Grayson-16 Months

I have not officially done an update on my nugget love thunder thighs since 12 months and since he is 16 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I figured now was the time to jot some things down so that I don't forget.

As always his updates are in letter form to him so that one day (hahahah probably more like never day) I can print them out for him to have.

Dear Bubbie Lou,

Wow have you changed in four months!!!! I mean it feels like yesterday we were gearing up for your first birthday and now you are inching closer to being two than one. Time defiantly speeds up when you have a small baby.

You have mastered walking. You actually climbed first. You mastered those stairs in a day and the next day we had a gate waiting at our house to be installed. Now you know to wait for Momma or Daddy to go up the stairs. You walk everywhere and fast! I love seeing those little thunder thighs running around the house. It makes Momma's heart so so happy.

You had an awful bug bite get infected but you took it like a champ and in true Grayson form you got croup 4 days later. We chose to go the natural route and you beat it in a few days without any medicine. You are getting so tall and lean but still have fat thighs and a belly and I just love it.

You have officially moved up the Waddler room at daycare you seem to be doing so good there. I don't know if it because of daycare or not but your really good at independent play. We have a train table at home and you will put together your wooden trains and move them around for the longest time. Your other favorite game right now is bringing me every.single.toy. from your toy box. Your so proud that you got it and could carry it over to me and then you run back for another one.

Your eating? Well that is something that I have let go. You no longer eat baby food, but you don't eat a huge variety at home. Yes just a home. Because at daycare you eat everything they give you! Meatballs, hot dogs, waffles, eggs. At home you will eat pasta, peanut butter sandwiches, cereal, muffins, yogurt, fruit, pretzels, cookies, chips, ice cream, peas. I'm sure I'm forgetting a few things but it's pretty limited compared to the glowing reports we get from daycare about you being a rock star eater.

You are such a sweet boy too.You hug and kiss Mommy and Daddy all the time. You think it's funny to act shy when we ask for a kiss but you always give us one .25 seconds later. You love books and to have us read to you. We ready every book we have at least 3 times a day.

You have just started saying Mama and Dada and Papa. Your Gigi is a little miffed because you are the only grandchild that has said Papa first. It melts my heart when you stand at my legs and say Mama. I love it. The other day your Daddy walked in the room and you can up to him saying Dadadada. It made his day and mine that bond is just so amazing.

Your sleeping is touch and go. You sleep through the night for the most part but are always up at 5 we bring you in our bed at that time and you snuggle and fall back asleep. I love those few hours or minuets of sleep with you it's amazing to watch you sleep. You have master scowling which I think is hilarious and you laugh at when other people laugh.

You are strong willed baby boy. You know what you want and when you want it. I already see your independence starting and so I let you move at your own pace and try on your own. Your so smart and observant. We had to put the child lock on the stair gate because you figured out how to open it. You also reach for every door handle to try and get outside. Thankfully you can't reach them yet but I see more childproofing in our very near future.

You love to be outside it's your favorite. You have a tool bench, water table ,and golf set outside and you could play for hours out there. In fact many a nights there have been tantrums about coming in side. You love the pool but only if someone is holding you which I'm hoping you get over by next summer if not swim lessons here we come!

Bottom line my sweet boy we are crazy about you. Your little personality is shining through and it's amazing. I'm so proud to me your Mama and watch you grow and be able to kiss you a million times everyday.
I love you!
Love, Mama

More snack please!

Crazy hair don't care

Rocking out on his guitar

He stole the remote and thought it was hilarious

Sweet sleeping boy

Carrying around the tongue depressor from the doctors office

Already obsessed with part magazines I blame it on your father

Silly boy in his red blanket

Straw drinking like a boss

Baby burrito

Laying on Dada's lap while watching TV your favorite place to be

Walking into story time like a big boy

At story time with Daddy

You want some food?

Just being a goofy little boy!

This is your serious face you were serious about wearing only your diaper and shoes and standing on the couch.