Long weekend re-cap

Saturday we crafted until we dropped. You can see all my finds here. Grayson was an absolute doll!
He gets a crowd wherever he goes because well my boy is good natured and smiles at anyone that says hi.
My mom, aunt, sister, and bestie met us at the craft show and we all got great deals. Saturday night we soaked up some G time and were planning on a walk and then the rain and thunder came. Total buzz kill so we hunkered down and relaxed to the max. I started my mountains of laundry and we watched the Bills game it was a bummer but we are die hard fans.

Sunday we hung out in the morning and started to get G packed up for his sleep over at Gigi and Papa's house. He was so good on Sunday and I was just loving on him all day because I knew how bad I was going to miss him. Michael got home around 1 and jumped in the shower and then took Grayson over to my parents. I stayed back and got ready. Michael came back and picked me up and we got our anniversary celebration started. We stopped by Valu and grabbed some bins and a bagster. Then we were off a quick stop at Guitar Center and then Tully's for dinner. I la love Tully's. It is a sports bar and they have the best chicken tenders eva!!! We partied down with some beer, loaded fries and tenders.

Next we hit up the Chistmas Tree Store, which much to my husbands dismay did not sell just Christmas trees. I got some cute fall decor and some under the bed storage bags. I mean these were a steal 3.50!!! They were 8 at other stores. Done and done. I grabbed some picture frames and a cute prop that I needed for G's christmas pictures. (I know it's not even fall yet but I like to be prepared!!!). Then we went to the store of all stores Target. Let me just say I forgot about the whole kids going back to college this week thing and that place was swamped with college kids!!!! It was a mad house thankfully we were mostly in the baby isle!
I scooped up this sweet vest for baby G Boys Vest. I mean you cannot beat the price and I can just picture him wearing it while we pick apples!! We picked up some other essentials and formula and waited forever in line to cash out. Then we headed home, and grabbed some ice cream at a little stand on our way. We got home unloaded the car and hit the sheets for a night of un interputed sleep.

Monday it was business time. We started working at 9:00 am. and by 11:30 we had the attic cleaned out, all of G's clothes organized and in bins, and we had all the decorations for holidays in bins and all the bins put back in the attic. We showered quick and then moved onto our room. Got both new dressers moved in and clothes put in them. Then onto G's room that I packed up his bassinet, swing, and all his 0-3 and 3-6 month clothing. I may have cried a looking at how little he used to be. Then when he came home I quickly snapped out of the ohmygoshmybabyisgrowingtofast phase because he was grabbing my face and smiling like it was his job. We gave him a quick bath and then put him to bed. Overall a great weekend with a lot accomplished. Now we just have to takle the laundry room, kitchen, dinning room, and our guest room. I love organizing.