An update weekend kind of thing

I have so much to update and talk about so I'm just going to jump right in.

The shower is over and I just got the pictures this morning so look for a full on update next week on what I did for decor and pictures of the venue it's amazing

My Mom had her surgery and is officially cancer free. I'm so happy and glad that it was caught and taken care of quickly.

We went on our annual blueberry picking trip and let me just say I know every year it is just going to get better. Grayson was such a good boy and ate blueberry's happily in his stroller.

This past weekend I was up to my eyeballs in final shower preparation so my mom offered to take Grayson overnight on Saturday night and it was just what I needed. I breezed through my final shower prep and went on a date with my husband. It was wonderful and amazing. And even though I had the chance to sleep in I was up at 6:45 (major mom moment there).

Our 5 year (!!!!!) anniversary trip is about 3 weeks away and I'm beyond excited. We only have a few things planned and the rest we are just going to wing it.

Grayson is spewing new words out all the time now. His latest is HOT! but they way he says it is so cute with a little lisp on the T I'm in love. He has a cute raspy voice and it melts me all the time. He is also super helpful around the house. He likes to throw out his own diaper (only the pee ones) and pick up his toys and but his shoes in his bin. He helps with laundry and while it takes me twice as long to fold it because he keeps handing me clothes I can tell he is so proud for helping.

I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that tomorrow is August 1st where did June and July go?

I have been getting more things done around the house now that G is able to wander more easily. With a gate on the stairs he can roam to downstairs which gives me time to get somethings done before starting dinner. I feel like I'm taking back my house and I love it.

On Sunday while I was hosting the shower my sister had G and my brother invited them to the local splash park. G loves being with his cousins. They also have a small part with 25 cent rides and they went on those a few times and played on the playground. He took a 3 hour nap that afternoon.


Grayson-16 Months

I have not officially done an update on my nugget love thunder thighs since 12 months and since he is 16 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I figured now was the time to jot some things down so that I don't forget.

As always his updates are in letter form to him so that one day (hahahah probably more like never day) I can print them out for him to have.

Dear Bubbie Lou,

Wow have you changed in four months!!!! I mean it feels like yesterday we were gearing up for your first birthday and now you are inching closer to being two than one. Time defiantly speeds up when you have a small baby.

You have mastered walking. You actually climbed first. You mastered those stairs in a day and the next day we had a gate waiting at our house to be installed. Now you know to wait for Momma or Daddy to go up the stairs. You walk everywhere and fast! I love seeing those little thunder thighs running around the house. It makes Momma's heart so so happy.

You had an awful bug bite get infected but you took it like a champ and in true Grayson form you got croup 4 days later. We chose to go the natural route and you beat it in a few days without any medicine. You are getting so tall and lean but still have fat thighs and a belly and I just love it.

You have officially moved up the Waddler room at daycare you seem to be doing so good there. I don't know if it because of daycare or not but your really good at independent play. We have a train table at home and you will put together your wooden trains and move them around for the longest time. Your other favorite game right now is bringing me every.single.toy. from your toy box. Your so proud that you got it and could carry it over to me and then you run back for another one.

Your eating? Well that is something that I have let go. You no longer eat baby food, but you don't eat a huge variety at home. Yes just a home. Because at daycare you eat everything they give you! Meatballs, hot dogs, waffles, eggs. At home you will eat pasta, peanut butter sandwiches, cereal, muffins, yogurt, fruit, pretzels, cookies, chips, ice cream, peas. I'm sure I'm forgetting a few things but it's pretty limited compared to the glowing reports we get from daycare about you being a rock star eater.

You are such a sweet boy too.You hug and kiss Mommy and Daddy all the time. You think it's funny to act shy when we ask for a kiss but you always give us one .25 seconds later. You love books and to have us read to you. We ready every book we have at least 3 times a day.

You have just started saying Mama and Dada and Papa. Your Gigi is a little miffed because you are the only grandchild that has said Papa first. It melts my heart when you stand at my legs and say Mama. I love it. The other day your Daddy walked in the room and you can up to him saying Dadadada. It made his day and mine that bond is just so amazing.

Your sleeping is touch and go. You sleep through the night for the most part but are always up at 5 we bring you in our bed at that time and you snuggle and fall back asleep. I love those few hours or minuets of sleep with you it's amazing to watch you sleep. You have master scowling which I think is hilarious and you laugh at when other people laugh.

