Our weekend

Friday night is take out night so after I grab my nugget love from daycare we went and grabbed food. On a side note  they just started ice cream Friday's at G's daycare and I feel like it's a true parent moment. I get to send in ice cream money!!! It's the simple things that make me happy.  So we grabbed food and headed home to just spend some good old fashioned family time together. We worked outside for a little bit and tried to coral G. He likes to be wherever he shouldn't be, like my flower beds, or climbing the lawn mower. After getting him nice and tired out and giving him a bath I put the monster to bed and we got ice cream. Our new Friday night ritual is to get ice cream and watch Leah Remini's show it's all relative. I love it she is so effing funny. It just cracks me up.

Saturday- Grayson woke up and felt a little warm. I took his temp and it was 100. So after breakfast I gave him some Motrin and then I saw it. The ugly teeth poking through. Poor kid is getting another 4 teeth. He was super cuddly and drooling like it was the only way into heaven. My Mom stopped over for a bit and visited on her way for a pedicure.  He went down for a nap but after an hour he just wanted to be held so I laid in our bed with him and we slept for another hour and a half.  It rained the rest of the night so we were in the house and hanging out as a family. I did some laundry, Michael did dishes and then the boys went upstairs to play guitar, or the clubhouse as they call it. Grayson has always gone upstairs to play guitar with Michael since he was about 2 months old. I went up to spy on them and they are just so cute. Grayson is in his pack and play and just yells and sings the whole time Michael plays it really is the cutest thing.

Sunday- Was another dreary day at our house. Grayson was still running a small temp. But since he was still eating and drinking (almost more than normal) I knew it was just the teeth. When Michael got home I went upstairs to put away G's laundry and pack away some clothes I knew don't fit anymore. I had to rearrange his whole closest and then I counted his shorts and laughed. In the sizes 12-18 months my son has 57 pairs of shorts. Now let me just say that I have maybe bought him 5 of those 57 pairs. I don't know if I have mentioned it before but my cousin (who is like my older sister we have always been close) has an 8 year old son. She never had anymore kids and so she saved all the clothes and when G was a boy gave me 5-50 gallon trash cans of clothes ranging from 12 month to size 6. Then my wonderful sister-in-law has been giving me all of Boo's hand we downs. My kid for real has a ton of clothes. Once I got that all organized and text my mother to not buy him anymore shorts I went through the closet of toys. G got a ton of toys for Christmas and his birthday and so packed a bunch of them away. I pulled out a few puzzles on and he loved them. I think I'm slowly going to start packing away some of the smaller babyish toys and bring out new stuff.

Over all it was a great fun relaxing weekend. This week is a whirlwind. I have a dress fitting for the bride on Thursday, Food shopping for the shower on Friday and a party that night and Saturday is the final shower prep with the shower on Sunday.

Happy Monday!!!