Leaving our fur baby

I have not talked about our original boy our black lab Riley. He is our fur baby and truly our first child. We got him a few months after we were married. He was actually born the day after we got married.

I remember when we went to pick him up there were only 2 puppies left and when they opened the door our Ry dog ran over to us so fast we fell in love instantly.

It was not always an easy road with him. We had some issues early on. He had severe separation anxiety and would pee and poo in his crate every. single. time we left. I would put him in lock the door and within 30 seconds he would have peed and be crying. So we took him out of the crate and he chewed a hole in the wall. So since it was spring time we got an outdoor kennel and left him out there when we had to go to work. Now he was never in there for more than 4 hours and we knew he could hold it because he did when we were home. Well he NEVER peed or pooped in his outdoor kennel. Crazy dog that he is. So when it became to hot out to leave him outside one day I tried the basement. And he has never gone to the bathroom in the house again when left alone. We just recently started leaving him in the house the whole house not just the basement and he is doing good but he needs the radio on. Boy can't stand the quite.

I think Riley knew I was pregnant before I did. He became very territorial and protective of me. He was always at my feet and never let me go in any room without him my whole pregnancy. When we brought home Grayson he was perfect and watches over him . It is the cutest thing and melts my heart. 

Now when we got camping this weekend we are not taking him with us. For a few reasons
1. There will be like 80-100 people there this weekend and he goes crazy for people which leads to
2. He would have to be on a leash all weekend Riley is never on a leash we have him well trained on his boundaries at our house
3. There will be other dogs and I honestly hate having Ry tied up that is not what he is used to and would not be fun for him or us.
4. We are sleeping in a camper that is filled to the max with people which = no room for Ry boy.

So we are taking him to our friends house who so graciously offered to watch him. They have 2 dogs and 3 cats and are true animal lovers. They have a dog Jackson who gets along so well with our Riley already. (we get them together for play dates.) I know he will be well taken care of and have fun but I still feel guilty leaving my fur baby.

So Thursday night we are dropping him off because they work during the day so we can't do it Friday. It will be 3 nights without him and it breaks my heart. He truly is a member of our family and I just love him to death. We will be there on Sunday afternoon to pick him up as soon as we can.