Life Lately

We survived the big 2nd birthday party and by survived I mean it turned out awesome and it was one of our best parties to date! It is such a surreal experience to see all these people show up for your baby. He is so loved and that makes me so happy.

Now that the party is over my focus can shift to some other things coming up like our 4 wheeling trip. We are going for just the weekend to Tug Hill for the Snirt run (Snirt= snow and dirt). We are going with a 7 other people most of which are couples and we spend Friday night and Saturday night and then come home on Sunday. I'm excited to ride with Michael we always have such a great time plus I got a new seat for the back of the wheeler so it should be super comfy now! We ride all day on Saturday and since I couldn't get off work we are getting there around 8:30 on Friday night. I hate leaving Grayson but I know Michael and I need some time. The 3 hour drive up by ourselves will be nice to just chat and catch up. I need to get a couple things for the trip including some rain boots. I need something I can hose off when they are covered in mud but that are still semi warm in case it is cold. Plus I need a new cute baseball hat to wear at stops because we all know helmet hair is a mess!

My other obsession lately? Switching around my living room and dining room. The dining room is the biggest room in the house and right off the kitchen. The living room is on the smaller side and the farthest from the kitchen so when I'm cooking I'm isolated from the family and our kitchen is way to small to have everyone in there together. So now I'm thinking that I may just flip flop the two and have more space to play and be closer together when we are making dinner. My one hang up my coffee!

I know it sounds strange but right now I have a coffee station with my beloved Keurig on the buffet in our dining room. I need this to be in the living room now (if we switch the rooms) and so I'm on the hunt for the perfect coffee bar to put in the living room. Pinterest has been working over time for me and I think Michael is going to be able to build be something! Here are a few of my ideas of what I want it to look like. I really want doors so that I can keep all of our glassware in there and away from grabby hands (*cough* Grayson *cough*)
This is the one I want my hubby to build finers crossed it happens soon!
I love the idea of putting a lamp next to the coffee bar!
This one I think I could do easily find an old dresser and paint it but the drawers make me nervous. But I love the look.

I'm itching for warm weather and so is Grayson everyday when we get home he asks to "go pay on my swide Mommy!" and I have to say no because it's still only 28 out and our yard is half snow half swamp from all the melted snow. Hurry up warm weather we  miss you!
I will leave you with this nugget's picture of him playing with his "pitty neckwaces" He was yelling for me this morning say "Mommy takea my pitcher with my pitty neckwaces on!"


Expanding our family

This is a huge subject in our house right now.

Expanding our family.

I go back and forth honestly.

There are days when Grayson is an angel and everything flows and he eats a good dinner and sleeps well and I'm all this is everything lets get knocked up again.

Then there are other days. He hates being held or eating or having his diaper changed and he fights sleep or gets a bad report at school and I'm all I can't do this again. 
I see the lady at day care drop off with two kids and getting them both out of the car and thinking how in the h e double hockey sticks am I going to do that? Alone?

I loved, loved, loved being pregnant. I was a house but I loved it. I know I will have a c-section again and with a planned c-section comes a little more security and takes out the what if (for the most part). I loved feeling the baby and counting down the days and all the food. 

I'm more confident as a mother I know to trust my gut and go with the flow and that kids are pretty amazing. They thrive on schedules and that moments of sweet baby sleeping on you are fleeting

I know in my heart that I'm meant to have two babies. My husband has always said that he is fine with having just one #onlychild. There are times when we are in the troughs of a melt down and he will look at me and say "I don't know if I can do this again" I probably role my eyes and take over whatever the situation is.

I get it the sleepless nights are hard. The crying and them not being able to tell you what is wrong is so so hard. The feeling that you just need a moment to pee alone wears on a person.

But the newborn snuggles are amazing. The smell of a baby is awesome. Not finding out the gender and hearing your husband say "It's a boy" are some of the best moments ever. Seeing that baby for the first time and knowing that your whole world has changed is beyond words.

I'm ready for that again. But I'm also scared

For Grayson

It would break my heart if he ever felt left out or less loved or second to a new baby. I'm a first born with a younger sister and I don't remember those feelings. Maybe I suppressed them but I honestly don't have  any of those feelings about a new baby coming into the family.

But what if he does. He is my baby, my first born, the reason I am Mama.
I don't want to be so pregnant and not be able to carry him to bed. I don't want to have to spend 3 nights away from him because I'm in the hospital. And oh em gee not being able to pick him up after the c-section will rip my heart apart.
But then I think he is resilient and loves other kids. He will be an awesome big brother, and I can't rob him of that.

