It just keeps getting hotter

This past week it has been in the 90's every.single.goshdarnit.day!
Too hot for my baby boy to be outside because let's face it even I don't want to be outside.

Cooking has been non existent. Order out subs? Yup. Grab a pizza while your at Tops babe? OK! Yup this is doing nothing for my figure.

We live in an older house which = no central air. Ugh but we have invested in some window units and Praise the Lord that we did because our upstairs is like an oven. It takes your breath away as soon as you hit the top of the stairs. So Grayson's room has one, our room has one and we bought a gigantic one that does the whole downstairs.

I looked at my hubby yesterday and said "soooo glad we bought a pool!!!!" and he agrees even though I talked him into it!

Speaking of pool we are having a pool party on Sunday Funday! Holla! I have everything needed to make pina colada's and I'm beyond excited. It's small just a few friends but it breaks up the busy that is our life and lets us enjoy friends, good food and booze!

I go to the eye doctors today because I NEED contacts and my prescription is out of date ugh the hoops you have to jump through to be able to see! I'm dying to be able to wear sunglasses again!

Laundry waits for me when I get home because baby boy is almost out of bibs which in my opinion is a giant mom fail but I can correct that one and hopefully he won't be too scarred.

Saturday we have NOTHING planned so we will be grooving around the house and putting together our new entertainment system, moving the old one into the dinning room as a buffet, and scrubbing the crap out of the rest of the house. I need some organization so I'm getting down to the nitty gritty this weekend and making it happen.

This just became a hot mess of a post but I got it all out of my head so I can now think a little better.