4 months old

Since I started this blog a little late in the game months 1,2, and 3 are missing but no time like the present to start documenting. Grayson is 4 months old today.

Someone please tell me where oh where did the time go? I feel like it was yesterday I was peeing on a stick and getting the hey girl your prego double line. Ok so it was exactly a year ago that I did that anyway back to the bubba.

You amaze us every gosh darn day. I know you are our first but we swear you are a genius(I think every parent thinks that). You can now roll over both back to front and front to back. You found your feet just a few days ago and cannot stop touching them. Your so strong! If you want something in your hand you grab it and hold on for dear life. Your Daddy calls this your "kingkongmegadeathgrip"

Speaking of Daddy you and him have the most beautiful relationship. If you even hear his voice you look around franticly to see him and when your eyes meet his you get a perma-grin. He loves you so much and does everything with you. He goes out to the garage you go with him, he goes to the kitchen you go with him, time to play guitar there you are right next to him in your chair. It really is amazing to watch.

You light up a room with your smile and everyone is so in love with you. The joy you bring to our lives is unbelievable. My heart is so happy to be your momma. We go to the drs on Monday so I will update once we know your for sure measurements. I love you Graycers