Crazy weekend and Crazy week coming up

This weekend was nothing short of crazy. With it being wedding month I have a ton of things that need to get done so I decided this would be the weekend I started to cross it all off. 

Friday when I got out of work Michael and Grayson went with me to pick up my bridesmaid dress. It fit perfect so I didn't need any alterations! Then we headed across the street for a couple slices of pizza. Grayson was awesome and I love that it's getting easier to take him out for longer periods of time.

Saturday Grayson and I went and picked up cookies for a fundraiser on Sunday and then while he slept I got ready to go see the Long Island Medium. I went with my mom, sister and cousin and so we made it a girls night and went out to dinner first. I don't want to say too much about my experience at the Long Island Medium because it was super personal and I know that not everyone believes it. I will say this though the energy in the room was amazing. I did receive an awesome message and I left there feeling a sense of peace.

Sunday we had a walk to go to for RSD. My sister in laws niece has RSD and so she organized the whole thing. It was awesome. They had over 200 baskets in the basket raffle and when you paid to walk you got a hot dog, bag of chips, bottle of water and a cookie. They ended up raising almost $8,000. We got home just in time for nap and the football game and I stressed my way through the Bills game but we pulled it out and now are tied for first in our division! LET'S GO BUFFALO!!!!

This week is insane. Tonight I have to run a few errands to get the last minute things for the bachelorette party this weekend. Tomorrow is full of packing Grayson up for when he spends the weekend at my Mom's. Thursday we are celebrating Michael's birthday (it's really on Friday but we will be traveling/not together the whole day) then Friday the girls leave for the bachelorette party. We will be coming home on Sunday and it will be a day of relaxing and laundry. Oh yeah and Football!

Happy Tuesday!