NOT a weekend re-cap

This is not a weekend re-cap because I only did a few things this weekend. The main one was start the good ol' potty training.

It's exhausting. And annoying, and exhausting some more. We will get there and I'm not pushing too hard but let me just say this was my view most of the weekend and I only had to clean up one accident so I'm calling it a win.

He also got a random fever and a rash and snuggled with me for a good hour on the couch and I soaked that up (he was in a diaper because it was right after nap so there was not chance to get peed on)

Also just so this isn't a total lame post I made ham and cheese sliders. I found it on pinterest and adapted it to our family.

Here is goes. If you look at the original recipe it calls for the dinner roll size my store was out of them and to be honest the mini sub rolls work way better if your serving for dinner. Plus they are pre cut (in half) so that saved a step

Okay so here it is cut the rolls in half but DO NOT seperate the rolls. This is important!

Pile on your ham and cheese. I used my favorite deli ham and then shredded Colby jack cheese. Load it up. I made these 2 nights in a row and the second night I put more on and it was way better.
As a note I omitted the poppy seeds because I watch Seinfeld and I just can't. haha.
Next mix up the brown sugar(3 tsp), butter(5 tbsp), mustard(1 tbsp), worchester sauce(a few shakes about 1 tsp), garlic powder(1 tsp), and a pinch of salt. I linked to the original recipe about if you want her exact measurements I changed a few things. Anyway put that all in a pot until blended. Then put the rolls back together and pour your sauce over it.

Cover it with tin foil. Back for 15 mins @350. Then uncover and cook for another 5-8 mins. I let it sit for a few mins and then served them with chips for dinner! They were wonderful and delicious and I made them 2 nights in a row. Yum.

My goal has been to make one new thing a week and so far so good. These are going in rotation because they are great for leftovers the next day for lunch too.

Now I'm going to finish up work and then it's grocery shopping for me!


Friday Favorites

Love that it's Friday

Love that its Friday and we have a beautiful weekend ahead of us!

Linking up with Andrea today!

These PJ's. When we first got married (and even before I was married really) I used to wear cute PJ's to bed and then I started to wear not so cute PJ's to bed so I ordered some new ones and OMG girls get these now. So so soft so so comfy and under $20.00! Plus they have pockets!

 Apt. 9® Pajamas: Printed Tank & Shorts Pajama Set - Women's

While your shopping at Kohls throw some of these picture frames in your cart! Just for fun! I love that they are easy to change out and have a distressed look! Plus they can sit on a shelf or be hung on the wall. Love!

Fetco Home Decor Slats Clip Back 4'' x 6'' Frame

We have been swimming like crazy and that equals all the things that go with swimming like a million towels and swim suits. My bathroom was a mess. I usually never wash my swim suits I just rinse them out and hang dry they last a lot longer doing it that way and so I had things hanging every where! So I ordered this drying rack from amazon and it was worth every penny. I love that it folds up when no in use and it has a ton of room! I get it out dry what I need too and then fold it up and put it in my closet!

This was me on Tuesday when I found out I got to have 30 whole minuets alone at home! Michael took Grayson so his haircut and I got to be home alone and I chose to sit and watch TV and not worry about anything!

I posted this picture in my weekend re-cap and realized I need to share about this hat. It is amazing and cheap! I love the distressed look and camo is a neutral so it goes with everything!

Happy Friday!!!


Bullet points kind of

I had a totally different post planned for this morning.

One where I talked about the emotionally draining morning I had with Grayson yesterday and about how hard motherhood can be.

And then I got up today and I got dressed and I looked over at the sleeping boy in my bed. 

*sigh* I love him so much my heart hurts and that morning we had yesterday is wiped away.

So here are some random things......

-I went and saw my niece play in her honors band concert last night. Serious proud Aunt moment right there!

-I dream about pina coladas. Like hard core. They are delicious. And made with fruit so good for me? I know that's stretching it but I love them!

-Grayson is so smart. Every parent says this but he carries on conversations with me and when he got bit at school he told me who it was and that the teacher thought it was another little girl (who is the known biter) and that she went to time out not who really  bit him.

-Michael and I are making huge changes to the house, which include moving out some furniture, bringing in some new stuff and a bathroom spruce up!

-I have one plan this weekend and that is to clean out my laundry room. It makes me itch when I go in there it is so disorganized and so that is all I want to get done

-I feel God so much more now and I think that is because I'm putting in the work. I'm praying with purpose and writing out my thoughts to God. Plus having church  outside I don't know there is just something about being in nature and worshiping that moves me.

-My Grandma turns 90 in October and so we have some fun things in the works for her as a surprise! I'm all about planning a party and am so excited to see it come together. Simple but cute that is the look I'm going for.

-Thursday night in our house is going to be all about laundry and our monthly budget!

Happy Thursday!


We had a great weekend

We had a great weekend and Monday hit me hard this was my desk at 2:00.

I never drink soda but I needed caffeine and could not leave work for a Timmy's run so I hit the vending machine.

Friday was just a nice relaxing night at home. I knew the next day that I had a fun "yes" day planned for Grayson and so we just took it easy. We had a minor meltdown because we took away a football that he took a huge bite out of (it was one of those nerf ones) and so he lost his mind. Then we had a conversation with Mike Wizowski in the bath tub.

It was early to bed for all of us.

Saturday Grayson and I slept in until 7:15!!! In out house that is huge! So we took it slow and headed out to the park. We got there at 8:30 and had the whole place to ourselves. He ran around, told me he was a big boy and that I could go sit on the bench and then proceeded to call me to him every 5 seconds to "hewp me up to dat big fing up der" lol boys.

We left there around 9:15 and headed to Kohl's to make some returns and pick up a few things. My child did not want to get in a kart. At all. So I decided to be a yes mom and let him push a kart. That lasted for all of .25 seconds and then he wanted to ride in the kart. So I put him in it. The basket part that is and it is a weird shaped kart and you couldn't see him in there. Some lady thought I was talking to myself until he popped his head up. Then we were getting ready to leave and well I had too much stuff to fit in the kart and he wanted to be carried so I was trying to juggle it all and stuff started to fall in the middle of the parking lot. The sweetest lady stopped and pushed my kart to my car helped me unload it and took the kart back in the store for me. God likes to show us that people are good and he is good all the time.

We had to run to the store for some chips and dip for dinner and Grayson wanted a minion cupcake and so I said yes and told him he could eat it after lunch. Then he wanted a fruit smoothie for lunch so we swung through the drive through and grabbed one for him.

He wanted to eat lunch on his stool and watch bubble guppies so I let him while I put away the stuff from the store. He ate half his cupcake and then went down for a nap. Saturday night was family movie night and relaxing.

Sunday was church, swimming at Chris and Tracy's, nap and then dinner at GiGi and Papa's house. Michael and I ended Sunday like we always do with ice cream.

I have to say that having a yes day with Grayson on Saturday was so nice and less stressful and really made me see how much I can make that little mans day by saying yes to simple things like letting him carry the things to set the table one at a time. Sure it takes longer but man he was so proud of the dinner table he set. I got this whole idea from Andrea and it is a game changer.

Happy Tuesday!