An unexpected weekend

I had plans... big plans to do nothing. Well my version of nothing which was just relax Friday night, pick blueberries and get my nails done on Saturday and then Sunday was going to be a marathon cleaning, laundry, freeze my fruit day.

Well what is it that they say you make plans and God laughs.

Friday I got out of work an hour early ( it was AWESOME!!!) I picked up G from daycare and called my momma on the way home. She asked what we were up to and I told her that Michael was going to head to Hamlin Beach to see Chris's sister who was home from Long Island. She being the most amazing woman said bring Grayson to my house and you go with him. It was a nice surprise date night and we had so much fun.

Saturday Grayson and I got up ate breakfast ( well I had coffee!!!) and got dressed for his first ever blueberry picking!!! My mom, sister and myself have been blueberry picking at the same u-pick place for the past 11 years. I love this little tradition of ours and it was so special to have my boy with me this year. Then my mom kept G while I went to get my nails done. Michael picked him up when he got out of work. I stopped at a benefit for my Uncle's friend to do the Chinese auction. I bought 2 sheets of ticked for the baskets, and then they had big ticket items. So I bought 5 tickets for those. Well I ended up winning a motorized Harley Davidson bike for Grayson (when he gets older) How cool is that!!!! So it was well worth the $20 I spend on tickets.

Sunday remember was supposed to be my cleaning day yeah that so did NOT happen. I went canoeing with a huge group of our friends while my poor hubby worked. Grayson was with my sister who said she need G time and that is the only reason I went. It was so much fun!!! We may have tipped 4 times but it was so worth it. I had a fun weekend but now I need to kick my butt in gear!

We leave for camping on Friday and I have to pack 91665218 bags because traveling with a 4 month for a weekend involves taking everything but the kitchen sink.
Writing this post I realized that I have a great family and life and I'm beyond blessed!!!