Random, Random and more Random

Tonight is the first night of volleyball that I have to play without my hubby. He got tickets to sit in a suite at the ZZ Top concert and is going with my dad. I will miss him but he will have a blast and it's a once in a lifetime chance.

Tomorrow I have a dinner with my mom,sister, baby G and my mom's best friend from high school Aunt Lisa. I have not seen her in years and this is the first time she will meet baby G. I can't wait.

That will be two nights in a row that  Michael and I will be apart and I will miss him.

Thursday is our anniversary which will spent at home with a pizza.

Grayson has 7 yes you read that right 7 totes of "future" clothes. Meaning clothes that range from 18 months to size 5. I'm beyond grateful for this because that is less we have to spend on clothes. My cousin had a boy and she gave 5 huge garbage bins full of clothes. I went through them all and have them organized now by size.

Work today is difficult I would like to be home with my boys thank you very much.

I need to take more pictures with my real camera. I bought a good one a Cannon and I use it sometimes but it is easier to iphone it up.

I love when people see my baby and smile. I don't know why it warms my heart.

Riley and Grayson now interact. Well by interact I mean Grayson pulls his fur and Riley just lays there. Love them together.

Grayson rolls his way around. I mean this kid legit is getting to the phase where he does not like to be held. We put him on his play mat and in a matter of 2 seconds he is rolling all over the rug.

Because of the previous statement I want to get the foam interlocking mat. Michael says he does not need it because we have a rug. Add this debate to the puppy one! It's a dead lock people.

I know it's only Tuesday but I'm hoping for a relaxing weekend because our week is looking up to be a busy one.