Leaving our fur baby

I have not talked about our original boy our black lab Riley. He is our fur baby and truly our first child. We got him a few months after we were married. He was actually born the day after we got married.

I remember when we went to pick him up there were only 2 puppies left and when they opened the door our Ry dog ran over to us so fast we fell in love instantly.

It was not always an easy road with him. We had some issues early on. He had severe separation anxiety and would pee and poo in his crate every. single. time we left. I would put him in lock the door and within 30 seconds he would have peed and be crying. So we took him out of the crate and he chewed a hole in the wall. So since it was spring time we got an outdoor kennel and left him out there when we had to go to work. Now he was never in there for more than 4 hours and we knew he could hold it because he did when we were home. Well he NEVER peed or pooped in his outdoor kennel. Crazy dog that he is. So when it became to hot out to leave him outside one day I tried the basement. And he has never gone to the bathroom in the house again when left alone. We just recently started leaving him in the house the whole house not just the basement and he is doing good but he needs the radio on. Boy can't stand the quite.

I think Riley knew I was pregnant before I did. He became very territorial and protective of me. He was always at my feet and never let me go in any room without him my whole pregnancy. When we brought home Grayson he was perfect and watches over him . It is the cutest thing and melts my heart. 

Now when we got camping this weekend we are not taking him with us. For a few reasons
1. There will be like 80-100 people there this weekend and he goes crazy for people which leads to
2. He would have to be on a leash all weekend Riley is never on a leash we have him well trained on his boundaries at our house
3. There will be other dogs and I honestly hate having Ry tied up that is not what he is used to and would not be fun for him or us.
4. We are sleeping in a camper that is filled to the max with people which = no room for Ry boy.

So we are taking him to our friends house who so graciously offered to watch him. They have 2 dogs and 3 cats and are true animal lovers. They have a dog Jackson who gets along so well with our Riley already. (we get them together for play dates.) I know he will be well taken care of and have fun but I still feel guilty leaving my fur baby.

So Thursday night we are dropping him off because they work during the day so we can't do it Friday. It will be 3 nights without him and it breaks my heart. He truly is a member of our family and I just love him to death. We will be there on Sunday afternoon to pick him up as soon as we can.


Update on Baby G

So on Monday my baby boy had his upper GI study.

My wonderful husband and my aunt took him.
Sidenote I was going to take off work because Momma has to be there and then they called and said that only ONE parent can go back when they do the test. So since I already have Friday off because we leave for camp we decided as a family it was better for me to work and Michael and my aunt (we call her Mema) to go.

So here is how it works in case anyone wants to know. When you get there baby has to have an empty stomach. So Michael got him up at 6:15 to eat because our appointment was at 10:30 and he had to have at least 4 hours of no eating. So then they give you some stuff to mix in his bottle. Grayson ate his bottle and then they take you back in a room. They strap him down at his chest, waist and legs, his arms are free. I will admit when my hubby called me to tell me what was going on I cried a little my sweet baby boy was being strapped down it broke my heart. But then Michael sent me a picture and well he was smiling and cooing so I'm the freak mom that looses her sh*t over nothing. Anyway then a machine moves around the table. Grayson did so good and actually fell asleep on the table in the last 10 minutes. The nurses there could not get over how good he was.....to say the least my husband was a proud daddy for sure.

Anywho they called us that very same night and told us that Grayson had severe acid reflux and that we needed to start him on baby Zantac. I'm hoping that this helps with the throwing up and the congestion. I mean don't even remember what it sounds like when he breaths normally. We start veggies soon and while I'm planning on making my own baby food, I'm going to buy some to try first just so that I don't have 958214 containers of squash and sweet potatoes and peas and my child for some reason cannot eat them. That would be my luck. So I know it's 2 posts in one day but I needed to write it all down.
I'm off to shop for our camping trip with my sister and then start tackling the 5 billion lists of things we need to travel with a bambino.