For now we sit and wait and pray for the perfect timing. We talk about it probably more than we should. We want to be financially sound and have everything ready for a new baby. We have to be ready to spend even more time apart because with two kids we know it will become more of a divide and conquer thing.

However here is a twist for you. I know that if we cannot have a baby the good ol'fashioned way that I'm content having just Grayson. I know it's weird but I feel in my heart that if I was blessed with a second baby then I would be thrilled and happy but if not then I would also be thrilled and happy.

And by the way 2 is my number. I cannot do 3. We would be out numbered.

These are just my thoughts and our families experience. Everyone is different and that is what makes the world go round.

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Grayson's Birthday Party

This weekend was awesome!

Friday I stayed up and got some things moved around for the party. We cleaned out the living room closest and then hit the sack this busy week had finally caught up with me.

Saturday we were up early, headed to my brothers house and let the kids play for a while and then I took Libby girl with me. First stop was the store. We got all the last minute things for the party and then it was home for lunch. Once Grayson was down Libby and I made the party favor which was so simple.

Then it was cleaning time I got the bathroom deep cleaned and then Libby and I relaxed a little bit before Grayson woke up. Once he was awake she took him upstairs to play in his room. I kept the monitor on so I could hear them and they were so good together. I just worked along and Michael got the entry way all cleaned out from all the winter stuff that seems to accumulate back there.

We had Pizza Hut for dinner because I needed a stuffed crust in my life. Then Libby left to go to a play with GiGi and spend the night at her house.

On Sunday my Mom took Grayson and Libby to church so Michael and I could get the floors mopped and all the decorations cleaned up. We were all done by noon and the party didn't start until 3 and that my friends was the best thing ever. We got to shower, relax and not stress out over people showing up while I was still in the shower.

When Grayson got back to our house after church and nap he loved all the Mickey Mouse all over the house. Then the 3 kids were up stairs the rest of the night.

We had tons of food, the most amazing cake ,and my sweet Grayson was blessed with a ton of awesome gifts that we not just need warm weather for!

Everyone left pretty early and so I was able to get my house pretty much back in order.
Now here is where I failed I only took 3 pictures the whole weekend. I love you with the cake, Grayson and Libby and the 3 goofballs eating dinner.

Happy Monday!


~Friday Favorites~

It's Friday and I could not be more excited!

Linking up with Andrea today for some Friday Favorites!

It's party weekend! I can't wait to celebrate with family my nugget turning two!

We recently got a Super Walmart in the town that I work in ( I know! I live in the boonies so this is a big deal and we had a Walmart just not a Super one) anyway I started grocery shopping there because I like to save money anyway I can and they have this awesome thing called Savings Catcher. If you don't do it you should. All you have to do it enter your receipt # with in 7 days and then it searches other stores in your area for deals for 72 hours. If there is a lower price out there they give you the difference! I got .60 back this week. Trust me it will add up quick! My SIL already got back $25.00 in 2 months for doing nothing!

We had the best day yesterday celebrating Grayson's birthday. I love saving his real birthday for just us and my parents. It's nice and relaxed. We are "macncheese" for dinner and had "chocate cake" for dessert. My Sweet boy

I bought G this table for his birthday for multiple reasons 
#1 being safety because he loves to color and has been known to climb up and reach for things on our big table and I'm afraid he is going to kick the chair out from underneath him and fall 
#2 now the kids have a table to eat at when they are at my house for the party on Sunday
#3 It's Mickey Mouse which he loves and it fits our party theme
That my friends is a win, win, win. Plus it was the first thing he talked about when he woke up!

Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Capers Activity Table Set

This picture of me and my boy
I love him so so so much


Happy Birthday Grayson

Dear Grayson Baby,

Today you turn TWO!

It feels like yesterday that they handed you to me for the first time

That I saw your Daddy change into the wonderful Father he is today

That you first looked in my eyes and I felt my whole heart change and grow

My wish for you is that you keep that sweet spirit you have about you.

That you still think Mommy is the best thing ever and you always hug and kiss me.

That Daddy is your best friend forever

That you know how loved and supported you are always. 

That you never lose that wrinkly nose smile you have because it's amazing baby boy.

That you always remember that you share a birthday with a very amazing lady who was taken too soon and you never to got to meet but I know you know her. After all she held you right before they gave you to me.

I love you Grayson Michael Smith
The day you came into my life you changed me for the better forever. 


Busy Busy Busy

This week is a busy one! We have something to do every night this week and it's insane. I have lists coming out my ears just so I don't forget anything.

This weekend was a pretty relaxed one. 
We frosted cookies on Saturday with Grayson's "tousins, no fwends,no beeeeest fwends" (that is what he says every time we talk about Libby and B) It was 20 cents a cookie to frost your own and we jumped on that. My child is so me and after he frosted one cookie he got to just eating it straight and skipping the cookie.

