Our walks and then some

We have been walking as a family lately. Almost every night for a little over 2 weeks. We walk anywhere from a mile to two miles, depending on G's feeding schedule.

I love this time. We talk to Grayson, we talk to each other. We just relax. Plus it is exercising. So that's good. I look forward to this time so much now. I'm a little sad that we started so late but the busyness that is our life took over. I know that we will keep this up until the snow flies or until it gets too cold to have G out in the stroller.

These walks have taught me to let things go. Laundry, cleaning, etc. It is fresh air, it is family time, it is good for my soul.

We solve things on these walks. I feel better accomplished. I can't wait until G is older and riding his bike while we walk. I love my little family. I have fond memories of being outside with my family, and playing hard.
That's one of the reasons why I wanted a pool. I have so many memories of my dad coming home in the summer and jumping in the pool with us and being together as a family. I want the same thing.

That's why I take so many pictures. I want G to be able to look back and say look at my memories. Because I have that. I love seeing that my parents did things with me even if I don't remember. It's like a time capsule. And while I suck at a baby book I have started a box. He can sift through this one day with his wife as they are about to have a baby and say "that's what I want to be like as a parent" at least I hope he will feel that way. I know I will make mistakes, I'm not perfect but I want him to above all always feel love. I want him to always feel love and feel safe and know that no matter what we are his home. Being a parent is tricky but somehow it can all be solved with a simple walk with my boys and all is right with the world.