Marriage and a Baby

My husband and I were married just shy of 3 years when we found out we were pregnant with our rolly polly baby boy.
I remeber when we first got married and everyone used to say don't have kids right away, enjoy your time as a married couple. I admit I used to roll my eyes and say get real I will get preggo whenever I please thank you very much!
Then somethings happened. I had the strong urge to get my degree before I had babies because well who care why I just wanted to. I felt like it would be much more of a challenge with a bambino running around. So after much thought I went to school full time ( if we are getting technical 18 credit hours a sememster) for 2 years and got 2 associate degrees. My husband supported me and we made it through although not always easy.
I walked across that stage becuase lets face it, it's a right of passage and I knew I was ready to be a momma. I graduated in May, got my job in June and on July 17th (yep I know the date) I got the Yup Yup girl your cooking a bun in the oven positive pregnancy test.

Sorry that was a huge side note. Anywayyyyyyy

I loved and now cherish those 3 baby free years we had. Don't get me wrong I would not change having my Grayson for the world but we grew in those years. Those 3 years we laughed, we cried, we fought ( all married couples do and I'm ok with admitting it!) we made up, we blew money in an immature way, we drank to much, we slept in (yup that is looooong gone now), we lived in married bliss. Carefree married bliss.

Now that we have Grayson our marriage looks so different. I love Michael more because honeslty seeing him being a dad melt. my. heart. ( really I'm a puddle on the floor because I'm crying at the beauty of the father son relationship). But we also have less time one on one. Grayson rules the roost he is the TOP priority. Because when boy needs to eat he needs to eat. But I have learned one very important thing. Our marriage needs to come first.
I'm being completly honest here we had a 3 month learning curve. Just when we thought we had adjusted bam I went back to work so we had to re learn everything. Who does what, how to communicate better and I was such a big offender of this.Crying, yelling, the freeze out, I feel like I did it all to my oh so wonderful husband. But I learned that he makes mistakes too. We forgive we move on, we love deeper having been through a monsoon of emotions.
Our marriage may not be easy like it once was but it is so much deeper and understanding. We have grown more in 4 months than we did in those 3 years and I'm sure that we will continue to grow, but we will always always make sure we grow together NOT apart. The saying goes having a baby changes everything and it does but it so changed it for the better.


An unexpected weekend

I had plans... big plans to do nothing. Well my version of nothing which was just relax Friday night, pick blueberries and get my nails done on Saturday and then Sunday was going to be a marathon cleaning, laundry, freeze my fruit day.

Well what is it that they say you make plans and God laughs.

Friday I got out of work an hour early ( it was AWESOME!!!) I picked up G from daycare and called my momma on the way home. She asked what we were up to and I told her that Michael was going to head to Hamlin Beach to see Chris's sister who was home from Long Island. She being the most amazing woman said bring Grayson to my house and you go with him. It was a nice surprise date night and we had so much fun.

Saturday Grayson and I got up ate breakfast ( well I had coffee!!!) and got dressed for his first ever blueberry picking!!! My mom, sister and myself have been blueberry picking at the same u-pick place for the past 11 years. I love this little tradition of ours and it was so special to have my boy with me this year. Then my mom kept G while I went to get my nails done. Michael picked him up when he got out of work. I stopped at a benefit for my Uncle's friend to do the Chinese auction. I bought 2 sheets of ticked for the baskets, and then they had big ticket items. So I bought 5 tickets for those. Well I ended up winning a motorized Harley Davidson bike for Grayson (when he gets older) How cool is that!!!! So it was well worth the $20 I spend on tickets.

Sunday remember was supposed to be my cleaning day yeah that so did NOT happen. I went canoeing with a huge group of our friends while my poor hubby worked. Grayson was with my sister who said she need G time and that is the only reason I went. It was so much fun!!! We may have tipped 4 times but it was so worth it. I had a fun weekend but now I need to kick my butt in gear!

We leave for camping on Friday and I have to pack 91665218 bags because traveling with a 4 month for a weekend involves taking everything but the kitchen sink.
Writing this post I realized that I have a great family and life and I'm beyond blessed!!!


Next weekend

I have contemplated writing about this but I need to get it out. Have my thoughts out so my head is a little bit less jumbled. This post may get long.....

Next weekend we are going camping. But it is camping with a purpose. In October my Grandma (my mom's mom) passed away. It was so devastating and I still don't think I have processed it because well let me go back before I get into all of that.

