My newest purchase.......and I'm in love

I bought this because as Grayson grows he is becoming ubearable to carry in his carseat. I mean he is almost 20 pounds plus the carseat easily being 15 on it's own well that makes 35 pounds. To lug that around a grocery store well thats cray cray. Which is why I NEVER took him to the store with me.
So I bought this Cart Cover.  I tested it out today and it was a sucess. He loves riding in the cart which I knew he would. Plus it really is a breeze to put on I did it one handed. It holds his toy and he just sat there happy as a clam smiling at everyone who would look his way. The price is so worth it at 24.99 plus if your part of amazon mom free 2 day shipping!! It is that great material that is easy to wipe down with a baby wipe (sidenote: I think I clean everything with baby wipes now!! They are the best kept secret for cleaning your floors I think). Grayson will now be making trips to all stores that have carts from now on!!!