It's Friday and I'm more than ready for the weekend.

Somehow short weeks seem to take longer? Is it just me?

Anyway this weekend we have no plans!!! I'm hoping to finish up my crafts for the bridal shower that as of Sunday is 2 weeks away!

I'm only starting to sweat a little bit.

We booked this cute little coffee shop that has a back room that is attached to the outdoor patio it is really cute there. Well they just opened a bar there which is cool and offer packages for mimosa's and things like that. I called about the mimosa package it's $5.00 a person!! Keep in mind we have 40 people coming. Not one person has RSVP'd no and so I have to plan on every person drinking that is $200.00 just for drinks. So I then asked if just the champagne would be cheaper he said yes and gave me a quote for 7 bottles it was $27 a bottle and that comes to $189.00 um not that much cheaper buddy. Thanks but no thanks we will bring in our own. I sent him an e-mail stating that and I'm just hoping he doesn't tell me I have to buy through them now that they have a bar. Ugh!

We decided to to treats and sweets for the food. So we have a bunch of dips and appetizers and then a ton of desserts. It was just easier to do it that way because doing a full on lunch or meal was just too much and we are on a fixed budget. Which leads me to the day before the shower will be crazy. I'm taking half a day on Friday so that I can go food shopping. Then on Saturday I have to run around and pick up the rest of the desserts and flowers so I can make the center pieces. I'm doing as much of it myself so that I don't have to pay someone else to do it. So Saturday Grayson and I are going to talk to the florist and the dessert shop and get the final things ordered.

Somehow this turned into a shower post but oh well that is all I have been doing lately. But I'm going to try and put it aside and focus on time with my little family. 

Next week I hope to do a Grayson update and a house update because we really have gotten a ton done around the house.

Happy Friday and I hope everyone has a good weekend!