It all comes out in the wash

After my mini breakdown light bulb moment yesterday morning my day turned around in a HUGE way.
Work sailed by (praise the lord! Monday's can be the.worst!)
I called my Mom saying I was leaving work and on my way to grab Grayson. She must have felt my need. My need to swim without having multiple heart attacks about Grayson being in the pool. I mean I know he is OK we have a fancy float that he goes in and we always hold the float but it is not the same. ( Part of me feels like a bad mom as I type this).
So my mom had Grayson because Michael had to work 6 days this week anyway.
I went home grabbed a bud light lime changed into my swimsuit and swimming I went.

I don't really swim I walk laps around the pool. Because let me honest when it is 92 degrees outside there is no walking unless half of your body is submerged in water. I was in the pool for two beers 45 mins got out changed and just as came downstairs my beautiful baby boy was coming through the door.
I felt pure bliss.
I'm truly so blessed. I got to swim and then I was a refreshed. I was a better mommy because of it.
The rest of the night consisted of Grayson and I playing inside (because the heat was just to much for him) on his play mat. Rolling over several times. Signing the laundry folding song. Dinner with Daddy and then watching Real Housewives of NJ ( I was putting him to bed so he was not really watching it).
My husband was home but outside helping Chris with his canoe trailer. My hubby is great with fixing things and is a great welder so he was being a great best friend and helping a brotha out.
On a side note- Chris is Michael's best friend since they were 5. They have had ups and downs but they truly are like brothers. I'm best friends with Chris's fiance Tracy and Michael and I actually introduced them 5 years ago and now they are getting married. Chris is Grayson's Godfather. And we are truly over the moon to have them as Grayson's Aunt and Uncle and our best friends.
Anywho Michael came in round 6 said " Baby how about I run to the store and get subs for dinner?" to which I replied " Sounds perfect".
I was just the best night. The kind of night I needed to feel like me again.
Yes my floors went UN vacuumed again, my laundry still sits and the bathroom could use a scrub,but I feel more like me today then I have in a good month.
It all comes out in the wash or pool.