This, that and other things

So busy week, semi-busy weekend.

Friday- Michael's mother is dropping by to visit G.
Saturday - picking up my adorable niece Libby and spending the day with her and Grayson. Baking brownies, car cleaning(weather permitting) and nail painting (baby permitting) are on the itinerary. Then at night we have my uncles art show. He is an amazing artist and we always support
Sunday- NOTHING is planned so far and I'm hoping to keep it this way and just relax and soak up some time with my boys.
Monday- I'm home with G but not Michael he has to work total bummer. Hopefully it is a light day for him and he can get home to us and we can spend sometime together.

My to-do list for this weekend would be as follows and this is a lose idea because sometimes this girl gets lazy and just wants to snuggle her baby and cup of coffee

Finish organizing my closet
Organize the laundry room
Vacuum floors
Mop floors
Clean out car
Wash car
Clean off front porch ( I know this was on a list from a few weeks ago still have not gotten to it)
Meal plan for the week

OK just looking at that list makes me tired, a full pot of coffee twice a day should help power through atleast some of the above.

In other news...
G is still sleeping through the night AND putting himself to sleep at night. This is HA-UGE in our house. I forgot what it was like to have an affair with my bed. It was starting to miss me and there were threats of it kicking me out all together, but have no fear we are back on good terms.

I should clarify that the CD that G listens to has several track and we put the same one on repeat and it is the heartbeat sound so it's really like white noise. Music itself does not calm my baby down. It turns him into a yelling, leg kicking, arm flailing maniac. We love it when he looses his sh*t when a guitar solo comes on. Future rock star in the making???

I have successfully gotten Grayson into all his summer outfits at least once. And good thing too because his chunky things no longer fit into 9 month short once piece outfits. I mean he must be sleep walking rolling and getting into the ice cream at night. mmmmmmmmmm ice cream.

Our anniversary was wonderful. We don't do gifts we just make each other cards which in my opinion is perfect. I love it. Plus we do dinner and that it all I can ask for is having time with my hubby.

Speaking of dinner I got pizza from my favorite Italian place and I mean I was in heaven!!! It is soooo good and I always order the bigger size so that there are left overs!!

Now I'm going to finish up my work day and enjoy the 3 day weekend.