Quality not Quantity

I struggle sometimes being a working mom and all.

I know I'm truly blessed with my hours of work (7-3:30) and the mentality that my boss has which is family comes first.

I was having a rough day thinking about the time I'm missing with Grayson when I read a comment on Andrea's blog. She had done a day in the life post and I don't usually read comments but that day I scrolled through and she had responded to a comment and that comment she made slapped me in the face and hard.

"It's hard. When I start feeling like that I often think about "what if I had a 9 -5 job". One where I left at 8 but wasn't home until after 6 and I didn't get school holidays off with my kids. I choose to work (hello, Private School tuition!) and so I choose to also make the most of the time I have with my kids when I get it. Quality, not quantity :) There have been days in the summer where I feel like I got less "quality time" with them than on some of my craziest school days. Praying for you today!!!"

And it was a true AH HA moment for me.

This blog world that we are a part of often shows the prettier side of things and that's okay but sometimes that can get to you.

I often think how do they do it all? I feel like I can barely keep my head above water most days and am lucky if I have time to workout and shower and spend time with my boys.

But that comment up there well it hit me. quality NOT quantity. G will remember that I took him with me to the store after school and he got to pick out a mini pumpkin. He will remember the time before bed that I snuggle him and we talk about our day and say our goodnight prayers. Those are the moments. And if I really sit down and think about it all the benefits he gets from being at daycare well he would get bored with me anyway.

All this to say it's the quality moments that we have with our children that matter. Having them help do dishes and fold laundry while it seems silly it makes them happy. I'm focusing on having the quality moments with my boy and being present in those wonderful moments.