NOT a weekend re-cap

This is not a weekend re-cap because I only did a few things this weekend. The main one was start the good ol' potty training.

It's exhausting. And annoying, and exhausting some more. We will get there and I'm not pushing too hard but let me just say this was my view most of the weekend and I only had to clean up one accident so I'm calling it a win.

He also got a random fever and a rash and snuggled with me for a good hour on the couch and I soaked that up (he was in a diaper because it was right after nap so there was not chance to get peed on)

Also just so this isn't a total lame post I made ham and cheese sliders. I found it on pinterest and adapted it to our family.

Here is goes. If you look at the original recipe it calls for the dinner roll size my store was out of them and to be honest the mini sub rolls work way better if your serving for dinner. Plus they are pre cut (in half) so that saved a step

Okay so here it is cut the rolls in half but DO NOT seperate the rolls. This is important!

Pile on your ham and cheese. I used my favorite deli ham and then shredded Colby jack cheese. Load it up. I made these 2 nights in a row and the second night I put more on and it was way better.
As a note I omitted the poppy seeds because I watch Seinfeld and I just can't. haha.
Next mix up the brown sugar(3 tsp), butter(5 tbsp), mustard(1 tbsp), worchester sauce(a few shakes about 1 tsp), garlic powder(1 tsp), and a pinch of salt. I linked to the original recipe about if you want her exact measurements I changed a few things. Anyway put that all in a pot until blended. Then put the rolls back together and pour your sauce over it.

Cover it with tin foil. Back for 15 mins @350. Then uncover and cook for another 5-8 mins. I let it sit for a few mins and then served them with chips for dinner! They were wonderful and delicious and I made them 2 nights in a row. Yum.

My goal has been to make one new thing a week and so far so good. These are going in rotation because they are great for leftovers the next day for lunch too.

Now I'm going to finish up work and then it's grocery shopping for me!