him and I will NOT deny my child time with his closest family members. I think since he has been born we have asked someone to watch him a handful of times so we can have date nights. My family is close. If it was socially acceptable to live in a giant compound all with each other we would. We are close and I love that Gray will have these memories of special time with his aunt's Gigi and cousins.

I live in my head. Let me explain before you think I'm a phsyco. I over think every.single.gosh.darn.thing. I try to made the best decision which causes me to completely freak myself out sometimes. Am I alone? anyone? OK me and myself will be just fine by ourselves.

In one week my child will be 5 months old!!!!! I may ugly cry when writing that post. I don't know where the time has gone.....I was just pregnant.

I did it. I went into hiding for the first time last night. I heard G start to fuss and I ran into the bathroom and pretended to be going to the bathroom. I needed a break, and on the plus side, I scrubbed the sink and toilet. I think it was a win win. 


Weekend re-cap

When I left work on Friday I was shouting TGIF!!! To say that I was ready for my weekend was an understatement....

We had leftovers for dinner and just relaxed. My sister came to visit for a little bit when she got out of work and it was just a nice relaxing night to end a busy week.

Saturday G and I got up and met my mom for round 2 of blueberry picking. We freeze them so we have blueberries all year round. I know have 2 gallon size freezer bags full of blueberries. My hubby is ecstatic. Then we went and met my sister at a cute little shop in the town she lives in. I got some pretty good deals. I bought a huge wicker basket that in any other place on the planet would have been over $20.00 I got it for $6.99. It is perfect to put our blankets in in the living room!!! I was beyond excited and snatched it right up. I didn't go too crazy because they are having a big craft show August 24th and it will be fall over load!!! I can't wait!

Saturday night we relaxed as a family and started to sleep train baby G. He cried it out for 30 min and then I just could not handle it. I went in and held him for about 15 min and he slept straight though until 2:00!!! Then a quick flip back over to his back and a paci and he was back out until 6:00 this is progress people but I'm still not good on the crying thing but it did work so we will see.

Sunday was my day to really hustle and clean well my sister called wanted to take Grayson to a picnic she was attending so she came and grabbed him for a few hours. I folded laundry and went and organized Gray's room a little bit and I started to put away the rest of our stuff from camping. I got most of it done but then it hit me like a ton of bricks...my lack of sleep. So for the last half an hour I laid on the couch and ate bon bons gold fish crackers. When G came home we fed him and put him down for a quick nap. (part of sleep training no sleeping after 4) So he slept from 3:15 until 4:10 (OK sue me over 10 min) We gave him his veggies around 5 then we ate dinner and showered and got ready to head to my brothers for cake for my dad. It was so great to see everyone because we just all love each other so much. The cousins get excited to see each other. And we always have a few brews and just chit chat. My Dad's birthday is not until the 20th put we did it on Sunday because my brother and sister-in-law and her whole family leave for the OBX on Friday. And my dad has knee surgery the day before.

Grayson ate his cereal and went to sleep there and stayed sleeping up until 2 this morning at which point my butt just brought him into our bed. What is it they say 2 steps forward 3 back?? Oh well I'm surviving. That's all I'm trying to do. Get thorough what I think is him cutting it first teeth and still be able to function. I know all the no-No's but I'm doing what works for us. We will get him to sleeping through the night, he is just stubborn like his parent. Everything on his own terms and for now we are all healthy and happy so that's what matters.

Our week is full as usual although a little less than last week. I'm look forward to soaking up as many lazy summer nights with my boys as I can because we are almost halfway through August and fall is sneaking in.


Gramstock part 2

So.... I'm just gonna dive back in.

Saturday morning my brother and I got up early at 7. Everyone was still sleeping but see him and I get up at 5:00 everyday so 7 was sleeping in. We decided to take a walk around the golf course and it was beautiful. They sky looked amazing and it was nice just to have sometime quiet time.