You are strong willed baby boy. You know what you want and when you want it. I already see your independence starting and so I let you move at your own pace and try on your own. Your so smart and observant. We had to put the child lock on the stair gate because you figured out how to open it. You also reach for every door handle to try and get outside. Thankfully you can't reach them yet but I see more childproofing in our very near future.

You love to be outside it's your favorite. You have a tool bench, water table ,and golf set outside and you could play for hours out there. In fact many a nights there have been tantrums about coming in side. You love the pool but only if someone is holding you which I'm hoping you get over by next summer if not swim lessons here we come!

Bottom line my sweet boy we are crazy about you. Your little personality is shining through and it's amazing. I'm so proud to me your Mama and watch you grow and be able to kiss you a million times everyday.
I love you!
Love, Mama

More snack please!

Crazy hair don't care

Rocking out on his guitar

He stole the remote and thought it was hilarious

Sweet sleeping boy

Carrying around the tongue depressor from the doctors office

Already obsessed with part magazines I blame it on your father

Silly boy in his red blanket

Straw drinking like a boss

Baby burrito

Laying on Dada's lap while watching TV your favorite place to be

Walking into story time like a big boy

At story time with Daddy

You want some food?

Just being a goofy little boy!

This is your serious face you were serious about wearing only your diaper and shoes and standing on the couch.


Being a Yes Mom earlier than I tought

Andrea at Momfessionals wrote a whole post about being a Yes Mom. I read it and stored it in my memory bank and thinking about how I wouldn't be a Yes Mom for years because my baby is well still a baby ( shhhh I know he's a toddler but I'm in denial)

Anyway...........the other day we were hanging out at home and I let G wander where he wants on the first floor. We have a gate that stops him from getting up the stairs and so aside from getting in the garbage (which he did once and pulled out all his old diapers) he can do what he wants. I was picking up the bathroom when he came waddling out of the laundry room with my swiffer.

I have the basic one ya know green with silver handle? I use for the wet and dry swiffers on my floors almost daily. We have a dog and a crush and run driveway so just think of all the hair from my dog that sheds year round and the gray dust from our stone driveway that get dragged in on the daily. Every time I go to BJ's I buy the swiffer dry and wet in bulk!!!

He loved carrying that thing around. I was right in the middle of starting to mop my floors so I would need it soon, I attempted to take it from him and a def cong 5 melt down ensued. I decided to be a Yes Mom and let him swiffer his little heart out. I put a fresh dry swiffer on it and let him go to town. He pushed that thing around for a good half an hour. And when I went to change the swiffer he had gotten so much dog hair up and really made great progress on my floors that are a perpetual disaster.

He was happy. My floors got cleaned. And even though my initial thought was take it away from him and just get the cleaning done. I'm glad I let him have fun with it. Plus now? If he sees a broom or swiffer he grabs it and get to cleaning. I may or may not let him have it everyday to get up at least some of the crazy dog hair we have going on.

Being a Yes Mom that day made it so wonderful. And my floors clean.


Our weekend

Friday night is take out night so after I grab my nugget love from daycare we went and grabbed food. On a side note  they just started ice cream Friday's at G's daycare and I feel like it's a true parent moment. I get to send in ice cream money!!! It's the simple things that make me happy.  So we grabbed food and headed home to just spend some good old fashioned family time together. We worked outside for a little bit and tried to coral G. He likes to be wherever he shouldn't be, like my flower beds, or climbing the lawn mower. After getting him nice and tired out and giving him a bath I put the monster to bed and we got ice cream. Our new Friday night ritual is to get ice cream and watch Leah Remini's show it's all relative. I love it she is so effing funny. It just cracks me up.

Saturday- Grayson woke up and felt a little warm. I took his temp and it was 100. So after breakfast I gave him some Motrin and then I saw it. The ugly teeth poking through. Poor kid is getting another 4 teeth. He was super cuddly and drooling like it was the only way into heaven. My Mom stopped over for a bit and visited on her way for a pedicure.  He went down for a nap but after an hour he just wanted to be held so I laid in our bed with him and we slept for another hour and a half.  It rained the rest of the night so we were in the house and hanging out as a family. I did some laundry, Michael did dishes and then the boys went upstairs to play guitar, or the clubhouse as they call it. Grayson has always gone upstairs to play guitar with Michael since he was about 2 months old. I went up to spy on them and they are just so cute. Grayson is in his pack and play and just yells and sings the whole time Michael plays it really is the cutest thing.

