Okay so I feel like I'm lacking on the Grayson updates so here are just a few things that have been going on and then I will do a full Grayson letter at 20 months (which is closer than I care to admit)

-He has a sense of humor. I mean this kid cracks me up. He likes to be scared and then laughs until he can't breath. He is always silly dancing and smiling because he knows it's funny

-He is still stubborn as hell with food. I try most days to let it roll off my back but sometimes? It still gets to me. His list is growing a little bit like we added jelly to the peanut butter sandwich. One day it worked the next day not so much and so my child continues to be an enigma.

-He is talking up a storm. And his sweet little voice.....I die all the time. When I go into get him in the morning and am met with a MOMMMMMMMA!!!!! Melt my heart. He then proceeds to ask for "Liiiiiiiley"(riley our black lab) "Dada", "whowhowho"(his stuffed owl), "Ickeyyyyyyy Anket" (Mikey Blanket) "Puuuuumigin on pseees MAMA!" (which means pumpkin light on please momma) I'm just eating this stage up.

-If someone leaves the room he always looks at you and says "Go?" all while putting his hand up making the gesture. He is obsessed with Riley and if he leaves the room while G is eating is is a def kong 5 melt down

- He always calls an pumpkin an apple first then when you correct him he giggles says "puuumigin apple" It's cute and I love it and in his defense same shape and both have a stem

- He is getting glowing reports from daycare that he is such a good boy and this Momma is proud. Words that have been used to describe my sweet boy; Caring, Kind, Good Sharer, Patient, Sweet, Awesome listenting skills, Quiet. They do ask all the time if he talks at home. Which he does in 3-5 word sentances but at daycare still fairly silent. Until this week and now he talks like crazy for them! I'm so happy and they said he is very smart and will attempt any word they ask of him.

-We are mostly sussy (paci) free in our house. He gets it at bedtime and naptime and that is it. They follow this rule in the toddler room at shcool so it helps a ton. Now don't get me wrong there are some days that I have had to wake him up and he is just a mess and so I let him have it in the car but 90% of the time it's just at sleeping times.


My new obsession

I'm here to admit that I'm obsessed with Dave Ramsey.

I spend every night with him as sit up reading his book far past my bed time. I have done up a few budgets in the last 2 weeks and well I'm so excited for our future.

Have you ever listened to Dave? Or read is books? The way he tackles debt and our societies obsession with debt being the way we have to live fascinates me.

I have been MIA from blog land for several reasons but this one is huge.

We are gearing up to have our family be debt free besides our home by 2018. Now we don't plan to start our debt snowball until the beginning of next year because we have to tackle baby step #1 first.

Our debt is just something that is unacceptable at this point in our lives. We want to have another baby and remodel the house and have FUN! But with the way we are going those things seem impossible.

I mean 3 years is not that much time. Dave says on average it takes 18-28 months but we are going to take a little bit longer and that's OK. Or not because you see these are all just projections, and the faster you pay less interest yada yada.

Also I was always always always a new car kind of girl. Well not anymore. Once my Jeep is paid off it is used vehicles for this girl.

So what made me lose my mind and become obsessed? Well part of it was Erin from Love, Fun and Football. She had written openly and honestly about their debt and while I have been reading for quite sometime I always thought it wasn't for us. I had a million excuses, we have a baby, we have student loans, it's only 5 more years on that one loan why pay it off early. And then as we were in the troughs of this wedding and money was disappearing $5,$20 at a time and I saw our savings dipping more and more I panicked and decided to go back and read her entire debt story again.

Then I got on Dave Ramsey's website and I read a success story and holy cow they were just like us. That was it I knew we had to do this! I went home that day and dusted off my copy of Total Money Makeover and I read alllllll night.

So after hours of talking about it and really understanding what we have to do. Michael and I have taken the plunge into a Total Money Makeover. We have a budget and a plan and we know that we have to be accountable to each other which if your married is a huge piece to this puzzle.

Baby Step#1- Build an Emergency Fund of $1,000. We are hoping that this will be complete no later than December and then the first of the year we are onto

Baby Step#2- Debt snowball. I have listed all of our debt smallest to largest and we will start putting every extra dime we have on those loans and kiss them goodbye sooner rather than later.

Now I'm not an expert and I'm still just working my way through it for my personal situation.But if you want to chat about it I'm down because like I said I'm obsessed with getting out of debt!

Also not that this needs to be said but I'm not getting paid for this at all. Actually Dave Ramsey has no idea who I am but he will one day because I will be going and screaming WE ARE DEBT FREE!!!!!


I Disappeared

I disappeared. I didn't mean to but ya know what sometimes life happens.

The wedding is over (finally). It turned out beautiful. The bride stunning. The groom handsome and the wedding party super fun and crazy. (Whole post on that coming!)

We can now resume our normal life and talk about something other than the wedding.

Our next focus is out Total Money Makeover. If you don't know Dave Ramesy run on over and read everything on his website. I wrote a whole post on this and will be publishing it soon. I'm beyond excited.

Grayson is doing awesome. He is just growing and changing more every day. He talks like crazy and has such a sweet heart. Again a whole post coming soon on the little man that has my heart.

