This that and an update....

I did it I survived my first day of work. It went good.  I only called Michael 32165464 3 times to check on my babies. Not that I don't trust him, just that well for the last 9 ish weeks I have been with them everyday, all day and I missed them. 

So yesterday I signed up for the gym. You could do it on-line and then just had to stop in to get your access key so I signed up Michael and I for the gym and then went after work to pick up our keys. I ran to the grocery store after and got dinner. I got home later than I wanted and the night felt so rushed. But I'm proud to say that I already made it to the gym this morning for my first workout. I decided that on Monday's and Tuesday's I will go before work since they open at 5 and it is 2 seconds from work I really only have to wake up 20 mins earlier and then I get to go home right after work and be with my family, beacuse when I leave at 5:30 in the morning they are all sleeping. Now on Wednesday-Friday it will be after work because I have to take Grayson so school and wait for my mom to come to the house for the twins. But I'm commited to 4 days a week for sure if not 5 just depends on our Friday plans.

Okay so update on our 3 nuggets...

Grayson is just amazing at being a big brother. He loves his babies so hard and he will argue with you until the cows come home that they are in fact his babies and not yours. Love it. However he has a hard time with listening the first time we tell him to do something or ask him something and so we are working on it and spending some significant time in time out lately, but there has been an improvement so we are thankful for that. Plus his eating is getting worse. He will not try any new food (even though we always offer it) and has started to not want to eat is normal things he used to. It's a work in progress and we are just kind of trying anything to get him to eat more than granola bars and cheez its. He is all about Star Wars and being outside. I had to drag him in the other day because it was getting too hot out ( 94!) and he was starting to get rosy cheeks. He took a good nap that day! His nicknames right now are Grapes, Grapeson, Gracer the racer, Grapers, and Grace.

Marshall is still battling a little big of a stuffy nose but we can get him suctioned out pretty good. He is still having gas problems and we have tried new bottles and now our next step will be changing formulas. We go to the doctor on the 5th and we will try and figure out our next move them. We started loosly following Babywise and it has extened their sleep out pretty good. They are now giving me a solid 5-6 hours of sleep a night most nights and napping pretty good throughout the day. The witching hours is between 5-7 which is our craziest time of night because babies have the best timing. They usually always lose their minds the second we take Grayson in for a shower/bath, go figure. Marshall is my jumpy baby as in he jumps when a loud noise startles him and wakes up. He will also be sleeping so sound and then his arms and legs will shoot up and he goes into a straight scream poor thing, I always just figure he was having the falling dream. All those things make him not the best sleeper for naps but at night he does pretty good. He loves to hold his head up and look all around, he's nosy like his big brother. His nicknames as of right now are Marsh, Marshy Moo, Marshkal, Marshall man ( sang to the tune of do you know the muffin man) Marshy Marsh Marsh. (and now we sound crazy ha!)

Charlotte she is my sleeper. She sleeps really good although would prefer to be held. She is not the best eater but the doctor is not concerned. She will eat 4 ounces one feeding, 1 ounce the next, then 2 ounces then back to 4. She is still gaining weight so we just figure she will eat when she is hungry. We do offer a bottle every 3 hours during the day, so even if she is asleep we try to wake her up and feed her. She loves to lay on the activity mat and is not a huge fan of the swing. I love dressing her up in all the girl clothes and she does not seem to mind bows on her head which is good. She is my little red head and I kind of love it. Her nicknames are Sissy, Sis, CC, Char Char, Charlips, and Charlippers. (Okay we are crazy)

Overall we are just surviving. I always say to Michael we are like a swimmer. We look good on the surface  but we are treading water like crazy just trying to stay afloat underneath. I know how fast this goes so I'm trying to soak it all in. But sometimes the lack of sleep/screaming baby makes it hard. One day we might just figure this family of 5 thing out.


First day back

I'm back at work. After being off for 3 1/2 months I came into the office to work.

It was crazy and felt like I was starting an new job.

I'm missing my babies hard right now. My husband is freaking out just a little bit becuse this is his first time home alone with all 3 kids. He will be fine. Besides I had a nice long talk with Grayson about how he needs to be a big helper and good listner for Daddy while Mommy is gone at work all day.

I have normally been grocery shopping on Monday's becaue I was off and Grayson and I would pack up and head out around 9 and get all of our errands done for the day. So I went to pack my lunch this morning and we have no food. So I'm doing a light run after work today and then switching my grocery shopping day to Friday's after I get Grayson from school so that we can have some one on one time together.

I'm going on my lunch to sign up for the gym that is right down the road from my work. They have an awesome 30 min full body circut and so I'm going to be doing that after work everyday and then I can still be home/get Grayson at a decent time. Working out at home just does not work right now because someone always needs me. That is life with twins.

Anyway I'm going to settle back in to the office but I will have an update on all my babies tomorrow and how we are doing sleep wise in our house.

Happy Monday!


Trusting my Mommy Gut....

Grayson was a fairly healthy baby. We did have a few colds that he needed to go the doctor's for but we always kept them under control, other than getting pink eye every cold season we have been blessed. One cold I remember taking him to the doctors office thinking that to me he was struggling to breath. The doctor assured me (after oxygn monitoring) that he was breathing fine and that a sure sign of labored breathing was the stomach sucking in around the ribs. Well that stuck with me.

