My Weekend

Friday was such a cold day that it required a nice hot cheesy pizza and let me tell you it hit the spot.
Snuggle time!

Saturday we were up nice and early had breakfast and then headed out to take care of some errands. My mama tagged along because anytime Grayson is involved she is there. We ran to Jcpenny to pick up my online order (because to ship to my house was over $10.00!!! and to ship to the store was free) I got us all shirt to wear for Grayson's birthday party ( Post on Wednesday about that) my brain seems to work backwards because I pick a theme and then the first thing I do is pick out shirts for us all to wear. We were getting of the car and I said " Okay I will grab the stroller you grab the kid" My Mom said "We don't need the stroller" Grayson says " Yesh GiGi Ayson need soller" but we still went with out it.

So I headed to the back of the store to get my order and they headed to the kids section to look for clothes. I'm heading back that way and I hear my sweet boys voice "Mike!, Sully!, Jake!" there was an entire wall of Disney stuffed animals and G was running around having his mind being blown. I got Libby and B their Easter gifts ( I always buy them a shirt instead of candy)  and then we got G a TMNT shirt for $1.99 so for 3 shirts I paid $16.00 which was an awesome deal. While I was cashing out Grayson thought it was funny to run away from me. And when I would go to pick him up, dead weight. How do kids do that anyway? And I'm officially that Mom with the crazy kid. However he was laughing and everyone thought he was cute. But he tried to tell us that we needed the stroller. haha

My Mom scooped up a winter coat for G for next year and and out for each Libby and B and 2 shirts and pj's for G. Plus she bought him a special cup for his birthday party all for $50.00 we got some good deals!

Next stop was Target and it was G's first time having popcorn and he loved it, we also opted for a cart this time. Plus he loved handing people handfuls we got some weird looks when he was trying to give them popcorn. Such a sweet boy! We grabbed everything else needed for his birthday party (in less than a month!!!!) and I feel so good about it all.

We got home just in time for lunch and M&M's which I'm pretty sure is his love language and he went down for a nap. I put away all our goodies and then relaxed. Chasing him around the store was exhausting.
Someone loves M&M's

Sunday we got up and headed to church. Grayson has now developed a fear of the nursery and it's not just a clingy thing its a I'm scared thing. So I went tried to take him down yesterday (normally my mom does it) and I get it now. There are about 20 boys between the ages of 1 and 5 screaming their heads off and holy cow I would not want to be in there either. So he stayed in church with us which was good until mid sermon he yell "yook it mommy at da fans!!!" "okay mommy you color now in pink!" and my favorite "No paying (praying) right now I finking" Next time he will be staying with my Dad at home!
Without fail he falls asleep 5 mins away from Church!
Sweet boys takes church very seriously!

We came home had lunch and then he fought his nap like it was the only way into heaven. over an hour later he fell asleep and then I had to wake him up because I still need him to sleep at night.
Michael and I tackled the kitchen and I feel so much better. We cleaned out our food cupboards, the fridge, the freezer, and cleared off all the counter tops. I have a huge bag of food to take to the food pantry and some appliances to donate. I'm done holding on to things for the what if. If that happens I will buy a new one. It felt so good to purge and I had a smile on my face walking into a nice clean kitchen.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!