Weekend re-cap

When I left work on Friday I was shouting TGIF!!! To say that I was ready for my weekend was an understatement....

We had leftovers for dinner and just relaxed. My sister came to visit for a little bit when she got out of work and it was just a nice relaxing night to end a busy week.

Saturday G and I got up and met my mom for round 2 of blueberry picking. We freeze them so we have blueberries all year round. I know have 2 gallon size freezer bags full of blueberries. My hubby is ecstatic. Then we went and met my sister at a cute little shop in the town she lives in. I got some pretty good deals. I bought a huge wicker basket that in any other place on the planet would have been over $20.00 I got it for $6.99. It is perfect to put our blankets in in the living room!!! I was beyond excited and snatched it right up. I didn't go too crazy because they are having a big craft show August 24th and it will be fall over load!!! I can't wait!

Saturday night we relaxed as a family and started to sleep train baby G. He cried it out for 30 min and then I just could not handle it. I went in and held him for about 15 min and he slept straight though until 2:00!!! Then a quick flip back over to his back and a paci and he was back out until 6:00 this is progress people but I'm still not good on the crying thing but it did work so we will see.

Sunday was my day to really hustle and clean well my sister called wanted to take Grayson to a picnic she was attending so she came and grabbed him for a few hours. I folded laundry and went and organized Gray's room a little bit and I started to put away the rest of our stuff from camping. I got most of it done but then it hit me like a ton of bricks...my lack of sleep. So for the last half an hour I laid on the couch and ate bon bons gold fish crackers. When G came home we fed him and put him down for a quick nap. (part of sleep training no sleeping after 4) So he slept from 3:15 until 4:10 (OK sue me over 10 min) We gave him his veggies around 5 then we ate dinner and showered and got ready to head to my brothers for cake for my dad. It was so great to see everyone because we just all love each other so much. The cousins get excited to see each other. And we always have a few brews and just chit chat. My Dad's birthday is not until the 20th put we did it on Sunday because my brother and sister-in-law and her whole family leave for the OBX on Friday. And my dad has knee surgery the day before.

Grayson ate his cereal and went to sleep there and stayed sleeping up until 2 this morning at which point my butt just brought him into our bed. What is it they say 2 steps forward 3 back?? Oh well I'm surviving. That's all I'm trying to do. Get thorough what I think is him cutting it first teeth and still be able to function. I know all the no-No's but I'm doing what works for us. We will get him to sleeping through the night, he is just stubborn like his parent. Everything on his own terms and for now we are all healthy and happy so that's what matters.

Our week is full as usual although a little less than last week. I'm look forward to soaking up as many lazy summer nights with my boys as I can because we are almost halfway through August and fall is sneaking in.