Jump forward 2.5 years and Marshall has gotten the stuffy nose that his big brother brought home from daycare. What a joy having a 7 week old struggling to breath. I was giving him a bath last Monday night when I saw the sucking in around the ribs. Panick set in as I watched him breath heavy and the sucking continue. Thank goodness for Facetime because I Facetimed my Mom right away and she agreed with me. That was a cause for concern.

I got him out of the tub and in in his jammies and waited to see if his breathing slowed down at all and nope it stayed the same. I called our doctor, they got back to me with in minutes (it was after hours of course!) and she said to either go to the children's hospital (over an hour drive) or head to the pediatric urgent care. After discussing it with Michael we chose the urgent care and got him all packed up while my parents drove over to stay with Charlotte and Grayson.

Let me take a sidenote and say Grayson is amazing. It was bathtime when this all happened and so he still needed a bath, thankfully he agreed to a quick shower because once I explained to him that Marshall was having a hard time breathing because he couldn't blow his nose like him, he was more than happy to jump in the shower at super cat speed (PJ Masks anyone?) so that he could hold his brother and make him feel better. He was even good when we left before putting him to bed and gave us big kisses and told Marshall to "feel better fast Marshy Moo Moo" on our way out the door. Plus so thankful for my parents dropping everything and staying with our other 2 babies. We would be so lost without them.

Anyway we went through the drive thru for some iced coffee because we had been up some 16 odd hours at this point, on only a few hours of broken up sleep and didn't know how long the night would be and headed to the Urgent care. We were amazed from the second we walked in.

I signed in Marshall and before I could sit down they called me up to register him. I told them our concern was his breathing and that he was just shy of 8 weeks old and that he had been a preemie. She smiled at me and asked me to hold on for one second and she got up and went in the back. The next thing I know a NP is tapping me on the shoulder and asking me to un button Marshall's sleeper right there in the waiting room. She said his lungs were clear but that he was for sure laboring to breath and they wanted a oxygen monitor on him ASAP so she brought one out hooked it up to his toe and I finished registering him. Once I signed all the paper work they took us right back to get his temp and weight (which 11 pounds chunky monkey) and then took us back to a "crib room" as they called it.

Guys, Michael and I looked at eachother and said "can we stay the night here?" It had a full bed in it a TV with cable, noise machine and a crib. It was amazing.

Anyway Marshall's oxygen levels were good always saying between 94 and 100 (they said below 90 was cause for concern) but his heart rate would go up every once and a while and they said that was because he was so stuffed up and using every muscle he had to breath from his mouth since babies and primarly nose breathers he was struggling. So they decided to suck his nose out with the big machine.

The nurse came in and said I will just take him back since most parents cry and have a hard time with this. Michael and I both looked at eachother and said "We won't cry we are going with him" So they take us back to this big room with all these machines and I laid my sweet baby on the table. They basically have an electric machine and use a small catheder to suck his nose out that way they can go deep in and get it all out.

He screemed like I have never heard before, but the amount of stuff that they got out of his nose, they said was tripple what they normally get out of a newborn. He was blocked up so bad on his one nostrill that they had a hard time even getting the catheder up there but they finally broke through and got him all cleaned up. Plus I'm proud to report neither once of us cried. I think that speaks to being a second time parent and knowing that they are doing what they have to to help my baby. The staff was amazing and so kind and we will for be going back there if we ever have something happen after hours (hopefully it never does but kids have that timing of waiting unitl the doctors office is closed ha!)

He was breathing so much better after they sucked him out and fell right to sleep.

They told us a few times it was good that we brought him in because he did need to be cleaned out and we stopped him from swollowing all that mucus and getting even sicker. I used to try and avoid what my gut was telling me because a few times I was made to feel I was over reaccting however now I know that it's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to my kids and their health.



Twins are no joke

And while I like to think most days I have my ish together I finally broke......my body broke that is. The broken up sleep going on over 3 months because at the end of my pregnancy I never got more than 3 hours at a time finally kicked in and last week I lost it.

I had such a bad migraine that I had to abandon my husband on the last night feeding and go sleep in a quiet room alone for 5 hours straight and it was heaven until I woke up with my throat almost swollen shut and my nose stuffed.

Needless to say I'm not much help on the baby front and my sweet Michael had to call into work last Wednesday and stay home with me so I could rest. I'm feeling better I just have a nagging cough now and nose that is stuffed one second and then draining the next.

We have been going through a fussy phase with the babies and it's hard to get too much done during the day. We tried changing their formula and that made them constipated so back to the old formula and now they are back on track.

They had their one month check ups back at the end of May (mom fail that I didn't do a month update oops) They have gained so much weight. Marshall was 6 pounds 9 ounces and birth and at 5 weeks he weighed 9 pounds 10 ounces and was 21.5 inches long. Miss Charlotte was 6 pounds 12 ounces at birth and at 5 weeks she was 9 pounds 5 ounces and 22 inces long. My boy is a little chunker and his sister is long and lanky.

My sister gets married in August and so we are starting to get into the crazy wedding time where is showers and crafts and invitations oh my!

We had a small scare with my sweet little Marshall last night. All is good and I'm working on a post about it because it really speaks to following your mommy gut.

Grayson is still amazing with the babies and has adjusted really well for the most part. We did go through a "no" phase but we nipped that right in the butt and have moved on from it pretty fast.

I go back to work in less than 2 weeks and I'm pretty sure I will be able to blog a little more regularly.

Happy Tuesday