Grayson's Birthday Party

This weekend was awesome!

Friday I stayed up and got some things moved around for the party. We cleaned out the living room closest and then hit the sack this busy week had finally caught up with me.

Saturday we were up early, headed to my brothers house and let the kids play for a while and then I took Libby girl with me. First stop was the store. We got all the last minute things for the party and then it was home for lunch. Once Grayson was down Libby and I made the party favor which was so simple.

Then it was cleaning time I got the bathroom deep cleaned and then Libby and I relaxed a little bit before Grayson woke up. Once he was awake she took him upstairs to play in his room. I kept the monitor on so I could hear them and they were so good together. I just worked along and Michael got the entry way all cleaned out from all the winter stuff that seems to accumulate back there.

We had Pizza Hut for dinner because I needed a stuffed crust in my life. Then Libby left to go to a play with GiGi and spend the night at her house.

On Sunday my Mom took Grayson and Libby to church so Michael and I could get the floors mopped and all the decorations cleaned up. We were all done by noon and the party didn't start until 3 and that my friends was the best thing ever. We got to shower, relax and not stress out over people showing up while I was still in the shower.

When Grayson got back to our house after church and nap he loved all the Mickey Mouse all over the house. Then the 3 kids were up stairs the rest of the night.

We had tons of food, the most amazing cake ,and my sweet Grayson was blessed with a ton of awesome gifts that we not just need warm weather for!

Everyone left pretty early and so I was able to get my house pretty much back in order.
Now here is where I failed I only took 3 pictures the whole weekend. I love you with the cake, Grayson and Libby and the 3 goofballs eating dinner.

Happy Monday!