We got home and took a nap and then headed to a St. Patricks day party. We brought Grayson and he ate a million cookies and anything chocolate. Plus he loved up on Jaxson.

Sunday it was Church and deep clean more of the house because the party is this coming weekend! Grayson was a real help with dumping out his toy box and going through toys. I found the most random collection of things in the bottom of that toy box. Kids are weird. 

Today we have family pictures and as of right now I have NOT received my Old Navy order. Friday I ran to The Bon Ton and grabbed another option so that in case it does not come in I'm covered. I called and spoke with someone because I paid for 2 day shipping on Monday and so they refunded my shipping fee! Super pleased with the customer service!

Tomorrow is G's 2 year check up and St.Patricks day. I must get around all our green outfits tonight!

Wednesday I will be making a cake and cupcakes for G's birthday. The cupcakes he will take to school and the cake is for that night with my Mom and Dad. 

Thursday is his birthday and I'm sure I will cry because where does the time go?!?!?

Friday is the only night we don't have somewhere to be but it will be crunch time on getting things ready.

Saturday I'm getting Libby and getting decorations and last minute running around done (beer, ice, cake the essentials)

Sunday is the PARTY!!!! 

Here is to getting through the week with minimal breakdowns!


Family pictures

What did we do before Pinterest?

We have family pictures coming up. I like to do them right around G's birthday that way I get a true "year" picture of him. So March is always our family pictures.Which kind of stinks for outdoor pictures but our photographer is amazing so I never worry!
They are next Monday and oh my word I'm behind the ball I have no outfits picked out!

So I jumped on Pinterest to find some inspiration and decided I wanted a blue and white/nude thing going on. Grayson looks awesome in blue my honey has blue eyes and so blue it was.

I love a little boy in a polo. Plus this one from Target had me at under $10.00. #kidsgrowtofasttospendatonofmoney.
Toddler Boys Polo Shirt - Heather Blue 6
Side note: I had a small breakdown as I packed away all the 18 month clothing yesterday. Why is he growing? 2 is slaying me. For real.

I grabbed Michael this gingham shirt from Old Navy they had 30% off everything and so it was a good price too.

I picked out this shirt and I'm anxious to get it in the mail because I'm unsure of the fit but I loved the pattern and just a hint of blue. Plus I bought these nude flats because I needed a good spring shoe to work into pictures!
 Old Navy
Old Navy

I'm unsure yet what I will have Grayson wear in his solo pictures. I have a few outfits pulled at home but I haven't decided yet. My Mom is coming over this weekend to put her vote in. I try and only do one outfit change for him and only a top because it's hard to wrestle a greased pig.

Here are a few Pinterest poses I want to try and this year I'm getting a picture of just me and Michael.

I love this pose
Have you ever tried hosting a photo shoot for your friends or family?  Taking photos of people can give you a great excuse to spend quality time with your loved ones!
But I can't squat down that long so we will see.

And this one with me and my boy!
I need this picture! Before he gets too big and won't kiss me :)

Plus I want something simple like this of me and Michael
Photography: Heather Hawkins - www.heatherhawkinsphoto.com  Read More: http://www.stylemepretty.com/2014/11/06/fall-engagement-session-in-manhattan/

And this one of my boys! Grayson is really into running to Michael now I just think this would be so cute!
Favorite father son picture

 And just for fun here are few from last year!


The big 2

In 8 days my fat boy will be 2 and I'm struggling.

Silly. Maybe. But so real for me.

I love everything about him right now. But then I miss those snuggles and that baby smell and the tiny clothes. I miss the no talking back and the simplicity of feeding a new born (hello! they only eat one thing!).

The one that made me Mama is growing up in the blink of an eye. He talks to me in sentences and he is as smart as a whip. He's got a sense of humor that has me laughing until I cry most days. He is as stubborn as the day is long and he holds his ground too. However he gets that from me so it's a pretty long battle of wills. I win 90% of the time but then there are days when I'm just tired and give in.

He prefers Mama over anyone now and it makes my heart so full of love. However Daddy is the playmate and they wrestle and run and play "tuitar" (guitar). He copies everything that Daddy does and says "yook at me I wike my Daddy" and I melt into a puddle right there.

He is a lover. He will come up and say "Hi MY Mommy" and hug and kiss my leg, which leg hugs and kisses are the best of the best. He likes to be our helper. He adores doing laundry and dishes and he loves to "baccum". He has the memory of an elephant and if you tell him that he is going to do something he will ask you until you do it. He also will bring up things he did weeks ago and tell you that he loved it. The other day we were Face timing (love technology) my Dad and he said "Papa you get baccum and suck it up dem buggies, okay? I come hep you too Papa" A month ago when he was at my parents and he helped my Dad suck up some dead bugs in the basement and he still talks about it.