We came back and got right into breakfast. My aunt and uncle did breakfast for everyone. It was so cool. It's called eggs in a bag. So here is how it works.
1- crack eggs into a freezer bag (we used the quart ones) and smoosh them up
2- add in whatever fix-ins you want (ex cheese, onions, peppers, ham, bacon, sausage)
3- drop it into boiling water for about 10 mins.

That's it that's how easy it is. It was sooo good and we got to cook more than one at a time so breakfast went much faster. Of course we had toast, fruit, coffee cake, bacon, sausage, bloody mary's and mamosa's.

We realxed for a while and then headed to the showers which they were immaculate and clean. Came back and I got Grayson ready for the day. Then we went off on a walk while the boys went golfing. It was realzing. Around 4 more people started to arive for the dinner that night.

We had flowers and a beautiful painting of my Grandma in the dinner and tent. It was really a beautiful set up. My uncle did such a great job speaking about her and there was not a dry eye in the house. We have decided that to truly honor grandma we will have Gramstock every year. She loved the family all together having a few drinks and talking so we will do it every year now. I have not prcessed how I feel about it all yet but I'm sure when I do I will post about it.

Saturday night we did a toast to Grandma and then the games began again. My parents again took the boys down to the cabin and slept with them. They truly are a godsend and I would be lost without them. Flippy cup dominated and we played for about 4 hours straight. Then we hung out by the fire and had smores.

Sunday we woke up ate breakfast and packed it up. We talked about the weekend on the way home, but we were all exhausted. It really was a great weekend to be with family and reminded me how lucky I am to have those people in my life.

My kind of night

So while I have to say that time is flying by in regards to well just life in general but also my baby growing I love every new stage with him.

Yesterday was any typical thirsty Thursday. I got me and the babe ready to leave the house which BTW he is amaze balls in the morning. Happy, smiling, and just a breeze. We have the best little routine. So we get out the door and head to daycare and I get to work and just started chugging along.

Around 2:30 my husband calls and says I got out early I'm going to grocery shop. SCORE!!!! I don't mind grocery shopping but I feel like it takes time away from our family time at night so when he gets out earlier than me and he does it, it is a win win.

I grabbed Grayson when I got out of work and we headed home. I helped Michael put the groceries away and then we started grooving on dinner. My Aunt (G's Mema) stopped over somewhere in this madness and dropped of a Bill's football jersey. Die it is too cute and I cannot wait to put him in it this football season.  He grilled chicken while I cooked the rice. Then he came in to feed G while I finished up the dinner. I made a chicken rice bake using Bison Chip Dip!!! It was delicious.
Anyway I watched him feed Gray and it was so cute. If my hands weren't covered in cheese I would have gotten a video. (note to self get video next time).Grayson chews every bite and then smiles like he really accomplished something. He is loving peas and next is green beans.While dinner was finishing up in the oven I threw in a load of laundry and scrubbed G's tub.

Now that we have the jumper-roo dinner has become a little more manageable for us to be able to eat together. We get a good 15-20 mins out of him being content so we get to sit down and eat together. Which is awesome.
We ate dinner and then it was tubby time for baby G and I cleaned up dinner and did the dishes. He ate every last drop of his cereal and polished off his bottle, burped and fell.right.asleep. You heard right no rocking, no jiggling, no singing just straight up fell asleep. Him going to bed like that and a half an hour early I got to fold 2 loads of laundry and get all the laundry sorted and in the washer ready to go when I get home tonight. It was a pretty uneventful evening but it is the kind I like.

Here are my to do's for this weekend:
- laundry
-finish un-packing from camping (I'm horrible about this)
-scrub the bathroom
-vacuum and mop all the floors
-pick blueberries (maybe???)
-clean off the front porch
-pack up clothes that don't fit G anymore
I will try and update this weekend with some pictures!!!! Loving life right now!!!


Made it over the hump!!!

For some reason even when I have short weeks wednesday is the hardest day at work for me hands down.

