As we are coming up on our 4 year wedding anniversary I start to think about the night that we met and the whirlwind that followed and how we got here today, to this exact point.
I want Grayson to know our story so I'm going to tell it here now.

It was July 27th 2008 (die that seems like forever ago) My best friend bar tended at our local bar and called me that night and told me to come see her. She said it was dead and that she wanted to hang out with me. I was supposed to go with a group of friends to the fair but opted out and went down to the bar instead.

I was there for a few hours it was like 11:30 and I was outside hanging out with some friends. There was a guy walking up into the bar and for no reason I yelled out "have a nice night". He looked at me with a WTF face and said "oh I will" and away he went. I made my way back into the bar and was having a drink when I decided to play the jukebox. I turned around and there was the same guy trying to get his 5 dollar bill into the money slot. It just would not go in so he walked away. I ran over quick and tried to get mine in. Well karma was there and mine would not go in either. He turned around and said "hey I was playing the jukebox" to which my smart ass replied "move your feet lose your seat". I popped behind the bar and traded out my five(I knew the owners) but for some reason I grabbed him one too. He smiled and my heart skipped. His eyes were gorgeous and he smiled with them it was an instant spark in me. I felt it my missing piece was in front of me.

We agreed to go every other song and both put our money in. We talked and laughed. He asked me to dance which in this bar not a normal thing but I agreed. He would later say he wanted an excuse to hug me. It was one of those movie moments. What seemed to fly by was actually 3 hours and the bar was closing. He asked for my number, I gave it to him and we went our separate ways. He called the next day. I didn't call back. Something told me to wait. I didn't for 3 weeks. He text me one night and asked if I would be at the bar that we met at. I replied maybe and made other plans. But then when it was time to leave I found myself turning to go the bar instead of my original destination. I walked in and saw him instantly he smiled and I melted. That was it. We were together from that moment on. He had this force, I was just drawn to him. My whole universe shifted and I needed to be with this person.

Of course small problem I had a trip planned to Mexico the following Friday, oh and I was still traveling for work Monday -Friday we we only had 2 days a week together. He didn't blink an eye and said "any second I can get I will take it". He used to get up at 4:00 in the morning to drive me to the airport and he used to pick me up. We talked everyday on the phone for hours. We wrote love letters and text every second we could. I was so deep in and I knew he was too. We had only been officially dating for 2 weeks when he told me he loved me for the first time and I cried because I felt the same way.

We had our fair share of people trying to get in between our love. I was young people were childish but we fought through. Our love and devotion to eachother never wavered. In November we had both signed up to work overtime on Saturday. We pulled out of his driveway me first then him close behind. I looked into my review mirror to see him behind me and smiled. We drove down the road another mile and then I looked again  only to see his car flipping on it's side and heading for a tree. I screamed, tears came instantly and I tried to stop. But I couldn't the roads were covered with black ice. I finally stopped slammed into park and ran. I can so fast sobbing the whole way, scarred of what I would find and then there he was standing, with no injuries. I hugged him so tight. His car had flipped on the drivers side and slid to the opposite side of the road. Thankfully it just missed a tree and flipped back to right side up. I was a wreck. I have never felt terror like that. That day solidified my thoughts. This was my person, my soul mate, my partner. I needed him.

Once month later he proposed to me and I said yes. He even asked my parent permission and while they thought it was fast they could see our love and knew he would do everything he could to take care of me. We bought our first house a month later and moved in, in April. We put our heart and soul into that house and it is still a work in progress but it is ours, we came home from our honeymoon there and brought Grayson home there. We were married August 29,2009. It was the best day. It was a new chapter one that we would write together. We have grown a lot in 4 years. We have a baby who is just to die for and we have the best friendship.
I love you Michael Smith. Thank you for being my person, my love, my soul mate.

Grayson, be like your daddy. He loves hard, he loves with all he has, and he loves forever. You have such a good example of what a man, father, husband, best friend is. Be like him. You can't go wrong.