First day back

I'm back at work. After being off for 3 1/2 months I came into the office to work.

It was crazy and felt like I was starting an new job.

I'm missing my babies hard right now. My husband is freaking out just a little bit becuse this is his first time home alone with all 3 kids. He will be fine. Besides I had a nice long talk with Grayson about how he needs to be a big helper and good listner for Daddy while Mommy is gone at work all day.

I have normally been grocery shopping on Monday's becaue I was off and Grayson and I would pack up and head out around 9 and get all of our errands done for the day. So I went to pack my lunch this morning and we have no food. So I'm doing a light run after work today and then switching my grocery shopping day to Friday's after I get Grayson from school so that we can have some one on one time together.

I'm going on my lunch to sign up for the gym that is right down the road from my work. They have an awesome 30 min full body circut and so I'm going to be doing that after work everyday and then I can still be home/get Grayson at a decent time. Working out at home just does not work right now because someone always needs me. That is life with twins.

Anyway I'm going to settle back in to the office but I will have an update on all my babies tomorrow and how we are doing sleep wise in our house.

Happy Monday!