Gramstock 2013 Part 1

This may take a few posts because well its ca-ray-zy what went down this weekend.

First of all I took off Friday at the nagging request of my husband and was that the best idea ever!! We had already paid for daycare that day so my sister who also works there picked him up in the morning (6 am) to take him and we dragged our buts back to bed for an hour. Let me just say best.sleep.ever! So then we got up and packed like crazy people. I had 8 tote bags, 2 totes (the big plastic ones),1 suitcase, and 2 coolers.

Then we showered and headed to pick up the camper. I was devestated when we saw it. It was old, and run down. Total bummer. Plus it was dirty. (I may be a tiny bit of a neat freak but it was till dirty by anyones standards) We picked it up and drove back home and then I dove in. I scrubbed the tables, the sink, bathroom, and floors. I lysoled all the seats and vaccumed every nook and cranny I could get to. It was satifactory enough and smelled a heck of a lot better.

Then my parents pulled in, and we got all of our stuff packed into the camper. About 10 mins. later my sis-in-law pulled in and we loaded up her stuff and the kids stuff. Then we just waited on my brother who had gotten stuck at work but this was a family vacation and we were going as a team.

He pulled in around 4:30 and we were on the road. The campground was only about an hour and half away which was the perfect distance. We had some road pops and snacks. My baby slept almost the whole time, and my nephew babbled away. He was a riot. We had the best time on the ride down. Libby (my niece) was loving all the different scenery. We saw windmills and drove past an amusement park. I learned alot from traveling with the young ones. It's ok to find joy in simple things, like seeing a windmill, or a deer on the side of the road.

Anywho we pulled into camp around 6:15 and I made up our bed A.S.A.P because it was time for Grayson to eat. We were a legit tag team that night. I got out jimmy jams and his food  and made up the bed. Michael changed him and started to feed him. Then I rocked him to sleep and we layed him in the bed in a pillow fortress and went out to grab some dinner.

He started to fuss around 9:45 and my Mom looked at me and said " There is a little cabin down the road with two beds in it, your Dad and I are going to take Grayson and Brayden down there and sleep with them tonight. You guys just have fun ok?" My sister-in-law and I looked at eachother and asked I think 925694562 times "are you sure?" They finally just kidnapped took our boys down there and then we partied down.

3 hours of flippy cup, 2 games of beer pong, several rides in the golf cart and half a toe nail later we decided to hit the hay. It was a great first night..... Part dos coming tomorrow but first some pictures