Wrap it up I will take it!

If I could wrap my perfect weekend up in a bow and keep it forever it was this weekend!

Thursday I got out of work early and ran to the grocery store to grab a few things that we needed for the weekend. Then I snatched up my sweet baby boy and we headed home. It was such a nice feeling knowing I had FOUR days off. I did some spray painting for the shower and got a few other crafts crossed off my list. Then it was an early night for us because the next day was busy busy busy.

We got up and roasted potatoes for our salad and then got ready to head out. We spent the whole day at my parents house. We walked down to the craft show and left just before the parade started. It was close to nap time and the have a million fire trucks which in my opinion are way too loud for my nuggets little ears so we skipped that whole situation. Plus I have been going to the celebration in my home town since I was 7. I marched in the parade for 7 years. And the parade once you have watched it once it's the same every year so no big loss there. The rest of the fourth was pretty relaxed, we hung out at my mom's, ate food, played with the kids and then headed home before fireworks started. Grayson is a sound sleeper so we knew we had to get him asleep before they started and we would be golden.

The next day we got up and met Marie to scope out the room for the bridal shower that is coming up in less than 20 days!!!! We made a plan drew a diagram and finalized some details. I could write a whole post on how awful this experience has been trying to plan it with 6 people involved.  Ahhhhhh!!! Anyway. After we met Marie we hung out at home and just did a little picking up and again more spray painting for the shower. I have big plans people!!!

Sunday my saint of a Mother called and asked to have Grayson for the day. Who am I do deny her time with her grandson. I emptied out my living room and scrubbed it from top to bottom and cleaned the area rug. Then I did the dishes and cleaned my kitchen. After that I grabbed a cold beer and jumped in the pool. It was so refreshing. After that I spray painted more! Then we got pizza for dinner and waited for our Bubbie Lou to come home. After he went to bed we got ice cream and relaxed for the rest of the night.

Monday we woke up and I was devastated. It was black out, pouring rain and thundering out. It looked like our zoo day wouldn't happen. Then around 9 am the clouds opened and it was sunny out. We rushed around got showers and packed up and were out the door by 10:15. We made it to the zoo and it was pretty much empty. We went and checked out the baby rhinos, and all the animals. Grayson had a blast and pointed at everything. It was such a wonderful day. Then we got home did a little laundry and headed to Chris and Tracy's for out night out. I love Monday's to just catch up with them and spend quality time. My mom came and stayed with Grayson at our house so we could have a mini date night.

Now today I'm back at work. Boo! My baby goes to his first story hour today with Daddy and I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little jealous that he get to go with him while I'm at work. But their bond is amazing and I'm glad that Grayson gets to go to things like that.
This week  is more bridal shower prep and closet organization!