Sunday- Was another dreary day at our house. Grayson was still running a small temp. But since he was still eating and drinking (almost more than normal) I knew it was just the teeth. When Michael got home I went upstairs to put away G's laundry and pack away some clothes I knew don't fit anymore. I had to rearrange his whole closest and then I counted his shorts and laughed. In the sizes 12-18 months my son has 57 pairs of shorts. Now let me just say that I have maybe bought him 5 of those 57 pairs. I don't know if I have mentioned it before but my cousin (who is like my older sister we have always been close) has an 8 year old son. She never had anymore kids and so she saved all the clothes and when G was a boy gave me 5-50 gallon trash cans of clothes ranging from 12 month to size 6. Then my wonderful sister-in-law has been giving me all of Boo's hand we downs. My kid for real has a ton of clothes. Once I got that all organized and text my mother to not buy him anymore shorts I went through the closet of toys. G got a ton of toys for Christmas and his birthday and so packed a bunch of them away. I pulled out a few puzzles on and he loved them. I think I'm slowly going to start packing away some of the smaller babyish toys and bring out new stuff.

Over all it was a great fun relaxing weekend. This week is a whirlwind. I have a dress fitting for the bride on Thursday, Food shopping for the shower on Friday and a party that night and Saturday is the final shower prep with the shower on Sunday.

Happy Monday!!!


I finally did it.

I ordered an Erin Condren planner.

With everything that has been going on lately and our life just getting more hectic things were starting to slip.

When I was at my previous job I had a planner and that was the best thing ever! I wrote down everything. I could look at the month / week ahead and know what was coming up.

Since that job and having Grayson well I have just become the hot mess express.

So yesterday after forgetting another thing (my husband having a hair cut he remembered I didn't and had already made plans oops) I ordered the simplified planner.

From the website it is beautiful. In my mind this will be my saving grace.

So there is this awesome feature where you can order the whole 2015 year and the remainder of this year. Hello awesome it costs $5.00 but so so worth it.

So now I have a planner for the rest of this year and next year which means I can plan until my little hearts content.

Now I'm a Cheapie McCheaperson and I went back and forth for a good 2 hours with this thing sitting in my cart trying to talk myself out of it. So I did the logical thing and made a pro con list and the pro's outweighed the con's.

This is the one I ordered.

I wanted one that was not super girly so that if Michael needed it then he would not be horrified to have it.

Obviously mine will have S's on it and say SMITH.
The amount of detail that this planner has just makes me happy. As soon as I get it I will start using it and give an update. 


I let it break me

I love to plan parties. It's one of my favorite things to do. And I admit that I always go way over board.

This bridal shower however is a first for me. I have to plan it with six other people.

Hi my name is Katlin and I have OCD.

The one semi-good thing is that most of the girls have been MIA. However that puts a lot of the planning and prepping on my shoulders.

Most of the time I can handle it all but this weekend I broke.

I lost my ever loving mind on my husband, who by the way did NOT deserve it but he is always in my direct line of fire.

I had a full day of shower errands to run. I went to the florist and had a number in my head and then when it was almost double I froze and just paid it. Ahhhhhhhhh about half an hour later when talking to my momma I realized I can't pay that! So now today I have to call and change my order. That thought alone makes my anxiety a 20. I ordered the rest of the desserts, and finished paying the room rental fee. I have about $300 extra dollars of my own money out there until people pay.Which was supposed be due on Friday and three people have not paid yet!!!!

After a weekend from hell with me being a bitch and my husband not understanding what he did (read: he did nothing) we had a long talk last night and the thing is I just get overwhelmed sometimes.

I do it to myself. And then I blame it on him. He is amazing and I'm thankful that he still loves me despite my crazy ass ways.

So the shower is 13 days away. That means I only have 12 days left (including today) to get everything done. I have a list, a time line and a plan. I also have bottles of wine to get me through it.



It's Friday and I'm more than ready for the weekend.

Somehow short weeks seem to take longer? Is it just me?

Anyway this weekend we have no plans!!! I'm hoping to finish up my crafts for the bridal shower that as of Sunday is 2 weeks away!

I'm only starting to sweat a little bit.

We booked this cute little coffee shop that has a back room that is attached to the outdoor patio it is really cute there. Well they just opened a bar there which is cool and offer packages for mimosa's and things like that. I called about the mimosa package it's $5.00 a person!! Keep in mind we have 40 people coming. Not one person has RSVP'd no and so I have to plan on every person drinking that is $200.00 just for drinks. So I then asked if just the champagne would be cheaper he said yes and gave me a quote for 7 bottles it was $27 a bottle and that comes to $189.00 um not that much cheaper buddy. Thanks but no thanks we will bring in our own. I sent him an e-mail stating that and I'm just hoping he doesn't tell me I have to buy through them now that they have a bar. Ugh!