I found out I was pregnant July 17th. On July 23rd I got a phone call from my Mom telling me that Grandma was sick and they had taken her to the hospital because she was having trouble using the bathroom and her stomach was starting to swell. They thought it was just a blockage and that she would be out within a few days. Well they did a colonoscopy and found a blockage that was too big for that hospital to handle and that it was in fact a tumor. They biopsied it and it came back cancer. My grandmother a 22 year breast cancer survivor now had colon cancer. Within the week we had her transferred to Roswell Cancer Institute which is the most phenomenal place. She was transferred on a Friday so they had to wait until the following Tuesday to do surgery. I went to see her that first Saturday that she was up there and was with Mom on the car ride up I told her I was going to tell Grandma I was pregnant.

I have always been close to my Grandma and it just felt right to tell her even though I was just 6 weeks, my gut said it was OK. I sat down next to her in the hospital and said Grandma I have a secret to tell you and she looked me dead in the eye and said "Your pregnant". I started to cry told her yes and she was beyond excited and promised to keep my secret until we went to the doctors and got the OK to let it out.

Grandma went into surgery and was told it went good she stayed in the hospital for another 10 days. We were told that it was stage 4 colon cancer and that they could not give a time frame but strongly suggested chemo and radiation. My Grandma hates the snow so she insisted on going down to Florida (they have a house down there) for any further treatment. She had to recover from surgery before that could happen and staying with my Aunt that is right around the corner from my house. So I was there at least once a week to see her and talk about the baby. At this point everyone knew and it was fun to share that time with her. She left for Florida in the middle of September. I went to see her the night before she left and I gave her the biggest and longest hug. She told me the baby would be born on her birthday and she was holding that baby first. I went home and cried and prayed that all of that would happen.

My Grandma got down to Florida and started her chemo but only got one treatment and she quickly began to deteriorate. She could not eat anything and ended up back in the hospital by the first week in October. My mom and all her siblings rushed down there and got the worst news. The cancer had spread and was spreading at an unprecedented rate. Caner was in places that it had not been a mere 2 weeks earlier. They gave my Grandma only a week to live. I insisted I go down there to be with her but my mom and uncle did not want me traveling because I had already had a spotting scare. It killed me not to go down there but I listened to my family and ultimately knew it was for the best.

On October 25th I got the worst phone call. I knew when my phone rang and it was my mom that the news was not good. Grandma had gone to heaven to watch over us from above. Here I was pregnant and beyond devastated. I left work and went home to be with my sister and husband. I cried because she would not hold my baby. I would not get to witness that moment and see her love my child. I had been so close to her that I wanted to see her with my baby. It ripped apart my insides and I just felt like I was out of my body. But God has a way to snap us back because that was the first day that I felt my sweet little peanut  move. It was as if my baby was saying to me "it's OK momma, I'm still here".

There are a few things that make me feel better. I got my 20 week growth scan and ultrasound done on the 23rd of October and left there with awesome pictures of the precious gift growing in my body. I quickly took a picture of the picture and sent it to my Aunt who was with my grandma and she was able to see the baby. I also told her that my due date was changed from March 24th to the 17th. Grandma again said that baby will be born on my birthday, and I'm going to hold that baby first.

My son was born on March 19,2013 which is my Grandma's birthday. And I believe with my entire heart that my Grandma was there and she held that baby first. They have a bond now that can never be broken and he has the amazing gift of being born on her birthday. Grayson was a blessing, he took a day that would have been so hard the first birthday without her and made it a day we were overwhelmed with joy and knew that she was there with us. God answered my prayers, not the way I thought he would but he didn't let me down.

Since my Grandma's body was in Florida and her husband was staying down there we were not holding any funeral services which were her wishes. She wanted her ashes buried at her favorite place which was their campsite down in Pike, NY. So that is the long reason why we are going camping this weekend. We are having a memorial service and dinner for my Grandma. I'm hoping to find closure. I'm hoping to find peace. I'm hoping I make her proud with what I have to say about her and that she can still feel our love for her.


4 Month Check Up!!!!

Yesterday was Grayson's 4 month check up!

