Being a Yes Mom earlier than I tought

Andrea at Momfessionals wrote a whole post about being a Yes Mom. I read it and stored it in my memory bank and thinking about how I wouldn't be a Yes Mom for years because my baby is well still a baby ( shhhh I know he's a toddler but I'm in denial)

Anyway...........the other day we were hanging out at home and I let G wander where he wants on the first floor. We have a gate that stops him from getting up the stairs and so aside from getting in the garbage (which he did once and pulled out all his old diapers) he can do what he wants. I was picking up the bathroom when he came waddling out of the laundry room with my swiffer.

I have the basic one ya know green with silver handle? I use for the wet and dry swiffers on my floors almost daily. We have a dog and a crush and run driveway so just think of all the hair from my dog that sheds year round and the gray dust from our stone driveway that get dragged in on the daily. Every time I go to BJ's I buy the swiffer dry and wet in bulk!!!

He loved carrying that thing around. I was right in the middle of starting to mop my floors so I would need it soon, I attempted to take it from him and a def cong 5 melt down ensued. I decided to be a Yes Mom and let him swiffer his little heart out. I put a fresh dry swiffer on it and let him go to town. He pushed that thing around for a good half an hour. And when I went to change the swiffer he had gotten so much dog hair up and really made great progress on my floors that are a perpetual disaster.

He was happy. My floors got cleaned. And even though my initial thought was take it away from him and just get the cleaning done. I'm glad I let him have fun with it. Plus now? If he sees a broom or swiffer he grabs it and get to cleaning. I may or may not let him have it everyday to get up at least some of the crazy dog hair we have going on.

Being a Yes Mom that day made it so wonderful. And my floors clean.