Tuesday Tid Bits

I promise to write a whole post about this past weekend which we have dubbed Gramstock 2013 and it is now going to be a yearly trip yay!!!!

Anywho let me get back to my craziness that will be this post

I hate camping for the fact that you have to pack up your entire life!

Now that I think about it traveling period stinks for laundry alone. I mean had not one piece of dirty laundry when we left. I come home and I have like 850349 loads. OK maybe its just because I have an almost 5 month old.

My babe is sick. I'm talking multiple blow outs in a 24 hour period, a fever spike at night, and just overall fussiness. Went to the Doctor yesterday and they said he is fine. ugh! I hate when he does not feel good

Going back to work today was like dying a slow painful death. I love being home with my boys.

Riley was the bomb.com at our friends house. Thank you Jesus because I worry about him when he is not with us.

Friday Michael and I woke up and it was like we were in the twilight zone. We had no dog, no baby. It was like going back 4 years. It was weird and I missed my babies.

I'm beyond happy that our outdoor volleyball league starts back up tonight. It's a fun mini-grown up night out that helps break up our week. Plus playing with my hubby is fun.

Speaking of my husband August 29 we will be married for 4 years. On one hand feels like it flew by, and on the other I don't even remember life before him. Funny how that works

My Dad has knee surgery on August 19 and I'm praying that he recovers fast and does well in surgery.

I love Johnson and Johnson disposable wash cloths. They were a god send on our camping trip and them smell licious as my nephew would say.

I have no food in my house. One because we were going away this weekend, and two because we are so busy I have not had once second to shop so that will be my goal for tomorrow.

Also I'm going to our local big box store (BJ's) and buying the fisher price jumper roo. I have a $10 off coupon ( yup yup coupon fa-reak over here) and I just know that my bambino will love it.

Speaking of Grayson he can sit up for long periods of time with the boppy behind him. I.die.every.single.time.

And finally a warning to time. Please Please Please slow the eff down because summer just started and now it is almost gone. AND I just had my baby like yesterday and he is growing way to fast.