He has an opinion on what clothes he wears and what shows he watches. I give him choices of two outfits and he picks which one he wants to wear. His favorite color his camouflage or as he says "camaflage" and he can identify it too.

He blows his own nose and when he needs help I always tell him to look at me so the other day he came up to me with a tissue and sad "yook at me mommy k now bow your nose, yike dis" and then he he blew his nose. Too smart I tell ya.

Sometimes I use some four letter words I shouldn't and so I have been correcting myself and using other non offensive words. The other night when we had C&T over for dinner he almost spilled a glass of wine and I said "oh balls don't knock that over" and what does my son do? He yells "BALLLLLSSS" and we all laughed because only Grayson. But wait it gets better once we stopped laughing he looked right at Tracy and said "Tace I said BALLLSS" we died all over again. Hey it's better than the alternative. #imnotwinningparentoftheyear  #ohwell  #hesallmine

He knows our bedtime prayer and crosses is little hand every night while we say it. He also sings the end of Jesus loves me. He gets really loud when he yells "Da Bible tells me soooooo" it's precious. Old McDonald Farm gets yelled multiple times a day at our house and we sing it and he yells out what animal is next 9 times out of 10 it is an owl or Riley.

These are the best day I know this and I cherish every second I have with him. I'm a proud Mama and I know next time I blink he will be driving. 


I heart Garth Brooks

This was an ahhhhhhhhhhhmazing weekend.

I got alone time with my main man and I got to see Garth Brooks!!!

Okay let me back up

Friday I got out of work grabbed dinner and my little guy from school and we were headed home for comfy clothes and hanging out. Oh yeah I also stopped and grabbed some ingredients to make a few desserts and ice cream sundae's YUM! Grayson looked pitiful after daycare and was refusing dinner so I took his temp 101. I tell you that kid can throw a fever anytime we have plans. He fell asleep on me for about an hour and then still went down to bed early he just was not himself.

Michael and I enjoyed some ice cream and Pulp Fiction on Friday before crashing at 9 because we are cool like that.

Saturday I had big plans to head to a few local shops and use up some gift cards and then it happened I woke up with a sinus headache and congestion. Grayson was stuffed up too but thankfully his fever was gone.

So I decided that a little bit of baking and staying our pj's until it was time to get ready was the best course of action. We made chocolate chip bars for my Uncle's art show and Mix and Match Mama's Banana Bread Brownies and oh my word are they delicious! I will say I think poured the frosting over a little too soon because it melted to the edges but still they were awesome!

Michael cleaned out G's room and we moved his train table to his bedroom and cleared out some of the other baby toys. We got ready and headed out to the storage unit on our way to dinner to drop off a load of baby toys and clothes. Then it was time for dinner and the show! My awesome sister stayed with G so we could have a date night.

We ate at a local Irish bar Sean Patricks and it was divine. I got chicken fingers and Michael got a burger we split loaded potato skins and took the left overs home with us.

We decided to park and ride the metro to the show which saved us so much time and hassle because downtown buffalo was insane!!!
We got to the arena in time to hear the opening act who is one of his back up singers and she was pretty good. Then we waited about half an hour for Garth to start and it did not disappoint. There were several times during the show that I got goosebumps big time. Shameless is one of my favorite songs he sings and it was so insane to hear him do it live. Then he sang Thunder Rolls and I had such insane goosebumps. He only did 3 new songs and him and Trisha did one duet. She sang a few songs and then he came back on. He sang Mama and I think everyone cried then he did Unanswered prayers and stop I died. I have been to a ton of concerts of all kinds. Paul McCartney was my first (Ringo Starr was my second lol my Dad is a big time Beatles fan!) and I have seen a ton but Garth hands down takes the cake as an entertainer and performer and I would see him again in a heartbeat! We even talked about going to the Sunday show just to see him again!
The whole thing was surreal. He played for just over 2 hours and then we booked it out of there. Since he did back to back shows it was insane trying to exit the arena. We made it on the first train and only had to stand for the first 2 stops and then we got a seat.
We got home around 10:30 and crashed.

I woke up Sunday at 6 (not too bad for losing an hour) and then was back in bed by 7 and slept for another 3 hours. Michael made me the best breakfast ever! It was our left over potato skins with an egg on top.

We spend the rest of the day sleeping off and on and snuggling.

It was such a great weekend that I got to spend with my boys!!