I heart Garth Brooks

This was an ahhhhhhhhhhhmazing weekend.

I got alone time with my main man and I got to see Garth Brooks!!!

Okay let me back up

Friday I got out of work grabbed dinner and my little guy from school and we were headed home for comfy clothes and hanging out. Oh yeah I also stopped and grabbed some ingredients to make a few desserts and ice cream sundae's YUM! Grayson looked pitiful after daycare and was refusing dinner so I took his temp 101. I tell you that kid can throw a fever anytime we have plans. He fell asleep on me for about an hour and then still went down to bed early he just was not himself.

Michael and I enjoyed some ice cream and Pulp Fiction on Friday before crashing at 9 because we are cool like that.

Saturday I had big plans to head to a few local shops and use up some gift cards and then it happened I woke up with a sinus headache and congestion. Grayson was stuffed up too but thankfully his fever was gone.

So I decided that a little bit of baking and staying our pj's until it was time to get ready was the best course of action. We made chocolate chip bars for my Uncle's art show and Mix and Match Mama's Banana Bread Brownies and oh my word are they delicious! I will say I think poured the frosting over a little too soon because it melted to the edges but still they were awesome!

Michael cleaned out G's room and we moved his train table to his bedroom and cleared out some of the other baby toys. We got ready and headed out to the storage unit on our way to dinner to drop off a load of baby toys and clothes. Then it was time for dinner and the show! My awesome sister stayed with G so we could have a date night.

We ate at a local Irish bar Sean Patricks and it was divine. I got chicken fingers and Michael got a burger we split loaded potato skins and took the left overs home with us.

We decided to park and ride the metro to the show which saved us so much time and hassle because downtown buffalo was insane!!!
We got to the arena in time to hear the opening act who is one of his back up singers and she was pretty good. Then we waited about half an hour for Garth to start and it did not disappoint. There were several times during the show that I got goosebumps big time. Shameless is one of my favorite songs he sings and it was so insane to hear him do it live. Then he sang Thunder Rolls and I had such insane goosebumps. He only did 3 new songs and him and Trisha did one duet. She sang a few songs and then he came back on. He sang Mama and I think everyone cried then he did Unanswered prayers and stop I died. I have been to a ton of concerts of all kinds. Paul McCartney was my first (Ringo Starr was my second lol my Dad is a big time Beatles fan!) and I have seen a ton but Garth hands down takes the cake as an entertainer and performer and I would see him again in a heartbeat! We even talked about going to the Sunday show just to see him again!
The whole thing was surreal. He played for just over 2 hours and then we booked it out of there. Since he did back to back shows it was insane trying to exit the arena. We made it on the first train and only had to stand for the first 2 stops and then we got a seat.
We got home around 10:30 and crashed.

I woke up Sunday at 6 (not too bad for losing an hour) and then was back in bed by 7 and slept for another 3 hours. Michael made me the best breakfast ever! It was our left over potato skins with an egg on top.

We spend the rest of the day sleeping off and on and snuggling.

It was such a great weekend that I got to spend with my boys!!