Okay so I feel like I'm lacking on the Grayson updates so here are just a few things that have been going on and then I will do a full Grayson letter at 20 months (which is closer than I care to admit)

-He has a sense of humor. I mean this kid cracks me up. He likes to be scared and then laughs until he can't breath. He is always silly dancing and smiling because he knows it's funny

-He is still stubborn as hell with food. I try most days to let it roll off my back but sometimes? It still gets to me. His list is growing a little bit like we added jelly to the peanut butter sandwich. One day it worked the next day not so much and so my child continues to be an enigma.

-He is talking up a storm. And his sweet little voice.....I die all the time. When I go into get him in the morning and am met with a MOMMMMMMMA!!!!! Melt my heart. He then proceeds to ask for "Liiiiiiiley"(riley our black lab) "Dada", "whowhowho"(his stuffed owl), "Ickeyyyyyyy Anket" (Mikey Blanket) "Puuuuumigin on pseees MAMA!" (which means pumpkin light on please momma) I'm just eating this stage up.

-If someone leaves the room he always looks at you and says "Go?" all while putting his hand up making the gesture. He is obsessed with Riley and if he leaves the room while G is eating is is a def kong 5 melt down

- He always calls an pumpkin an apple first then when you correct him he giggles says "puuumigin apple" It's cute and I love it and in his defense same shape and both have a stem

- He is getting glowing reports from daycare that he is such a good boy and this Momma is proud. Words that have been used to describe my sweet boy; Caring, Kind, Good Sharer, Patient, Sweet, Awesome listenting skills, Quiet. They do ask all the time if he talks at home. Which he does in 3-5 word sentances but at daycare still fairly silent. Until this week and now he talks like crazy for them! I'm so happy and they said he is very smart and will attempt any word they ask of him.

-We are mostly sussy (paci) free in our house. He gets it at bedtime and naptime and that is it. They follow this rule in the toddler room at shcool so it helps a ton. Now don't get me wrong there are some days that I have had to wake him up and he is just a mess and so I let him have it in the car but 90% of the time it's just at sleeping times.