Bullet points kind of

I had a totally different post planned for this morning.

One where I talked about the emotionally draining morning I had with Grayson yesterday and about how hard motherhood can be.

And then I got up today and I got dressed and I looked over at the sleeping boy in my bed. 

*sigh* I love him so much my heart hurts and that morning we had yesterday is wiped away.

So here are some random things......

-I went and saw my niece play in her honors band concert last night. Serious proud Aunt moment right there!

-I dream about pina coladas. Like hard core. They are delicious. And made with fruit so good for me? I know that's stretching it but I love them!

-Grayson is so smart. Every parent says this but he carries on conversations with me and when he got bit at school he told me who it was and that the teacher thought it was another little girl (who is the known biter) and that she went to time out not who really  bit him.

-Michael and I are making huge changes to the house, which include moving out some furniture, bringing in some new stuff and a bathroom spruce up!

-I have one plan this weekend and that is to clean out my laundry room. It makes me itch when I go in there it is so disorganized and so that is all I want to get done

-I feel God so much more now and I think that is because I'm putting in the work. I'm praying with purpose and writing out my thoughts to God. Plus having church  outside I don't know there is just something about being in nature and worshiping that moves me.

-My Grandma turns 90 in October and so we have some fun things in the works for her as a surprise! I'm all about planning a party and am so excited to see it come together. Simple but cute that is the look I'm going for.

-Thursday night in our house is going to be all about laundry and our monthly budget!

Happy Thursday!