Yesterday my day from......

So yesterday was any normal day. Wednesday is my busy day at work and I was working like a mad women. I was of course exhausted because I'm pretty sure that G is cutting a tooth and the whole sleeping thing is non existent.
Around 11 my phone rang it was daycare. My first thought was this cannot be good he probably spiked a fever. The conversation went like this

Daycare: "Katlin?"
Me: "yes"
Daycare: " You need to come get Grayson we are pretty sure he has Hand, Foot, and Mouth."
Me:" Um, OK why do you think he has that?"
Daycare: "He has a red spot on his bottom lip and his mouth inside is covered in sores"
Me: " Let me call my doctor and I will call you back"

I got off the phone and being the sleep deprived momma that I am started crying instantly. I called my doctor they got me into the first available appointment at 3:15. I called Michael and he was 2 hours away on a delivery. All I kept thinking was G has hand, foot, and mouth. HAND, FOOT ,and MOUTH!!!! How did this happen??? I could not leave work I was in the middle of processing paychecks, and if I leave no one gets paid. So I called my dad who is amazing and he went and picked up G.

I rushed and finished my payroll and left at 2:00 to go and get Grayson and take him back up to the doctors. Michael met us there he got out at 3:00 just in time. The doctor came in and took one look at him and said he absolutely does NOT have hand, foot, and mouth. The spot on his lip is from sucking, the 3 little white dots in his mouth could be from anything but probably from something too hot going in his mouth. He told us G is perfectly healthy baby and is showing no signs of HFM. Thank GOD!!!

I was livid when I left the doctors. Here I had left work early, had to pay a hefty co-pay, and my dad had to get G out of daycare early. Plus on top of that the words kept ringing in my head. "something too hot going in his mouth"  WTF when did that happen. We NEVER give Grayson anything heated up. His bottles are made with room temperature water, and even his veggies we feed him are room temp. All I kept thinking was they must be putting his bottle in the bottle warmer at daycare.

I drove over there with my note from the doctor that Grayson could be at daycare because he did NOT have hand, foot, and mouth. I guess God had my back that day because the director had left early and if she had been there I'm sure I would have lost my sh*t on her because I was seeing red.

It comes down to this. G did not have HFM, but he did have heat blisters. My baby is sensitive, so while other babies can handle warm bottles he cannot. The situation was blown way out of proportion and cost us money with me having to leave work and the doctor's fee. I was so sick over him being sick that I was a mess the rest of the day.

I trust our daycare 100% I just think that it could have been handled a little bit differently. And I'm beyond happy that he is OK and that his fussiness is from teething. I hope that I do not have to go to the doctors again for a long time unless its for a well visit.