I'm usually exhaused by now, and it just a busy day. It's the day I process payroll for the entire company and it has to be done by 2. See the thing is that I have to wait on others to start processing checks and sometimes I don't get things until late.

I went to BJ's by myself yesterday after work. I'm not going to lie it was nice to have a little alone time to peruse the isle's at my own pace and not race the ineedadiaperchangeorabottleorijustamcryingfortheheckofit clock. So that's what I did but then I got sucked in.......to the baby isle.

They have Carter's at BJ's and it is the clothing that hands down fits baby G the best. So I perused the clothing section and picked up 3 pairs of jimmy jams, 2 outfist, and 2 packs of socks. But I later checked myself and narrowed it down to 1 pair of jams, 1 outfit and 1 pack of socks. But I did go back and buy the fisher price jumperoo. They only had the floor model left but that earned me an extra discount and I had a coupon so I got it for $70.00!!!!! AND my boy LOVED it.

Grayson is feeling so much better and we HAVE started sleep training. We figured out what is waking him up. It's himself!!! He keeps flipping onto his stomach and does not like it and is in such a sleep haze that he does not want to flip himself back over. Boy be lazy like crazy. So I went back in last night and flipped him over and rubbed his stomach for .25 seconds and he was back out!!! I will confess however that he woke up at 4:30 and I brought him in our bed. I mean I get up in half an hour and just need the extra sleep.
G also started veggies this week and while he makes that whyareyoufeedingmethiscrap face he still opens his mouth for more and chews it. We die laughing because I mean what is he really chewing???Peas were his first veggie and he has had it for 2 days and we will give it to him for 2 more and then green beans!!! He truly does amaze us every.single.day.

Sorry for the randomness/update/who knows what I'm talking about post. Sometimes my brain needs to get it out.


Gramstock 2013 Part 1

This may take a few posts because well its ca-ray-zy what went down this weekend.

First of all I took off Friday at the nagging request of my husband and was that the best idea ever!! We had already paid for daycare that day so my sister who also works there picked him up in the morning (6 am) to take him and we dragged our buts back to bed for an hour. Let me just say best.sleep.ever! So then we got up and packed like crazy people. I had 8 tote bags, 2 totes (the big plastic ones),1 suitcase, and 2 coolers.

Then we showered and headed to pick up the camper. I was devestated when we saw it. It was old, and run down. Total bummer. Plus it was dirty. (I may be a tiny bit of a neat freak but it was till dirty by anyones standards) We picked it up and drove back home and then I dove in. I scrubbed the tables, the sink, bathroom, and floors. I lysoled all the seats and vaccumed every nook and cranny I could get to. It was satifactory enough and smelled a heck of a lot better.

Then my parents pulled in, and we got all of our stuff packed into the camper. About 10 mins. later my sis-in-law pulled in and we loaded up her stuff and the kids stuff. Then we just waited on my brother who had gotten stuck at work but this was a family vacation and we were going as a team.

He pulled in around 4:30 and we were on the road. The campground was only about an hour and half away which was the perfect distance. We had some road pops and snacks. My baby slept almost the whole time, and my nephew babbled away. He was a riot. We had the best time on the ride down. Libby (my niece) was loving all the different scenery. We saw windmills and drove past an amusement park. I learned alot from traveling with the young ones. It's ok to find joy in simple things, like seeing a windmill, or a deer on the side of the road.

Anywho we pulled into camp around 6:15 and I made up our bed A.S.A.P because it was time for Grayson to eat. We were a legit tag team that night. I got out jimmy jams and his food  and made up the bed. Michael changed him and started to feed him. Then I rocked him to sleep and we layed him in the bed in a pillow fortress and went out to grab some dinner.