We decided to to treats and sweets for the food. So we have a bunch of dips and appetizers and then a ton of desserts. It was just easier to do it that way because doing a full on lunch or meal was just too much and we are on a fixed budget. Which leads me to the day before the shower will be crazy. I'm taking half a day on Friday so that I can go food shopping. Then on Saturday I have to run around and pick up the rest of the desserts and flowers so I can make the center pieces. I'm doing as much of it myself so that I don't have to pay someone else to do it. So Saturday Grayson and I are going to talk to the florist and the dessert shop and get the final things ordered.

Somehow this turned into a shower post but oh well that is all I have been doing lately. But I'm going to try and put it aside and focus on time with my little family. 

Next week I hope to do a Grayson update and a house update because we really have gotten a ton done around the house.

Happy Friday and I hope everyone has a good weekend!


Wrap it up I will take it!

If I could wrap my perfect weekend up in a bow and keep it forever it was this weekend!

Thursday I got out of work early and ran to the grocery store to grab a few things that we needed for the weekend. Then I snatched up my sweet baby boy and we headed home. It was such a nice feeling knowing I had FOUR days off. I did some spray painting for the shower and got a few other crafts crossed off my list. Then it was an early night for us because the next day was busy busy busy.

We got up and roasted potatoes for our salad and then got ready to head out. We spent the whole day at my parents house. We walked down to the craft show and left just before the parade started. It was close to nap time and the have a million fire trucks which in my opinion are way too loud for my nuggets little ears so we skipped that whole situation. Plus I have been going to the celebration in my home town since I was 7. I marched in the parade for 7 years. And the parade once you have watched it once it's the same every year so no big loss there. The rest of the fourth was pretty relaxed, we hung out at my mom's, ate food, played with the kids and then headed home before fireworks started. Grayson is a sound sleeper so we knew we had to get him asleep before they started and we would be golden.

The next day we got up and met Marie to scope out the room for the bridal shower that is coming up in less than 20 days!!!! We made a plan drew a diagram and finalized some details. I could write a whole post on how awful this experience has been trying to plan it with 6 people involved.  Ahhhhhh!!! Anyway. After we met Marie we hung out at home and just did a little picking up and again more spray painting for the shower. I have big plans people!!!

Sunday my saint of a Mother called and asked to have Grayson for the day. Who am I do deny her time with her grandson. I emptied out my living room and scrubbed it from top to bottom and cleaned the area rug. Then I did the dishes and cleaned my kitchen. After that I grabbed a cold beer and jumped in the pool. It was so refreshing. After that I spray painted more! Then we got pizza for dinner and waited for our Bubbie Lou to come home. After he went to bed we got ice cream and relaxed for the rest of the night.

Monday we woke up and I was devastated. It was black out, pouring rain and thundering out. It looked like our zoo day wouldn't happen. Then around 9 am the clouds opened and it was sunny out. We rushed around got showers and packed up and were out the door by 10:15. We made it to the zoo and it was pretty much empty. We went and checked out the baby rhinos, and all the animals. Grayson had a blast and pointed at everything. It was such a wonderful day. Then we got home did a little laundry and headed to Chris and Tracy's for out night out. I love Monday's to just catch up with them and spend quality time. My mom came and stayed with Grayson at our house so we could have a mini date night.

Now today I'm back at work. Boo! My baby goes to his first story hour today with Daddy and I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little jealous that he get to go with him while I'm at work. But their bond is amazing and I'm glad that Grayson gets to go to things like that.
This week  is more bridal shower prep and closet organization!


July Goals

It's the first day of July and like any good blogger I'm going to list my goals.

Some are give-ins because they are just happening and others I will have to work at.

Here goes nothing-

1) Organize my bedroom

2) Go to a craft show

3) Family date to the Zoo!!

4) Organize laundry room

5) Set up G's swing set

6) Drop 5 pounds

7) Go on at least 2 bike rides a week

I wanted to throw in some fun things too instead of just work because I will for real get burnt out. I like lists. I like goals. My husband is normally a happy participant of my lists. I'm hoping July slows down a little bit because I blinked and June was gone.

What are your goals?