Let me give a little bit of back ground first.
When Grayson was a month old he got the sniffles (or so I thought). I rushed him the the doctors and they said it was a cold and gave a few suggestions to help him. Us being first time parents went bat sh*t crazy and did everything on the list.
1. Got him a cool mist humidifier
2. Bought baby saline for his nose
3. Got a wedge for him to sleep on in his crib.
He seemed to get a little bit better but was always worse at night.
Then we went in for is 2 month check up and he was breathing fine that day of course! Well 2 days later my babe was so stuffed up again he could hardly breath out of his nose. We tried everything even sitting in the shower steam with him and it would help but only temporarily. So we took him to the doctors again they said it was a cold and to keep doing what he was doing. Well 2 nights later I picked him up from day care and he was beyond sick. I could see it in his eyes and he was just not breathing good. So I got him into see the doctor that night and they said he was just battling the cold and he would be fine. Well I vowed that night that unless he had a fever or his symptoms got worse I was not bringing him back in just to hear the same. freaking. thing. every.time. Well about 2 weeks ago he started throwing up on a daily basis. I'm not talking about the little spit up after eating. We are talking full on cover the front of him the back of me throw up. And it was always happing about 2 to 3 hours after he ate. I was beyond in pain seeing him like this. But no fever and he was still my smiling happy baby so I held off until his 4 month check up.

So we finally got some answers or the start of. They think he has reflux so we are doing an upper GI study and will go from there 
Here are his current stats 

Holy chunky baby!!! And he got some shots so my baby was like this most if last night 

We got the go ahead to start cereal this month and veggies when he is 5 months. I mean my baby is growing up! But I so love being his momma! 


Weekend long winded Re-cap style

I love weekends. I get to wake up with my baby and enjoy the morning. I know I'm beyond blessed that I have a happy baby in the morning. He legit does not cry or fuss to eat for a good half an hour after we wake up. This is like heaven I get sooooo much done in that half an hour than I do all day sometimes. 

Saturday we got up and started knocking out the laundry and dishes. Then around 11:30 I got the bright idea to put together our new entertainment system by myself. Well that went over really well because Grayson refused to help me, so I gave up. About 20 seconds after I parked my bottom back on the couch my Mom called asked what I was doing and then volunteered my Dad to come over and help. By 12:30 he was in the dining room with me reading directions and putting that contraption together. Grayson of course like all babies has an internal alarm that goes off anytime you try to do a project so my Dad being the amazing Papa that he is scooped him up and occupied him while I finished the building. I got to putting on the last cabinet door when I realized they had forgot to drill the holes for the screws!!!! At that point I told my Dad that Michael could finish is when he got home and we sat down and had a quick beer before it was time to feed Grayson man.

I just have to say I love my parents. Their kindness and love amazes me. They are my everything and we really would be lost without them.

When Michael got home he was beyond happy with how much was already done. So we ate dinner early and then got down to business. I put Grayson down for his cat nap and he slept while we swapped out the old entertainment system which on a side note was an old work bench so this thing was ha-uge! We moved it to the dinning room to use as a buffet. We moved it out vacuumed the dust and dog hair that had accumulated behind it and got the new one moved in. Let me just say I'm in la love! It gives us so much more room in the living room and that is just awesome. After that we were exhausted so we feed the bambino and up to bed we went.

Sunday morning Grayson and I got up and started cleaning. I had just vacuumed all the floors in my house when my momma called. She is so sweet and our conversation went something like this

Gigi: "What time does Grayson eat"
Me:- " Like half an hour"
GiGi-" OK well I want to take a walk so I'm going to zip over and pick up Grayson and take him for a walk with me and then go visit Uncle Donnie and then take him grocery shopping with me is that OK? I mean then you can get whatever work done you need or you can take a nap and get ready for your pool party"
Me-" Of course you can take your grandson whenever you want"

She was at my house within the hour and I just love her. She loves my son like nothing I have ever seen before. They have such a special bond and she sees him at least once a week. So while he was gone with his Gigi I dusted, scrubbed the floors, scrubbed the bathroom, showered and made my pasta salad for the party. Michael got home around 1:00, Chris and Tracy showed up around 1:30 and we made pina colada's.  I mean they were sooooo good. Dennis and Marie pulled in shortly after that. It was a great day and my baby came home around 2:00 ate his bottle. He was being Mr. fuss face so I put him in his stroller and had not even finished buckling him in when he was out like a lite. My sweet precious baby boy was tuckered out. He slept for 2 hours which is so not like him.
We had such a great weekend. Got a ton of work around the house done and had a great time with great friends. To say we are blessed is an understatement.


