Life Lately

We survived the big 2nd birthday party and by survived I mean it turned out awesome and it was one of our best parties to date! It is such a surreal experience to see all these people show up for your baby. He is so loved and that makes me so happy.

Now that the party is over my focus can shift to some other things coming up like our 4 wheeling trip. We are going for just the weekend to Tug Hill for the Snirt run (Snirt= snow and dirt). We are going with a 7 other people most of which are couples and we spend Friday night and Saturday night and then come home on Sunday. I'm excited to ride with Michael we always have such a great time plus I got a new seat for the back of the wheeler so it should be super comfy now! We ride all day on Saturday and since I couldn't get off work we are getting there around 8:30 on Friday night. I hate leaving Grayson but I know Michael and I need some time. The 3 hour drive up by ourselves will be nice to just chat and catch up. I need to get a couple things for the trip including some rain boots. I need something I can hose off when they are covered in mud but that are still semi warm in case it is cold. Plus I need a new cute baseball hat to wear at stops because we all know helmet hair is a mess!

My other obsession lately? Switching around my living room and dining room. The dining room is the biggest room in the house and right off the kitchen. The living room is on the smaller side and the farthest from the kitchen so when I'm cooking I'm isolated from the family and our kitchen is way to small to have everyone in there together. So now I'm thinking that I may just flip flop the two and have more space to play and be closer together when we are making dinner. My one hang up my coffee!

I know it sounds strange but right now I have a coffee station with my beloved Keurig on the buffet in our dining room. I need this to be in the living room now (if we switch the rooms) and so I'm on the hunt for the perfect coffee bar to put in the living room. Pinterest has been working over time for me and I think Michael is going to be able to build be something! Here are a few of my ideas of what I want it to look like. I really want doors so that I can keep all of our glassware in there and away from grabby hands (*cough* Grayson *cough*)
This is the one I want my hubby to build finers crossed it happens soon!
I love the idea of putting a lamp next to the coffee bar!
This one I think I could do easily find an old dresser and paint it but the drawers make me nervous. But I love the look.

I'm itching for warm weather and so is Grayson everyday when we get home he asks to "go pay on my swide Mommy!" and I have to say no because it's still only 28 out and our yard is half snow half swamp from all the melted snow. Hurry up warm weather we  miss you!
I will leave you with this nugget's picture of him playing with his "pitty neckwaces" He was yelling for me this morning say "Mommy takea my pitcher with my pitty neckwaces on!"