What I would die without

Being a first time mom I have taken advise from lots of other mom's in my life. I like to think I'm a pretty laid back mommy (only on the outside!!!) But there are a few things that I would D-I-E without!!!

1. Fisherprice Jumperoo
Baby G loves this thing. It gives us at least half an hour to run around and get things done or eat dinner. It's is reasonably priced plus I got a steal on it at BJ's a few weeks ago!!!

2.Aden and Anis security blanket
I love that they are breathable because my baby has to sleep clutching something in his kingkondmegadeathgrip. It makes me feel better.

3.Enfamil A.R. formula

Having a reflux baby is not always easy between the spitting up and the crying when they are flat on their back, but this formula has been a life saver! And bonus not anymore expensive than the regular enfamil.

4.Kitchenaid coffee pot
Ok this one is to help be snap out of my zombie walk in the mornings!! Plus it matched my mixer and food processor. But not my kitchen....hmmmmm I think it's time to repaint!

5.Chicco Vinyl Polly High Chair

Baby Gray is l-o-v-i-n-g this! OK so are we. It is super easy to clean annnnnnnnnnd it has wheels!!! So we may or may not have pushed him around to calm him down during one of his fussy periods.... he loves sitting in it and hangs out in there while we cook dinner or shower. The outter gray tray comes off to clean it in a snap and it even converts into a chair!!!

This thing lives in his mouth enough said.

I'm not being paid by anyone to list these things I'm just listing  them so I don't forget when baby number 2 comes. Because well lets face it there really is such a thing as mom brain.