4 months old

Since I started this blog a little late in the game months 1,2, and 3 are missing but no time like the present to start documenting. Grayson is 4 months old today.

Someone please tell me where oh where did the time go? I feel like it was yesterday I was peeing on a stick and getting the hey girl your prego double line. Ok so it was exactly a year ago that I did that anyway back to the bubba.

You amaze us every gosh darn day. I know you are our first but we swear you are a genius(I think every parent thinks that). You can now roll over both back to front and front to back. You found your feet just a few days ago and cannot stop touching them. Your so strong! If you want something in your hand you grab it and hold on for dear life. Your Daddy calls this your "kingkongmegadeathgrip"

Speaking of Daddy you and him have the most beautiful relationship. If you even hear his voice you look around franticly to see him and when your eyes meet his you get a perma-grin. He loves you so much and does everything with you. He goes out to the garage you go with him, he goes to the kitchen you go with him, time to play guitar there you are right next to him in your chair. It really is amazing to watch.

You light up a room with your smile and everyone is so in love with you. The joy you bring to our lives is unbelievable. My heart is so happy to be your momma. We go to the drs on Monday so I will update once we know your for sure measurements. I love you Graycers


It just keeps getting hotter

This past week it has been in the 90's every.single.goshdarnit.day!
Too hot for my baby boy to be outside because let's face it even I don't want to be outside.

Cooking has been non existent. Order out subs? Yup. Grab a pizza while your at Tops babe? OK! Yup this is doing nothing for my figure.

We live in an older house which = no central air. Ugh but we have invested in some window units and Praise the Lord that we did because our upstairs is like an oven. It takes your breath away as soon as you hit the top of the stairs. So Grayson's room has one, our room has one and we bought a gigantic one that does the whole downstairs.

I looked at my hubby yesterday and said "soooo glad we bought a pool!!!!" and he agrees even though I talked him into it!

Speaking of pool we are having a pool party on Sunday Funday! Holla! I have everything needed to make pina colada's and I'm beyond excited. It's small just a few friends but it breaks up the busy that is our life and lets us enjoy friends, good food and booze!

I go to the eye doctors today because I NEED contacts and my prescription is out of date ugh the hoops you have to jump through to be able to see! I'm dying to be able to wear sunglasses again!

Laundry waits for me when I get home because baby boy is almost out of bibs which in my opinion is a giant mom fail but I can correct that one and hopefully he won't be too scarred.

Saturday we have NOTHING planned so we will be grooving around the house and putting together our new entertainment system, moving the old one into the dinning room as a buffet, and scrubbing the crap out of the rest of the house. I need some organization so I'm getting down to the nitty gritty this weekend and making it happen.

This just became a hot mess of a post but I got it all out of my head so I can now think a little better.


Best husband EVA!!!

It's true the title says it all.... My husband is the best!

He only had one day off this week (mandatory 6 day work week that comes up every few months) but he didn't sit around and be lazy like ***cough***me***cough. 
He put away all the goods from our target shopping trip, scrubbed the bathroom, cleaned the kitchen all while taking care of our bouncing baby boy. 
He truly just knows what I need. 
He could sense my ever growing (inner) struggle about to-do lists being unfinished or never started. 
This is one of the (many) reasons I married him. 
Now my plate is a little less full and I can enjoy a little more time with my boys because if I have not mentioned it before I'm the only girl in our house.( yup even the dog is a boy) 


It all comes out in the wash

After my mini breakdown light bulb moment yesterday morning my day turned around in a HUGE way.
Work sailed by (praise the lord! Monday's can be the.worst!)
I called my Mom saying I was leaving work and on my way to grab Grayson. She must have felt my need. My need to swim without having multiple heart attacks about Grayson being in the pool. I mean I know he is OK we have a fancy float that he goes in and we always hold the float but it is not the same. ( Part of me feels like a bad mom as I type this).
So my mom had Grayson because Michael had to work 6 days this week anyway.
I went home grabbed a bud light lime changed into my swimsuit and swimming I went.