Also coming soon. A big challenge I'm facing. One that I'm praying about daily until I have some answers.

Fall is officially here and we have done a fair amount of fallish things. We still have a few more things to cross off like pumpkin carving and trick or treating and then it's all about Thanksgiving.

Okay now that you all still know I'm around have a wonderful rest of your Monday and I'm back!


Crazy weekend and Crazy week coming up

This weekend was nothing short of crazy. With it being wedding month I have a ton of things that need to get done so I decided this would be the weekend I started to cross it all off. 

Friday when I got out of work Michael and Grayson went with me to pick up my bridesmaid dress. It fit perfect so I didn't need any alterations! Then we headed across the street for a couple slices of pizza. Grayson was awesome and I love that it's getting easier to take him out for longer periods of time.

Saturday Grayson and I went and picked up cookies for a fundraiser on Sunday and then while he slept I got ready to go see the Long Island Medium. I went with my mom, sister and cousin and so we made it a girls night and went out to dinner first. I don't want to say too much about my experience at the Long Island Medium because it was super personal and I know that not everyone believes it. I will say this though the energy in the room was amazing. I did receive an awesome message and I left there feeling a sense of peace.

Sunday we had a walk to go to for RSD. My sister in laws niece has RSD and so she organized the whole thing. It was awesome. They had over 200 baskets in the basket raffle and when you paid to walk you got a hot dog, bag of chips, bottle of water and a cookie. They ended up raising almost $8,000. We got home just in time for nap and the football game and I stressed my way through the Bills game but we pulled it out and now are tied for first in our division! LET'S GO BUFFALO!!!!

This week is insane. Tonight I have to run a few errands to get the last minute things for the bachelorette party this weekend. Tomorrow is full of packing Grayson up for when he spends the weekend at my Mom's. Thursday we are celebrating Michael's birthday (it's really on Friday but we will be traveling/not together the whole day) then Friday the girls leave for the bachelorette party. We will be coming home on Sunday and it will be a day of relaxing and laundry. Oh yeah and Football!

Happy Tuesday!


Life Lately

We are finally adjusting back to a normal schedule.

Michael is back at work after having 5 days off and we are finding our groove again. Papa Joe is doing wonderful and goes back for his follow up appoinment on Monday so so blessed that he made it through and that he is doing everything he can to help his health.

Grayson is as talkative as ever and is starting to talk at daycare. We got a letter home yesterday that they will be having spirit week the week of Halloween and it ends on Halloween with a PJ party and snacks. It's another parent milestone buying a snack for his class and him getting to bring it in! When did he get so big?

Today I dropped him off at daycare and he walked right in his classroom and I said "Have a good day buddy" My sweet boy turned around and waved bye to me. Made my Momma heart happy.

The wedding festivities are getting closer and closer and I'm ready for them to be here and for the busiest month we have to be done.

The weather has been wonderful here but this weekend it looks like we are taking a turn for the worse with rain and 50's perfect staying home weather too bad we are jam packed!

I'm going to see The Long Island Medium on Saturday and I'm beyond excited. I don't expect to get read (but how cool would it be to hear from my Grandma or Grandpa!!!!) I just can't wait to be in a room with her energy.

I started an October Goals post but then realized that I have one free weekend to accomplish anything so I'm just going to list a few here in my mind it seems like less pressure.

1- Get Pumpkins and carve them!
2-Pick apples again and make a dessert
3-Clean off our "coat chair" and organize coat closet
4-Take a family picture with our pumpkins

Happy Thursday everyone!


Quality not Quantity

I struggle sometimes being a working mom and all.

I know I'm truly blessed with my hours of work (7-3:30) and the mentality that my boss has which is family comes first.

I was having a rough day thinking about the time I'm missing with Grayson when I read a comment on Andrea's blog. She had done a day in the life post and I don't usually read comments but that day I scrolled through and she had responded to a comment and that comment she made slapped me in the face and hard.

"It's hard. When I start feeling like that I often think about "what if I had a 9 -5 job". One where I left at 8 but wasn't home until after 6 and I didn't get school holidays off with my kids. I choose to work (hello, Private School tuition!) and so I choose to also make the most of the time I have with my kids when I get it. Quality, not quantity :) There have been days in the summer where I feel like I got less "quality time" with them than on some of my craziest school days. Praying for you today!!!"

And it was a true AH HA moment for me.

This blog world that we are a part of often shows the prettier side of things and that's okay but sometimes that can get to you.

I often think how do they do it all? I feel like I can barely keep my head above water most days and am lucky if I have time to workout and shower and spend time with my boys.

But that comment up there well it hit me. quality NOT quantity. G will remember that I took him with me to the store after school and he got to pick out a mini pumpkin. He will remember the time before bed that I snuggle him and we talk about our day and say our goodnight prayers. Those are the moments. And if I really sit down and think about it all the benefits he gets from being at daycare well he would get bored with me anyway.

All this to say it's the quality moments that we have with our children that matter. Having them help do dishes and fold laundry while it seems silly it makes them happy. I'm focusing on having the quality moments with my boy and being present in those wonderful moments.