5 Months

Again time stop going so fast......

Dear Grayson,

Baby boy I think I love you more everyday. You have the best smile and laugh!! You are laughing up a storm. You and I get into laughing fits together that leave me in tears. I love how you are our little shadow. You go everywhere with us. You are 5 months old but wearing 9 month clothing. You have the chunkiest thighs and arm rolls for days but those cheeks are what really melt my heart.

We had a couple doctors visits this month and have gotten your acid reflux under control. Fingers crossed you grow out of it. You started veggies this month and while you shudder at the first few bites you always open your mouth for more. You get cereal twice a day and 6 ounces 4 times a day with veggies and fruit( just started yesterday) around dinner time. You sleep on your tummy now and we have started sleep training. Your doing pretty good but are still up for an hour anywhere between 10 and 12. We are working through it. It's ok we get it your stubborn, but you come by that honestly.

You love to snuggle and Daddy and I never object. You tell the best stories and will talk forever. You recently started chewing at random times and we just think it's the cutest thing. You roll over all the time and chew on your feet. Sitting up and crawling are on the horizon and to be honest we can't wait. Your little personality forms more everyday and you are just a happy fun baby. Your smile melts my heart. You and Daddy still do everything together and you smile from ear to ear when he walks in the door. You hold his hand when he feeds you your bottle. You are loved baby boy, and you have the most amazing family who can't get enough of you. You went camping for the first time this month and you did great.

I'm so proud and happy to be your momma. I can't wait to see the little person you become.