Busy Busy Busy

This week is a busy one! We have something to do every night this week and it's insane. I have lists coming out my ears just so I don't forget anything.

This weekend was a pretty relaxed one. 
We frosted cookies on Saturday with Grayson's "tousins, no fwends,no beeeeest fwends" (that is what he says every time we talk about Libby and B) It was 20 cents a cookie to frost your own and we jumped on that. My child is so me and after he frosted one cookie he got to just eating it straight and skipping the cookie.

We got home and took a nap and then headed to a St. Patricks day party. We brought Grayson and he ate a million cookies and anything chocolate. Plus he loved up on Jaxson.

Sunday it was Church and deep clean more of the house because the party is this coming weekend! Grayson was a real help with dumping out his toy box and going through toys. I found the most random collection of things in the bottom of that toy box. Kids are weird. 

Today we have family pictures and as of right now I have NOT received my Old Navy order. Friday I ran to The Bon Ton and grabbed another option so that in case it does not come in I'm covered. I called and spoke with someone because I paid for 2 day shipping on Monday and so they refunded my shipping fee! Super pleased with the customer service!

Tomorrow is G's 2 year check up and St.Patricks day. I must get around all our green outfits tonight!

Wednesday I will be making a cake and cupcakes for G's birthday. The cupcakes he will take to school and the cake is for that night with my Mom and Dad. 

Thursday is his birthday and I'm sure I will cry because where does the time go?!?!?

Friday is the only night we don't have somewhere to be but it will be crunch time on getting things ready.

Saturday I'm getting Libby and getting decorations and last minute running around done (beer, ice, cake the essentials)

Sunday is the PARTY!!!! 

Here is to getting through the week with minimal breakdowns!