Surgery and a Birthday

About 2 months ago my Dad hurt his knee. He does not remember what he did to hurt it he just remembers the day that it started being unbearable. It hurt to walk and he could hardly bend it because of the swelling. A trip to the doctors and they said it was cyst, and it would pass in about a week or so. Well 2 weeks later and it is still swollen and even more painful. A trip for an MRI and a tear is discovered. Surgery is scheduled and he was taken off of work until after surgery pending recovery.

The surgery date August 19th. My Dad's birthday August 20th. I mean can a guy catch a break!!! He was a good sport about it and he said he didn't mind.

Well yesterday was the surgery and he did swimmingly. (PS why do people say that? where did that even come from?) The doctor said his knee was like a 20 year old except for the tear and they expect him to make a full recovery. Praise the Lord.

Tonight his birthday we are heading down for dinner and cake because well we can't not have cake on his actual day. I mean come one people 61 is big. Yup my dad our Papa Tom is 61. But you would never know it he acts like a 25 year old and well we just love him to death.

My dad is amazing. He is the best father and papa to my baby. His patience and understanding are admirable and are a great example for me as I navigate through this craziness called motherhood.

So here is to you Papa Tom we love you happy birthday and we wish you a speedy recovery!

It is also tip it back tuesday and we have volleyball tonight. Yahooo so after dinner and cake we will be digging into the sand and playing like crazy.