I don't really swim I walk laps around the pool. Because let me honest when it is 92 degrees outside there is no walking unless half of your body is submerged in water. I was in the pool for two beers 45 mins got out changed and just as came downstairs my beautiful baby boy was coming through the door.
I felt pure bliss.
I'm truly so blessed. I got to swim and then I was a refreshed. I was a better mommy because of it.
The rest of the night consisted of Grayson and I playing inside (because the heat was just to much for him) on his play mat. Rolling over several times. Signing the laundry folding song. Dinner with Daddy and then watching Real Housewives of NJ ( I was putting him to bed so he was not really watching it).
My husband was home but outside helping Chris with his canoe trailer. My hubby is great with fixing things and is a great welder so he was being a great best friend and helping a brotha out.
On a side note- Chris is Michael's best friend since they were 5. They have had ups and downs but they truly are like brothers. I'm best friends with Chris's fiance Tracy and Michael and I actually introduced them 5 years ago and now they are getting married. Chris is Grayson's Godfather. And we are truly over the moon to have them as Grayson's Aunt and Uncle and our best friends.
Anywho Michael came in round 6 said " Baby how about I run to the store and get subs for dinner?" to which I replied " Sounds perfect".
I was just the best night. The kind of night I needed to feel like me again.
Yes my floors went UN vacuumed again, my laundry still sits and the bathroom could use a scrub,but I feel more like me today then I have in a good month.
It all comes out in the wash or pool.


It won't be like this for long

I have been feeling lost lately... I don't know why
 like I can't give 100% to anything.
I'm exhausted and doing things I told myself I would never do (letting my baby boy sleep in my bed!!)
I feel like I have lost my identity and am only Grayson's mom.
Don't get me wrong that is a title that I'm oh so proud of and wanted for like ever, but it matters when dealing with my husband.
I need to be his wife first and his baby momma second not the other way around.
Work schedules are wearing on us aka having NO days off together.
I find myself day dreaming about getting things done around the house and then getting home and doing nothing.
This is where my head was this morning driving into work, when a song came on the radio. Darrius Rucker(yes Hootie) comes on the radio and it was like he was signing to me...."It won't be like this for long". I started crying and said out loud through sobs (yuppers I talk to myself) I'm making memories.
When I get home and neglect my floors, and laudry, and dishes.
I'm making memories with that oh so precious won't be squishy for long baby boy of mine.
This time next year he won't want me to hold him or sit still long enough for me to smother shower him with kisses. I neeeeeed to soak up all this time with him because Hootie said it best it really won't be like this for long.


Oh it's just a typical Thirsty Thursday night

If I have never said it before I love love love my family! 
We all got together for dinner last night  and it was fab as always. I love my sister in law and since she is my only one she is my favorite. 
My niece and nephew are to die for cute and Libby loves to play momma to Grayson. 
We got together for a reason not that we need one we were planning for our trip 
We are all going camping the first weekend in August. We rented a motor home and are going about 2 hours away to camp with my entire extended family . 
I cannot wait!!!! 

More about me Part 2

I have an older brother (fact he is my half brother from my dad's first marriage but we NEVER say half)
He is 15 years older than me and it took us until he had his first baby for us to get close.
Now I love our relationship and we bond even more with each child we have (with our spouses not each other DUH!)
I have a younger sister that is 4 years younger than me.
It took us a long time to find our grove because we always seemed at different stages in our lives.
She is the most AMAZING aunt to my baby. She even got a job at the daycare he goes to! (So we now refer to daycare as going to Aunt Hay Hay's work)
I love her more because of it.
My parents have been married for 32 years.
My mom is my best friend (second only to my hubby bubby)
She is referred to as Gigi by all the grand kids and now it has become her nickname!
My dad is called Papa (Tom).
Watching my dad with Grayson has been amazing and I may have cried a few times
My father has such patience it is admirable.
I grew up in a small town (think more cows and Amish then people)
I had a great childhood the perfect balance of fairy tale life and real world.
My husband and I went to the same high school and grew up around the corner from each other (country corner so like 2 miles away) however we are 9 years apart so we did not find this out until many years later.
I worked at a law firm for 2 years and traveled for 6 months every Monday to New Jersey ( I live in WNY)
It was all good and fun until I met my (now) husband and then I dreaded it.
Looking back it was the best thing being away from each other we had to talk on the phone and became best friends that way.
We were engaged 4 months after we started dating and bought our first house 1 month after that.
OK I think that enough but if anyone as questions (not that anyone reads this) just leave it in the comments.


