~Friday Favorites~

It's Friday and I could not be more excited!

Linking up with Andrea today for some Friday Favorites!

It's party weekend! I can't wait to celebrate with family my nugget turning two!

We recently got a Super Walmart in the town that I work in ( I know! I live in the boonies so this is a big deal and we had a Walmart just not a Super one) anyway I started grocery shopping there because I like to save money anyway I can and they have this awesome thing called Savings Catcher. If you don't do it you should. All you have to do it enter your receipt # with in 7 days and then it searches other stores in your area for deals for 72 hours. If there is a lower price out there they give you the difference! I got .60 back this week. Trust me it will add up quick! My SIL already got back $25.00 in 2 months for doing nothing!

We had the best day yesterday celebrating Grayson's birthday. I love saving his real birthday for just us and my parents. It's nice and relaxed. We are "macncheese" for dinner and had "chocate cake" for dessert. My Sweet boy

I bought G this table for his birthday for multiple reasons 
#1 being safety because he loves to color and has been known to climb up and reach for things on our big table and I'm afraid he is going to kick the chair out from underneath him and fall 
#2 now the kids have a table to eat at when they are at my house for the party on Sunday
#3 It's Mickey Mouse which he loves and it fits our party theme
That my friends is a win, win, win. Plus it was the first thing he talked about when he woke up!

Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Capers Activity Table Set

This picture of me and my boy
I love him so so so much