Family pictures

What did we do before Pinterest?

We have family pictures coming up. I like to do them right around G's birthday that way I get a true "year" picture of him. So March is always our family pictures.Which kind of stinks for outdoor pictures but our photographer is amazing so I never worry!
They are next Monday and oh my word I'm behind the ball I have no outfits picked out!

So I jumped on Pinterest to find some inspiration and decided I wanted a blue and white/nude thing going on. Grayson looks awesome in blue my honey has blue eyes and so blue it was.

I love a little boy in a polo. Plus this one from Target had me at under $10.00. #kidsgrowtofasttospendatonofmoney.
Toddler Boys Polo Shirt - Heather Blue 6
Side note: I had a small breakdown as I packed away all the 18 month clothing yesterday. Why is he growing? 2 is slaying me. For real.

I grabbed Michael this gingham shirt from Old Navy they had 30% off everything and so it was a good price too.

I picked out this shirt and I'm anxious to get it in the mail because I'm unsure of the fit but I loved the pattern and just a hint of blue. Plus I bought these nude flats because I needed a good spring shoe to work into pictures!
 Old Navy
Old Navy

I'm unsure yet what I will have Grayson wear in his solo pictures. I have a few outfits pulled at home but I haven't decided yet. My Mom is coming over this weekend to put her vote in. I try and only do one outfit change for him and only a top because it's hard to wrestle a greased pig.

Here are a few Pinterest poses I want to try and this year I'm getting a picture of just me and Michael.

I love this pose
Have you ever tried hosting a photo shoot for your friends or family?  Taking photos of people can give you a great excuse to spend quality time with your loved ones!
But I can't squat down that long so we will see.

And this one with me and my boy!
I need this picture! Before he gets too big and won't kiss me :)

Plus I want something simple like this of me and Michael
Photography: Heather Hawkins - www.heatherhawkinsphoto.com  Read More: http://www.stylemepretty.com/2014/11/06/fall-engagement-session-in-manhattan/

And this one of my boys! Grayson is really into running to Michael now I just think this would be so cute!
Favorite father son picture

 And just for fun here are few from last year!