Oh what's that? It's a pool!

Our pool is in, full and almost ready to swim in!!!!! Hubby is putting the later on tomorrow as long as the weather cooperates and then we will be lovin the pool! Here are some quick pictures I snapped of it 

And of course one of the bambino 

When does the sleeping start?

I love love love being a mom.
I love the smiles, the snuggles, the laughs, the milestones. I love it all.
Except the lack of sleep.
My sweet baby boy does not ever sleep through the night!
He fusses and then as soon as we pick him up he fall right back to sleep.
SO that leads me to the horrible, disgusting habit that my husband me and me alone has started. I let him sleep in bed with me after his second wake up.
His bedtime routine is something like this...
7:00-7:15- Bath time with Daddy (and his favorite part of the day) This is the part of the day I quick fold and put away a load of laundry, get his jammy jams (pajama's), and make his bottle.
7:15-7:30- We sing the "Grayson loves lotion" song ( we are freaks crazy parents) and ready 2 books
7:30- Bottle time and he gets rocked to sleep while I hum or sing to him.
He is usually down for the count around 8:30. 9:00 at the latest.
But it seems without fail the last week OK maybe 2 weeks he has been getting up anytime ranging from 12:00 to 3:00 and not because he is hungry.
So one of us will stumble go into his room and pick him up and he is awake. But I swear the second that you pick him up and put his head on your shoulder this kid is snoring. So I lay him back down that lasts a hot second and he is up again. So I drag carry him back into our bedroom and lay down in bed and he will sleep until 7:30-8:00 on the weekends 5:00-5:30 Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (daycare days).
I hear stories about kids sleep 10+ hours!!!
Why oh why is that not my loving perfect little baby???
I have started some research on sleep training but if I'm being honest, I love those few hours of sleep with him. My husband goes to work at 3:30 in the morning so it usually just me and Grayson in the bed. I know sue me and I know I need to end it now so I'm getting his sleep CD ready and starting tonight....OK I might wait until the weekend because Mama bear needs her sleep!

I know no one reads these they are just for me to remember what I'm going through.
But if someone does read and has advice bring it on! I would love it.


4th of July

Holidays just seem more festive when you have a little babe to dress up! 

We kept it real low key family style and had classic picnic food at my parents house 
There were no fireworks for us this year my hubby had to work today and the babe was passed out by 8 but I'm sure this is the last year that will fly 
I hope everyone had a good fun holiday  


More about me part 1

My name is Katlin 
I'm 26 years old 
I met my husband when I was 21
His name is Michael 
It was love at first sight
He is 9 years older than me
We were married one year after we first met 
I have my associates degree in accounting and business administration 
My husband was my rock while I went to school full time for 2 years 
My husband is my best friend 
He works full time as a truck driver delivering fuel to gas stations 
I work full time as a payroll clerk/administrative assistant 
I LOVE my job
My husband and I have ZERO days off together he works Wednesday through Sunday. I work Monday through Friday 
I have one child named Grayson
He changed my whole life and is my world
I struggled putting my baby in daycare 3 days a week
I cried when my sister got a job there easing my crazy momma mind 
I love that 2 days a week my boys have boy time together 
I love that my husband is such an amazing father 
Ok there will be a part 2 😄

Weekend re-cap

Our busy weekend has just run into our busy week tonight is our only free night so it's laundry and cleaning time. Anywho
Saturday Grayson and I did laundry and then went to the graduation party he got to see his cousins who he loves and they love him here he is with cousin Libby 

Sunday we had the engagement extravaganza and my sweet baby boy was adorable 

It was a blast and we had such a good time we are so lucky to have the friends we do. 
Tomorrow Grayson goes for his first sleepover with my mom his Gigi I'm sad but excited at the same time kind of hard to explain. We have our normal Tuesday volleyball game then Wednesday we have a cookout and Thursday is the 4th and our family day.For today I will leave you with Grayson's new pose he looooves to sleep like this