Made it over the hump!!!

For some reason even when I have short weeks wednesday is the hardest day at work for me hands down.

I'm usually exhaused by now, and it just a busy day. It's the day I process payroll for the entire company and it has to be done by 2. See the thing is that I have to wait on others to start processing checks and sometimes I don't get things until late.

I went to BJ's by myself yesterday after work. I'm not going to lie it was nice to have a little alone time to peruse the isle's at my own pace and not race the ineedadiaperchangeorabottleorijustamcryingfortheheckofit clock. So that's what I did but then I got sucked in.......to the baby isle.

They have Carter's at BJ's and it is the clothing that hands down fits baby G the best. So I perused the clothing section and picked up 3 pairs of jimmy jams, 2 outfist, and 2 packs of socks. But I later checked myself and narrowed it down to 1 pair of jams, 1 outfit and 1 pack of socks. But I did go back and buy the fisher price jumperoo. They only had the floor model left but that earned me an extra discount and I had a coupon so I got it for $70.00!!!!! AND my boy LOVED it.

Grayson is feeling so much better and we HAVE started sleep training. We figured out what is waking him up. It's himself!!! He keeps flipping onto his stomach and does not like it and is in such a sleep haze that he does not want to flip himself back over. Boy be lazy like crazy. So I went back in last night and flipped him over and rubbed his stomach for .25 seconds and he was back out!!! I will confess however that he woke up at 4:30 and I brought him in our bed. I mean I get up in half an hour and just need the extra sleep.
G also started veggies this week and while he makes that whyareyoufeedingmethiscrap face he still opens his mouth for more and chews it. We die laughing because I mean what is he really chewing???Peas were his first veggie and he has had it for 2 days and we will give it to him for 2 more and then green beans!!! He truly does amaze us every.single.day.

Sorry for the randomness/update/who knows what I'm talking about post. Sometimes my brain needs to get it out.