4 years and counting

Today is the day that 4 years ago I became Mrs. Smith.
It was the perfect day. Rained in the morning (good luck) Beautiful and sunny by wedding time.
I loved everything about my wedding day. I had the most peaceful feeling walking down the isle to marry Michael. It could have been the shot of southern comfort I had just done, but I like to say it was knowing that this was my soul mate. OK maybe it was a little of both.
We had a short and sweet ceremony that had so much love in it.
Then we partied down until the wee hours of the morning. We left the Monday after for our honeymoon which we spent discussing our 5 year plan and we are pretty much right where we said we would be and I could not be happier.
I'm one of the lucky ones. I married an amazing man, someone who takes care of my heart. When we were going through our marriage classes before the wedding the pastor looked at us and said I have been praying about your marriage and the answer that I got was that you were written in heaven to be together. That moment has been the foundation for our wonderful marriage.
We have ups and downs, peaks and valley's but we always persevere. We focus on the good, we find the laughter, and we love hard and forever.
There is no one else I would want to walk through this life with and no one else that would take care of my heart like Michael does. He is an amazing husband, father, and best friend.
Here is to 50 more years together.