The big 2

In 8 days my fat boy will be 2 and I'm struggling.

Silly. Maybe. But so real for me.

I love everything about him right now. But then I miss those snuggles and that baby smell and the tiny clothes. I miss the no talking back and the simplicity of feeding a new born (hello! they only eat one thing!).

The one that made me Mama is growing up in the blink of an eye. He talks to me in sentences and he is as smart as a whip. He's got a sense of humor that has me laughing until I cry most days. He is as stubborn as the day is long and he holds his ground too. However he gets that from me so it's a pretty long battle of wills. I win 90% of the time but then there are days when I'm just tired and give in.

He prefers Mama over anyone now and it makes my heart so full of love. However Daddy is the playmate and they wrestle and run and play "tuitar" (guitar). He copies everything that Daddy does and says "yook at me I wike my Daddy" and I melt into a puddle right there.

He is a lover. He will come up and say "Hi MY Mommy" and hug and kiss my leg, which leg hugs and kisses are the best of the best. He likes to be our helper. He adores doing laundry and dishes and he loves to "baccum". He has the memory of an elephant and if you tell him that he is going to do something he will ask you until you do it. He also will bring up things he did weeks ago and tell you that he loved it. The other day we were Face timing (love technology) my Dad and he said "Papa you get baccum and suck it up dem buggies, okay? I come hep you too Papa" A month ago when he was at my parents and he helped my Dad suck up some dead bugs in the basement and he still talks about it.

He has an opinion on what clothes he wears and what shows he watches. I give him choices of two outfits and he picks which one he wants to wear. His favorite color his camouflage or as he says "camaflage" and he can identify it too.

He blows his own nose and when he needs help I always tell him to look at me so the other day he came up to me with a tissue and sad "yook at me mommy k now bow your nose, yike dis" and then he he blew his nose. Too smart I tell ya.

Sometimes I use some four letter words I shouldn't and so I have been correcting myself and using other non offensive words. The other night when we had C&T over for dinner he almost spilled a glass of wine and I said "oh balls don't knock that over" and what does my son do? He yells "BALLLLLSSS" and we all laughed because only Grayson. But wait it gets better once we stopped laughing he looked right at Tracy and said "Tace I said BALLLSS" we died all over again. Hey it's better than the alternative. #imnotwinningparentoftheyear  #ohwell  #hesallmine

He knows our bedtime prayer and crosses is little hand every night while we say it. He also sings the end of Jesus loves me. He gets really loud when he yells "Da Bible tells me soooooo" it's precious. Old McDonald Farm gets yelled multiple times a day at our house and we sing it and he yells out what animal is next 9 times out of 10 it is an owl or Riley.

These are the best day I know this and I cherish every second I have with him. I'm a proud Mama and I know next time I blink he will be driving.