Weekend re-cap

Our busy weekend has just run into our busy week tonight is our only free night so it's laundry and cleaning time. Anywho
Saturday Grayson and I did laundry and then went to the graduation party he got to see his cousins who he loves and they love him here he is with cousin Libby 

Sunday we had the engagement extravaganza and my sweet baby boy was adorable 

It was a blast and we had such a good time we are so lucky to have the friends we do. 
Tomorrow Grayson goes for his first sleepover with my mom his Gigi I'm sad but excited at the same time kind of hard to explain. We have our normal Tuesday volleyball game then Wednesday we have a cookout and Thursday is the 4th and our family day.For today I will leave you with Grayson's new pose he looooves to sleep like this