My kind of night

So while I have to say that time is flying by in regards to well just life in general but also my baby growing I love every new stage with him.

Yesterday was any typical thirsty Thursday. I got me and the babe ready to leave the house which BTW he is amaze balls in the morning. Happy, smiling, and just a breeze. We have the best little routine. So we get out the door and head to daycare and I get to work and just started chugging along.

Around 2:30 my husband calls and says I got out early I'm going to grocery shop. SCORE!!!! I don't mind grocery shopping but I feel like it takes time away from our family time at night so when he gets out earlier than me and he does it, it is a win win.

I grabbed Grayson when I got out of work and we headed home. I helped Michael put the groceries away and then we started grooving on dinner. My Aunt (G's Mema) stopped over somewhere in this madness and dropped of a Bill's football jersey. Die it is too cute and I cannot wait to put him in it this football season.  He grilled chicken while I cooked the rice. Then he came in to feed G while I finished up the dinner. I made a chicken rice bake using Bison Chip Dip!!! It was delicious.
Anyway I watched him feed Gray and it was so cute. If my hands weren't covered in cheese I would have gotten a video. (note to self get video next time).Grayson chews every bite and then smiles like he really accomplished something. He is loving peas and next is green beans.While dinner was finishing up in the oven I threw in a load of laundry and scrubbed G's tub.

Now that we have the jumper-roo dinner has become a little more manageable for us to be able to eat together. We get a good 15-20 mins out of him being content so we get to sit down and eat together. Which is awesome.
We ate dinner and then it was tubby time for baby G and I cleaned up dinner and did the dishes. He ate every last drop of his cereal and polished off his bottle, burped and fell.right.asleep. You heard right no rocking, no jiggling, no singing just straight up fell asleep. Him going to bed like that and a half an hour early I got to fold 2 loads of laundry and get all the laundry sorted and in the washer ready to go when I get home tonight. It was a pretty uneventful evening but it is the kind I like.

Here are my to do's for this weekend:
- laundry
-finish un-packing from camping (I'm horrible about this)
-scrub the bathroom
-vacuum and mop all the floors
-pick blueberries (maybe???)
-clean off the front porch
-pack up clothes that don't fit G anymore
I will try and update this weekend with some pictures!!!! Loving life right now!!!