Random things

Sleep training is kind of working. He is still getting up for a block in the middle of the night. But he now sleeps in his crib all night and he naps in his crib!!! Huge steps ones that are good for mom and dad.

I'm a list person. I write lists for everything. However I lose them a lot or only get halfway through them. The only list that always get accomplished is the one that is on our fridge on a dry erase board. Maybe I need to get a bigger one or put one in every room hmmmmm?

I hate doing dishes enough said

I never do dishes because when we moved into our house we had enough money to get a dishwasher but my loving husband said it would be too much work to put one in because of the counter top size and that if we didn't get a dishwasher he would always do the dishes. So I hold him to that and in our 4 years of marriage I have maybe done dishes 10 times.

I don't mind laundry. It's a no brain-er kind of thing you can through it in and get other things done.

We have a plan in regards to our work schedules. Michael gets 19 days a year so in the summer months he will take of one weekend a month and that will give us family time. It is what works for us now because we could not afford daycare 5 days a week and him getting weekends off would force us to do that.

I want another dog. My husband says no. The debate continues.

This is my last 5 day work week for 2 weeks! Holla!!!

My husband does not get Labor day off which seems ironic to me.

Me and ice cream have been having nightly dates lately. I keep telling myself not to buy it. But something takes over me when I'm at the store and it always somehow falls into my cart and then later it falls into my mouth.

Grayson is growing like crazy. I mean he is 9 month clothes and 6 months still fit him weight wise but he has go-go gadget arms and legs to everything is off in the length.

I already bought G's Halloween costume. I got it for $16.00 on sale and I had to snatch it up.

On  another holiday note I have already started putting things on my amazon wish list for G for Christmas. I mean jump the gun much?

I'm obsessed with pina coladas. So while it is still sunny and warm I'm indulging and dreaming of being on a beach or pool bar.

I sometimes still wear my maternity shirts. Not because I need to but because I like how long they are. I even contemplated buying some the other day at Target and then realized my insanity and went back to my normal clothes section.

I have been stalking the sites for Thanksgiving outfits. I maybe a little obsessive but those things sell out like hot cakes.