He started to fuss around 9:45 and my Mom looked at me and said " There is a little cabin down the road with two beds in it, your Dad and I are going to take Grayson and Brayden down there and sleep with them tonight. You guys just have fun ok?" My sister-in-law and I looked at eachother and asked I think 925694562 times "are you sure?" They finally just kidnapped took our boys down there and then we partied down.

3 hours of flippy cup, 2 games of beer pong, several rides in the golf cart and half a toe nail later we decided to hit the hay. It was a great first night..... Part dos coming tomorrow but first some pictures 


Tuesday Tid Bits

I promise to write a whole post about this past weekend which we have dubbed Gramstock 2013 and it is now going to be a yearly trip yay!!!!

Anywho let me get back to my craziness that will be this post

I hate camping for the fact that you have to pack up your entire life!

Now that I think about it traveling period stinks for laundry alone. I mean had not one piece of dirty laundry when we left. I come home and I have like 850349 loads. OK maybe its just because I have an almost 5 month old.

My babe is sick. I'm talking multiple blow outs in a 24 hour period, a fever spike at night, and just overall fussiness. Went to the Doctor yesterday and they said he is fine. ugh! I hate when he does not feel good

Going back to work today was like dying a slow painful death. I love being home with my boys.

Riley was the bomb.com at our friends house. Thank you Jesus because I worry about him when he is not with us.

Friday Michael and I woke up and it was like we were in the twilight zone. We had no dog, no baby. It was like going back 4 years. It was weird and I missed my babies.

I'm beyond happy that our outdoor volleyball league starts back up tonight. It's a fun mini-grown up night out that helps break up our week. Plus playing with my hubby is fun.

Speaking of my husband August 29 we will be married for 4 years. On one hand feels like it flew by, and on the other I don't even remember life before him. Funny how that works

My Dad has knee surgery on August 19 and I'm praying that he recovers fast and does well in surgery.

I love Johnson and Johnson disposable wash cloths. They were a god send on our camping trip and them smell licious as my nephew would say.

I have no food in my house. One because we were going away this weekend, and two because we are so busy I have not had once second to shop so that will be my goal for tomorrow.

Also I'm going to our local big box store (BJ's) and buying the fisher price jumper roo. I have a $10 off coupon ( yup yup coupon fa-reak over here) and I just know that my bambino will love it.

Speaking of Grayson he can sit up for long periods of time with the boppy behind him. I.die.every.single.time.

And finally a warning to time. Please Please Please slow the eff down because summer just started and now it is almost gone. AND I just had my baby like yesterday and he is growing way to fast.


Randomness that is my brain

Putting my baby on medicine kills me. I wish I didn't have to but then if it makes him better I have to right?!?!

No one tells you how much guilt comes with being a parent. I mean I over think everything now and how it will affect my baby G.

Is is possible to catch up on sleep? I mean I'm exhausted!!!! He sleeps pretty good but I still feel like I have not slept sound since the few times he has been with my mom or my mom was here overnight.

I love coffee. I makes me happy in the morning, and sometimes at night. I would DIIIIIE without it.

My husband always amazes me. I had a shopping trip that needed to get done before we left and he called me at work said I'm in the parking lot I will go do it for you since I got out of work early. I mean I'm blessed.

I have the happiest baby. He will smile at anyone and he has the best toothless smile ( I mean I know I'm biased but for real yo)

I put presure on myself to have everything perfect and I'm trying to work on it.

I have only been to the gym 3 times since Grayson was born. I have the membership and my husbands support to go get my body how I want it but we are just way to busy in the summer. September 1st starts my gym obbsesion.

I have not been a total lazy slob I have been doing 30 day challanges and have lost about 3 inches in my waist.Speaking of which my total body 30 day challange starts today.

My parents anniversary is today. 32 years. They are my example for a long happy loving marriage.

Today is my last day of work and then I'm off for 4 days. Yahooooo. 4 whole days with my husband is like gold to me.

I have to run to the store to get the rest of our camping supplies. Oh  I can't wait to sit at camp and drink from my red solo cup and relax.