I Disappeared

I disappeared. I didn't mean to but ya know what sometimes life happens.

The wedding is over (finally). It turned out beautiful. The bride stunning. The groom handsome and the wedding party super fun and crazy. (Whole post on that coming!)

We can now resume our normal life and talk about something other than the wedding.

Our next focus is out Total Money Makeover. If you don't know Dave Ramesy run on over and read everything on his website. I wrote a whole post on this and will be publishing it soon. I'm beyond excited.

Grayson is doing awesome. He is just growing and changing more every day. He talks like crazy and has such a sweet heart. Again a whole post coming soon on the little man that has my heart.

Also coming soon. A big challenge I'm facing. One that I'm praying about daily until I have some answers.

Fall is officially here and we have done a fair amount of fallish things. We still have a few more things to cross off like pumpkin carving and trick or treating and then it's all about Thanksgiving.

Okay now that you all still know I'm around have a wonderful rest of your Monday and I'm back!